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This Jugar a ser Alguien Aleatório arte de los fans contains animado, cómic, manga, historieta, anime, and dibujos animados.

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Full Name: Rachael Errapel
Meaning: the Healing Lamb
Hometown: Albany, New York
Current Residence: Boston, Massachusetts
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 0"
Weight: Underweight
Blood Type: O-Positive
Nationality: American
Birthday: December 24th
Chinese Zodiac: Sheep
Compatibility: rabbit, horse, pig, tiger
Greek Zodiac: Capricorn
Ruling Planet(s): Saturn
Element: Earth
Hair Color: light brown
Hair Type: Natural wavy curls, no alterations
Eye Color: hazel
Eye Sight: 20/20
Tattoos/Piercings/Scars: none
Clothing Description: white wool jacket, tshirt and jeans, sneakers.

Good Traits:...
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Full Name: Jo Bennett
Meaning: God is gracious
Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts
Current Residence: In an apartment roughly around Detroit, Michigan
Age: 20
Gender: Cis Female.
Height: like around 5’2’’ ½.
Weight: average, but everybody in her family say’s she’s underweight.
Blood Type: O negative
Nationality: American, douche wad.
Birthday: April 1st, 1996
Chinese Zodiac: Ox
Compatibility: Rat, Rabbit, Rooster
Greek Zodiac: Aires.
Ruling Planet(s): Mars
Element: Fire
Hair Color: Naturally blonde, like a level 10 (That’s the cosmetologist in me talking. It’s basically the lightest blonde...
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For those who are role playing with magical powers, tu know an instrument for using your magic is essential. Wands are some of the most common out there, mainly because they are personal, cheap, and concealable. I have made a anterior articulo explaining the Celtic wand calendar, plus my own systems for their cores and size. This is a great tool which I call link but being an antiquated system, it does not include all the different types of wand woods, cores, etc.

This articulo is a compiled lista of know magic woods and cores, some divided por region in which they are found.


American Wand...
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Long hace there a was moment in time where the history of the human race had to be rewritten. It was a fracture in the very fabric of reality caused por The Event. The año was 1881, and the world as it was destined to be, changed forever. It started with the introduction of Mass Steam Drives, engines that ran on super-heated water. Soon the world was run on water alone, and as any great industrial resource, it didn't take long before it became the fuel of vast wars faught over itself...

The año is now 1921, forty hard years since the Steam-powered Revolution, forty hard years of bloodshed and...
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I basically threw Norse Mythology and Midieval culture in a blender with my own imagination, so excuse any inconsistencies from either side.

PLOT: 10,000 years ago, the world was erased from existence. The titans, revived and led por the traitorous god Loki, ravaged both Midguard and Asgard, decimating the human population, and managing to kill many of the gods as well before Loki's eventual death por the hands of Thor and Odin. On parte superior, arriba of the earth destroying war between the titans and the gods, Loki's sons-Fenrir and Serpent, registrarse in the fight as well, killing both Odin and thor, though they...
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*sighs* I’m sorry everyone, but I have to say I’m going to end my participation in the club, excluding Monster Academy and Banished. Honestly, I doubt really any of tu would really care all that much if I left and that I probably don’t even need to write this but a mixture of having a few things to say and the fact I hate leaving things without a final word made me have to write this.

I have been a long term member of this club for at least two and a half years where I have seen all sorts of people and RPs come and go. I actually grew quite an attachment to this club, but as I sit here...
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Far, Far into the future, the human race has exapanded far beyond their own galaxy, becoming the most common overwhelming race in the universe, and left their homeworld, Earth, though some remained, many sought after other worlds, but they still respected other races, but whilst the Human Race expanded, the Nekokamunes kept to themselves, or, atleast most did, some Nekokamunes do leave their homeworld...
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