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Welcome new one, to We Deliver Plus, the quite literally galactic delivery service that makes sure that every order gets to our customer in safely, timely, and in perfect condition. Here at WD Plus, the variety of items in which we deliver are nearly endless! Ranging from but not limited to footwear, clothing, portable electronic devices, food products of all kind, vehicles from the early Earth eras to the more recent of today, space yachts, robots, body modification pieces, across the galaxy WIFI and Outernet services etc., to over the counter psychedelics and body enhancers, clones, dwarf stars, atomic weaponry of mass destruction, nuclear weaponry of mass destruction, weaponry of planetary destruction, energy harnessed from suns, and even planets! Yes, you heard us correctly, planets!

Hm? You don't seem to be very pleased about the last few. No worries, most of our workers tend to...forget a few selected choices of words. For example, 3..2..now.

Anyhow, our aim is to satisfy our customers by ensuring that they receive the best of WD Plus with the lowest percentage of delays and always remaining in stock with whatever product that may give them that satisfaction. Though some of our regulations are quite strict, we try our best to see to it that not only just our customers are happier after us. With well over twenty million employees, we aim to ensure that their will being of one of many top priorities here at WD Plus. We'll go over everything in full detail so that you'll have everything you need to be successful during your time with us to ensure both your success, but also our own! Come, we'll get you settled in."


[We Deliver Plus]

We Deliver Plus is a corporation that first appeared publicly in 2087, starting off as only one of the many existing world wide delivering companies that had actually began as a highly funded project. A project that had been in existence since the early 2000s.

(Around this time, humanity had already discovered wonders of information and had countless amounts of fresher knowledge and more advanced techonology. Other intelligent life forms had also been discovered by this time.)

What made this company stand out from the rest was that not only was that it was secretly funded by governments all across the world, but also some of the wealthiest individuals and other corporations like China's Sinopec, Apple, Microsoft, and even Walmart. Yes, Walmart.
This caused the corporation to quickly grow in large portions yearly, making more advances and even bringing new technology to surface. Soon after their public appearances, they bought Apple, Microsoft, Fed Ex, and UPS after they were on the brinks of running them out of business. Which had been just a cover up device for them to further along with their progression, of course.

By the year 3010, WD Plus had oddly enough "partnered" with NASA who by then had become the UASA, the United Aeronautics and Space Administration. This partnership was said to have been necessary in order to go beyond the limits of the WD Plus Co. But there was something strange, off, about the entire ordeal, for it was merely shrugged off and forgotten by the majority for almost a century despite the the overwhelming increase in space explorations in the prior years. And right above their heads, hundreds of thousands of light years away, something was in the midst of being constructed by many.

It was in year 3075 that humanity made one of the biggest leaps of its existence when WD Plus Co. announced itself as the first ever galaxy wide delivering service with the largest space station that any earthly life form had ever built.

But...perhaps it is also the biggest mistake. The mysteries and dangers within this station are more present than one may think.


[We Deliver Plus Co. Space Station]

link is definitely enormous, having a complete diameter that is twice the size of Jupiter's, ranging at roughly 173762.8 miles.

Being of this size, this space station has multiple sources of energy that it can rely on, the heaviest abundance being in the very place it floats about. Space.
Also relating to its enormous mass, it is not capable of light speed traveling just yet, however, it is only a little under its mark. Which means yes, it is a mobile station.

The station has a constant force field enabled to ensure the safety of its packages, passengers, and its overall well being. Meaning that it is able to push through asteroid fields with ease. The barrier itself is said to be durable enough to endure the impact of a Neptune sized meteor with only minor precautions.

The entire station is divided into four large sections known as the 'Wings'. There's the North Wing, the South Wing, the East Wing and the West Wing.
The North and South Wing inhabits a large abundance of workers and residences that reside in numerous city like areas that are called Sectors[/b. Each Sector is around 43440.7 miles (or 27802048 acres), and has six sections labeled with a number and letter ranging from A to G and from 1-6.
For Example: His living quarters are in the North Wing Sector A3
[b]NOTE:The West and East Wing are slightly smaller than the North and South. This is because the items and crates that are delivered throughout the galaxy are stored here. There are only within these Wings.

