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i just wrote the first chapter of my magical life can yu plz read it and tell me what tu think i promise you'll like t=it and plz dont be harsh thnx

 karpach_14 posted hace más de un año
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r-pattz said:

Problem 1: You're asking for my honest opinion, and yet tu say "plz dont be harsh", which leads me to believe that tu are only asking for praise. 98% of the time that is the case with tu kind of people.

Problem 2: "You kind of people" being the grammar fails. I'm incredibly hesitant to read any piece of escritura por tu because I'm doubtful that I'll actually be able to read it. (I can't stand txt tlk.)

Problem 3: "My Magical Life." No, does not capture my interest even slightly. It sounds like just another boring teenage novel written por a naive daydreamer. Not that there's anything wrong with the latter, just the former.

Have a nice day:)
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posted hace más de un año 
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