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What are good songs from musicales to play on the piano?

I was originally gonna do a duet with my friend and she took forever to decide which song she wanted, and then she ditched I havnt got too long to practice, maybe something 4th Grade?
 galindafied posted hace más de un año
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ILuvSweeneyTodd said:
Musicals, hmmm... I like playing songs from 'Phantom of the Opera'. And tu can get the música in various levels, but obvioulsy the higher the level, the better it sounds.
Also 'Victor's paino Solo' from the movie 'Corpse Bride' sounds gorgeous.
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posted hace más de un año 
i amor victor's paino solo...thats a pretty piece :) thanks, i think ill probably do something from phantom of the opera
galindafied posted hace más de un año
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