For crucial meetings that involve all of the station's employees, each Wing has a designated MH (Meeting Hall) equipped with holographic screens.
Likewise, each Wing also has its own Mess Hall.

This station is large enough to have a "Smart Transit" that travels well over 400 mph across the Wings for easier access and as one of the alternatives for transportation. This train hovers above its tracks a bit for maximum fluid motion.


Upon recruitment onto the WDP workforce, each employee branded with a bar code that contains a small chip that they know of. With the number of employees within the station, there needed to be a way to organize, supply, and monitor them. This was that way. Each bar code ends with the Wing and Sector that the employee would be placed in.

NOTE:Also because not everyone there are employees, the bar code either begins with E, for employee, or R, for resident.

Each individual employee has more than one field of work that they are able to work within on different days to switch things up a bit.

Unlike they would on earth, the WDP employees don't get paid in cash. Instead, their currency is converted into credits (link) and transferred onto the chip in their bar code.

Like the employees, the residents of the WDP station are branded with bar codes for identification purposes and to seperate them from the employees. Residents are usually either family members of the employee, individuals who managed to pay a $999999.99 fee for an exclusive ticket to stay, or individuals with less important jobs than the actual WDP employees (gardener, house keeping, train security, Sectorhood Watch, etc).

Also like the employees, their revenue is also transferred onto their chip as credits. Those who paid to stay are of course granted their fee onto their chip, or have a choice to get a job there at some point.

((There will probably be more added to this, so keep on the look out!))


The Four Wings - The entire station is divided into four large sections known as the 'Wings'. There's the North Wing, the South Wing, the East Wing and the West Wing.

Sectors - Numerous city like areas in which employees and residents reside that are called Sectors.Each Sector is around 43440.7 miles (or 27802048 acres), and has six sections labeled with a number and letter ranging from A to G and from 1-6.

Mess Halls - Each of the four Wings has their own mess hall that is accessible 24/7, 7 days a week with the only closing day being Saturday. They serve mostly the employees, but the residence are able to use their credits to buy food from there if they so choose to.

Smart Transit Station - The Smart Transit Station is a train station that enables a more efficient way to travel between Wings and Sectors on the daily. Which means that it is a very occupied place to be in, especially when there are employees or residences rushing to get home or to work. There are two transit stations and a potential installation for a third due to the amount of people the Space Station holds.

The Boarding and Delivery Docks - The Boarding and Delivery docks are where cargo spacecrafts come to drop off products, as well as where spacecrafts are loaded and boarded to make deliveries to other planets within the galaxy.

The Airlock - This is where experienced personnel such as the station's maintenance crew as well as the OHSR (Occupational Hazard and Safety Rescue), when their needed, exit into the darkness of space in order to tend to repairs/possible repair and damages. In order to exit the airlock and sometimes enter or reenter(from the outside) it, an EAC (Employee Access Code) and Vocal Recognition is required.

The WD Museum - Th



The year is now 4021, and rumors have been going around. Perhaps the station is in danger. Or...maybe it's what the inhabitants of the WDP station doesn't know that's the real danger. Its ore become noticeable that some employees, more than usual have started acting strange. Some disappearing and coming back with odd cases of amnesia. A few have gone insane out of the blue. Sudden explosions, large ones at that, occurring outside the station's force field. Something's not right....

"But as long as you're with WDP, everything is always alright. Because like our products....We Deliver."



Employee or Resident:
Wing and Sector:





Edwin 'Marshall' King/28/Packaging and Payload Specialist/South Wing, Sector C2--((COLA))
Zchec Mnion/27/H20&O2 Analyst/ West Wing, Sector D4--((COLA))
'Sheet'/???/N/A/ Somewhere[??]--((COLA))
Yiana Vixley/30/ Station Officer/ East Wing, Sector F3--((COLA))

'Omega'/ Literally 2/ Artificial Intelligence/Ȩ̴͞r̸͟͟r͡or/Ȩ̴͞r̸­͟͟r­͡or­--((Banette))
Aníthikos/ 61(Earth Years)/ Hazard and Safety/ North Wing, Sector D3--((Banette))

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hace más de un año BanetteGhosneir said…
((Is it okay if I make an AI?))

