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HELP!!! ANYONE WHO KNOWS ANYTHING ABOUT GUITARS!! thanks in advance, i'll apoyo u if u can help me

okay so recently i bought an acoustic guitar, not acoustic electric, just plain acoustic. Since i play violin semi-proffesionally im picking it up rather quickly, and now i want to start doing some electric sounds and stuff, but i dont want to purchase another guitarra even tho this one would be cheaper cuz itd be electric. so i was wondering if anyone knew if theres removable pickups out there relatively inexpensive that i could use to produce that great electric guitarra sound on my acoustic. im not sure its even possible.
i would post this on a guitarra site but my phone wont let me access it... i need help friends!!!!!
 JimmyManceLuvr posted hace más de un año
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suzyisbrute said:
I have an acoustic and it's a whole different story...there are website on google tu could just type in "How to play an acoustic guitar" I just got my segundo acoustic and that helped me.
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posted hace más de un año 
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