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Trollin' for Dummies

Are you, o someone tu know, a troll?

Here on Fanpop, we have many forms of trolls. There are the fake trolls who like to steal pictures from the internet and claim that the people in the pictures are themselves because in real life they are insecure about their ugly faces and want to hide behind their computer screen. Most of the people who do this are claiming to be "scene" o "emo" but there are others who want to have a "dangerously scandelous body." There are other kinds of trolls, but today I will be discussing the type stated above.

Symptoms of a Troll:
Do they have más than one picture of themselves?
If not, they could be a troll.

Do they seem to look different in each of their fotos of themselves (if they even have más than one)?
If so, they could be a troll.

Are their fotos all incredibly tiny and icon-sized?
If so, they're most likely a troll.

Are there website enlaces on their pictures?
 Trollin' for Dummies
Don't take me too seriously >.< I'm just bored and tired of trolls(:
amazingXmooses posted hace más de un año
 amazingXmooses posted hace más de un año
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springely said:
Lol, I hate trolls.
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posted hace más de un año 
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