Gender: Displayed and Voiced as Female
Name: TS-2101 C003 or designated as 'Omega'
Age: 2 Years old
DoB: Date of Creation is 4th, May, 4019

When TS-2101 C003 is displayed as a link. size varies dependant apon Holographic display system.

Employee or Resident: Neither, TS-2101 C003 is a Product.
Wing and Sector: TS-2101 C003 is on display in the Central lobby for the Museum for Mechanized Art, but where her AI card is plugged in is unknown.
Occupation?: Artificial Intelligence

Likes: È̴r̨̀r̶͏ò̡͘r
Dislikes: Ȩ̴͞r̸͟͟r͡or



Hello valued customer!

you are currently viewing item [#G1-330587-1]

Artificial Intelligence TS-2101 C003. [Omega]
This Item is currently valued at: Ⓦ9,999,999,999,999.99

TS-2101 C003 was created 2 years ago by █████ █████
This Artificial Intelligence is unique to others with several qualities.

Ω - Copyright
This Artificial Intelligence is one-of-a-kind! it is unable to be copied or backed up! you will have the only version of this product in the entire universe! completely unique!

Ω - Universal Blueprint Archive
This Artificial Intelligence holds the blueprint of every machine ever created, and is consistently updating itself with even more blueprints from across the Universe! from very tiny computers to galaxy-sized weapons of destruction. no censorship of any kind!

Ω - Universal Port
TS-2101 C003 is able to be put into anything that is able to accept an AI, no need to mess with adaption ports, the liquid-metal frame of TS-2101 C003's card can meld itself to match any port.

Ω - Human Personality
TS-2101 C003 unlike other AI had it's personality copied from the daughter of █████ █████, TS-2101 C003 as a result has life-like human feelings and free-will. a perfect artificial companion for someone looking for real genuine human feelings.

Ω - Hack Proof
TS-2101 C003 is unable to be accessed remotely, or even connected to by other systems, the only way to connect to TS-2101 C003 is by it's own AI card, meaning all DATA you store apon TS-2101 C003 will not be accessible to 3rd parties, perfect for keeping secrets.

the size of TS-2101 C003 varies dependant apon Holographic display system.
Refunds are not applicable, Delivery within 50 star systems away is Free, systems 51 and above may apply a Fee. once product is received by Customer, WD+ is no longer responsible for damages.


Well, this is the purchase page for Omega, despite her being an AI she is still extremely dangerous in the wrong hands. she holds information on every mechanical thing ever created or discovered. and yes, even legendary galaxy destroyers. the creator of Omega died shortly after Omega's creation became known to the 'underworld', luckily Omega's creator had sold Omega to WD+. and once they knew she was one-of-a-kind and had access to this much information, her value skyrocketed.

for the past 2 years, she has still been on display. her Hologram is in the Central lobby for the Museum for Mechanized Art, but where her AI card is plugged in is known only to WD+ Employee's apon her purchase.

whomever can purchase her, would be able to purchase several planets.

good luck.
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 ((Is it okay if I make an AI?)) [b]Gender:[/b] Displayed and Voiced as Female [b]Name:[/b] TS-210
hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
((Hey, it's fine by me!))


Edwin 'Marshall' King
or Eddy and/or just Ed


February 20th

Eddy is a 5 ft 11 male with dark brown hair and a 9 o'clock shadow. He has caramel colored eyes and a thing for wearing plain button up long sleeve shirts that are sometimes paired with jeans or dress pants. He usually always has a silver wrist band with a small picture attached to it at some point in the day.

Employee or Resident: Employee
Wing and Sector: South Wing, Sector C2
Occupation?: Packaging, Storaging and Payload Specialist/ Maintenance Specialist. He's also a short distance transporter.

Eddy is a big fan of coffee straight from Earth.
To him its the "original" and the coffee that they have on base isn't as good. He's also a fan of Niccilo Paganini and Frederic Chopin; he can play a violin a little and has a ukulele to that he plays from time to time. Its a little "guilty pleasure" one could say.
He has the soulful voice of a hurting country singer, but its on rarer occasions that he just might be caught singing himself.
He has a curiosity about him that just pushes him to tamper with things, mainly electronics and other stuff that might have him interested in one way or another.
Fries, fish, and grits.
His job is bearable enough to make it to one of the things that he likes.
Staring out into space and the stars around them.
Slacking off while making transports from time to time.
Music in general. Except pop. He hates that.

