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Help me!

I have clinical depression and I have a group of five friends (including me) and when I feel depressed, looked depressed o like cry o something three of them ignore me, just completely ignore me and pretend I don't exist and they do this all the's horrible and I feel like killing myself because of it.I feel I am worthless since they don't give a f**k. It got so bad I didn't sit at the mesa, tabla where we sit for lunch and they didn't even come looking for me.

I think I'm being a drama queen and a bit self centred but I am serious, they just turn a deaf ear and pretend I'm a lost cause. Please help me, what should I do?

BTW I have been diagnosed and do have therapy
FYI: My parent's do know and also the other friend is my BFF and really supportive
snusnu13 posted hace más de un año
 snusnu13 posted hace más de un año
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thespikedturtle said:
Well tu have therapy, that's the most important part. But therapy doesn't really help unless tu have people there supporting you.

Most importantly, make sure your parents know. If your parents know tu have it, then they're definitely always going to be there for you. They're your parents, they'll amor tu and protect tu no matter what happens.

And there's still that other friend in the group that doesn't completely ignore you. tu need to try talking seriously about this with them, make sure they understand how dire the circumstances are.

And never, EVER kill yourself because of your friends. tu are who tu are, and their ignorance shouldn't distract from that. Depression is serious, and if they don't even wonder why tu cry, then they're not really worth being friends with anyway. I mean, it's always good to surround yourself with happiness when you're like that, but never ignorance.

Whatever happens, hope it gets better for tu :)
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posted hace más de un año 
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