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 me and my bff anime version
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the blond one is me and the red haired girl is my bff and the one together is me and her
arte de los Fans
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This Jugar a ser Alguien Aleatório arte de los fans might contain retrato, tiro en la cabeza, primer, headshot, primer plano, en la cabeza, and closeup.

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1) Choose one of your own characters (OC).
2) Make them answer the following questions.
3) Feel free to add some preguntas of your own.

1) What gender are you?

2) What is your age?

3) Do tu want a hug?
Umm... Ok?

4) Do tu have any bad habits?
I like to contradict people

5) What is your favorito! food?
Candy! I amor candy!

6) What is your favorito! helado flavor?
I like vanilla

7) Are tu a virgin?
I hope so.

8) Have tu killed anyone?

9) Do tu hate anyone?
I strongly dislike some people, but no hating

10) Do tu have any secrets?
A few.

11) What is your favorito! season?
I don't know,...
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White Knight Chronicles is a very fun RPG that sticks to Orginal RP Rules in terms of a Videio Game
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its one of my favorito! songs and i guess it matches peace's personality but to tell the truth i was looking for a sadder song to match his backround
the beginning
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The days grew dull and cold. There was nothing to do on the streets. No people communicating. No anything!. Even if tu wanted to plant a flower...it wouldn't even bloom. August,08,2120.....when everything was clearly...only one......was when....the 12 warriors came back. But it wasn't team as people...it was them as their symbols. Some say....one thousand years ago.....on this very day....the special 12 got there powers por Valiente animals. Who gave them their own way of battling.

Ashton's grandpa sat on the hospital bed. " I *cough* can't live forever Ashton. tu will know what is from right...
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