He hates needles, which would only make sense that he also hated the chip that he had to have implanted before he started working.
Ironically, he's afraid of heights to some degree.
Seeing people be treated unjustly or done wrong.
Calculus. He's hated math all of his life, despite having an average B the entire time through college and his pre-cal classes back when he was in highschool.
Anything with chocolate, mainly because he's allergic to it.
Waking up earlier than he has to. And being woken up from his sleep all together.
Pop Music. Ugh.

"Hey Carter, wanna go to the playground? My mom says that I can stay out for an extra hour today!"

"Really?! Cool, my dad said that I could too!"
"Uuh...hey Carter. Can I ask you somethin'?"

"Sure Eddy, ask away. I'm all ears."

"Err...u-uum, well, you see..uuh...you know that the school dance isn't to far off fro today and uh...I-I was wondering if you..uh..you know, wanted to go with...me?"

"Oh...u-uh...of course!!

"Eddy....I'm...I'm pregnant..."





"Hell no!"


"Generic...as fuck..."

"Oh fine! Then what?"

"Carter. Carter King..."

"Aha, you're giving her MY name?"

"She looks like you, so why not?"

"She had your eyes though...and nose...and ears..."

"Which is also why she has my last name, juuust like you~

"Oh shut up hahaha!~"

"Dad...when are you gonna be back?"

"As soon as I can baby girl. Daddy has to go out for a bit so that he can get some money for you procedure. You hold on for me alright? I promise it's not going to take me long."

"Where did you get a new job at? I thought you liked working with mom at the museum, or with grandpa Philips at the car fixy place...can't you just stay there?"

"It's...a little more complicated than that. But listen, me and your mom want you to get some rest, alright? The doctor says you need it."

"Mr. King and Mrs. King, we're sorry for your loss. We have you in our grace--"

"And what!? What, you think that's gonna make a fucking difference?! Fuck you! Fuck all of you!"

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 ((Hey, it's fine por me!)) [b]Gender:[/b] Male [b]Name:[/b] Edwin 'Marshall' King o Eddy an
hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…

Zchec Mnion [Zu-sh-ek Min-ee-on]
or Chec


December 5th

Zchec is 5 ft 8 humanoid race known as Squillians. Her icy blue tinted skin is marked with marks of darker blue along her head and the tendrils that act as hair. Much more like a octopus, the back of her head extends in the fashion of the eight ligament having sea critter. Her eyes are a pineapple yellow.
Her figure is curvaceous yet plump towards her chest and hips.

Employee or Resident: Employee
Wing and Sector: West Wing, Sector D4
Occupation?: Aquafication and Oxygen Analyst, Station Aircraft Security

Zchec is in love with oatmeal cookies and raisin bread, her favorite sweet and snack food. Why they are so good to her is beyond most people.
She likes to take long swims and just relax in cold water opposed to warm or hot, not that she has a problem with either. It's more of preference.
Zchec likes to see people do good things, it spurs her to try and continue to do so herself.
Drawing. She had wanted to be a tattoo artist at some point.
She likes to hear a lot of jokes, whether they're cheesy ones or actually funny ones, she won't be able to stop herself from laughing either way.
She has this odd liking of beanie caps, though none of them actually fit all the way on her head of course. She mainly just pulls them over what she can and lets it stay.
Her favorite animal are sheep.
Energy drinks, mostly because they keep her up when she needs to be and she likes the small jittery feeling they give her in the mornings.
Mutual respect.
She likes to look at the suns that they pass by while at the station. The bigger the stars, the more she favors them.
Salty foods.

Blatant disrespect is a no go for her, especially when she tries to be the reasonable one.
She hates cabbage. Even the name bothers her some times.
Animal cruelty is a no no in her books.
She doesn't really fair too well with people that are extremely uptight.
Awkward situations that she may feel like she can't escape.
She doesn't standing still, doing absolutely nothing.
Sour candy goes is her book of dislikes. Along with sour anything.
She doesn't like being called a "squid" or "octo-girl" at any point. She despises it, and will probably chew someone out for it when she can.

Born on December 5, 3981, Zchec was both born and raised on Earth within human civilization. Though secluded from humanity and other species for a little while, Zchec eventually found herself being involved within the new cultures of Earth's people and all that it had to offer. She faced a lot of bullying during her school years, mostly because of how different her appearance was. However, she wasn't the only individual that suffered from this, and it didn't halt her from being at the top of her class. In her later school years, the bullying came an end on the first day of high school, and she found herself making friends rather quickly due to her habits of drawing and creating visual ideas for her peers to see. Well that, and the martial arts classes that she had started taking after she had gotten tired of being picked on. Graduating from high school, she soon drifted into college for her studies in meteorology as well as economic sciences.

It was her freshmen year of college that she found out about a program that would change her life. It was being run by the WDP Co., and the college that she attended had a program that would allow her to land a job at the station. So she did just that, though it was no where as easy as it sounds.

During her college years, she took the liberty of studying up on everything that she assumed she would have to know, plus more to ensure that she landed the job.

In the middle of her sophomore year of college, she ended up running into a guy she quickly became friends with named Eddy, who at the time was actually dropping out. They quickly sparked conversation, and for an entire year and a half they kept in contact. After that, she never saw or heard from him again.

Skip ahead three years, she ended up where she is now up at the We Deliver space station, enjoying her time working. Though, she still hasn't gotten used to getting around yet.
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 [b]Gender:[/b] Female [b]Name:[/b] Zchec Mnion [Zu-sh-ek Min-ee-on] o Chec [b]Age:[/b]
hace más de un año BanetteGhosneir said…
Gender: Θηλυκός (Female)
Name: Ανήθικος (Aníthikos)

Age: είκοσι πέντε (25, but to Earth Calendar, she is 61)
Dytis calendar is 2.46575342466 times longer than the Earth Calendar
Dytis have 900 days in a Year, Earth has 365.

DoB: 27th, June

Thikos' species are born, originally flesh-like, but as they age their bodies begin to grow certain specialties. humans call this process 'puberty'. for Δύτης (Dytis) 'puberty' is painful. for almost 10 human years the Dytis spend in agonizing pain, as their bodies grow a metal-like suit, this process is like an Earth Moose shedding its antlers, the Dytis' flesh is peeled off as the metal grows. over their heads they grow a 'second mouth' and a kind of helmet.

she stands at 1.86m tall

Employee or Resident: Employee
Wing and Sector: Thikos lives on the outer-casing of the North Wing, Sector D3.
Occupational Hazard and Safety Rescue.

Thikos, due to her species unique 'flesh', is one of the rescue squads aboard the WDPS, her body being made out of an extremely strong metal allows her to go through hazardous environments and even survive the vacuum and pressure of Space. making her a valuable asset to the rescue team.

Silence, the feel of other's flesh, extremely cold or hot food, the feel of walking on the outside of the station in the Vacuum of space. the feel of walking underwater.

Memories of her teenage years, being on fire, electricity.


Thikos was born on her homeworld, link (Moira), a dangerous Ocean world with 0% landmass. when Dytis are Born the young are carried by the parents above the surface until the young begin the process of Ανάπτυξη,
of 'Puberty', once Ανάπτυξη begins the young are subjected to the harsh ocean depths, getting deeper and deeper as their stages go on. Dytis come up for air every few days.

Once the stages of Ανάπτυξη are nearing completion, the young are then made to take a test, they are to fight a link, an 'Almighty', the largest and most dangerous creature on their planet. those that won against it, were allowed full freedom... those that failed were to stay on the planet... and wait until their next chance.

from Thikos being on the WDPS you can tell she had passed the test, and although many other species have wondered what the Dytis' homeworld looks like in the depths, no other species so far has been able to survive the immense pressure, or the 'monsters'.

Species Information:
Note: This is even more information about the Species, Δύτης (Dytis), if you get bored easily, skip this part.

the 'Metal' skin of the Δύτης have sensors, since the only part of their body that is not this metal skin is their face, hair, neck and the secondary mouth between the 'helmet' and 'neck'

the Δύτης, despite beliefs, do not hold their breath for days. the metal skin they have stores oxygen as the Δύτης breathes, once the Δύτης stop breathing their bodies begin to draw oxygen from the metal parts, the metal parts of their bodies do not rust.

Δύτης are sometimes hunted by other races for their metal, since it is a metal that requires no maintenance nor is able to rust. however over the past 200 years, there has been more than 34,000 hunting attempts...
2 have been successful...

Δύτης mating habits are... dangerous, to other parties nearby, hence, when Δύτης wish to mate they find a desolate moon, or area where other living things are not nearby, from far away sparks are able to be seen. how the Δύτης mate is known only to Δύτης.

Δύτης have a major flaw with their bodies. when the 'helmet' or 'second mouth' is enclosed the Δύτης is not able to turn their heads, and must turn their waists instead, also whilst they're enclosed they are unable to see and must rely apon echo-location, sound and feel their way around.

the weakest part of the Δύτης is their non-metal flesh area (the head)

the Δύτης are extremely strong and heavy, they swim using sheer motion force of kicks. to other Δύτης this force effect is minimal and does almost nothing. to other aquatic races this force is a warning, or if they're too close. a huge danger.

Δύτης compared to Human Lifespans live significantly longer, whilst the average human may live between 120 to almost 200, the Δύτης live between 400 and 520 human years.

the Δύτης are capable of human speech, aswell as underwater Sonar.

how the Δύτης communicate with other Δύτης in the vacuum of space is unknown, but theory believes a sort of Psychic or 'mind string' is present between all Δύτης. Limit of this is unknown.

although the Δύτης are powerful, if they do not enclose their 'second mouth' they are unable to survive space or the pressure of their own homeworld.
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 [b]Gender:[/b] Θηλυκός [i](Female)[/i] [b]Name:[/b] Ανήθικος [i](Aníthikos)[/i] [
hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
Gender: Male

He's only known as Sheet



Sheet is usually seen wearing clothing that has a color code of blue, grey, and black. He's always found with a hat on in the rare occasions that he's being chased by the WD Station Patrol/Police. His usual attire consists of a cap, some sort of hoodie pea-coat combination, leather gloves, and worn out black, blue and orange shoes. And in addition to this, he where's a mask that is able to both disguise his voice and capture oxygen for him to survive for a short period if he ever were to be thrown into the vacuum of space or thrown under water. His clothing may actually have a lot of surprises...
He's 5 ft 10 1/2

Employee or Resident: ??
Wing and Sector: He's somewhere in the North Wing, usually travels between Wings and Sectors to keep his location discrete.
Occupation?: ???

Sheet is referred to by the WDP as a "Wild vigilante with no self control whatsoever, a liability to the well being of the corporation and the space station" as well as a wanted man for multiple accounts of property damage as well as violence inducing assaults and hacking into systems and stealing private information.

Likes: N/A
Dislikes: N/A

To Be Revealed.
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 [b]Gender:[/b] Male [b]Name:[/b] He's only known as Sheet [b]Age:[/b] ??? [b]DoB:[/b] ?
hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
Gender: Female

Name: Yiana Vixley

Age: 30

DoB: April 5th

Yiana is a 5 ft 9 elf with mesmerizing hazel eyes, a round face, back length black hair, and pointy ears, a trait of her elfhood. She has plump soft lips and a curvy body with a bit of toned muscularity to add to. Unlike most other employees, Yiana has two bar codes. One on the middle of her chest and one under her left eye. The bar code under her left eye was necessary for her status within her occupation, and the one on her chest is only for identification purposes.

Employee or Resident: Employee
Wing and Sector: East Wing, Sector F4
Occupation?: WDP Station Officer/Police

Believe or not, despite her job, Yiana is actually a pretty good gambler.
She's also into a lot of UFC, which had become GFC, Galactic Fighting Champion.
Popcorn is one of her favorite before work, during work, and after work snacks.
Her job aboard the space station is one that she holds with pride and dignity.
She likes the sound of running water, and usually has one of the artificial nature simulators activated while she's sleeping or just going through a relaxing day.
Velvet red is one of her favorite colors.
Space travel has always been apart of her excitement.
She's an animal lover indeed.
She had an undercover liking for melodramas, even though she tries to state that she doesn't like them at all.

She can't stand spiders. They creep her out and she despises the sight of them. Which makes her look a bit racist towards the arachnid humanoid species sometimes.
The fact that she hasn't been able to put the vigilante, Sheet, in custody. Every single time she's encountered him, she has managed to lose track of him.
The taste of pineapples on pizza makes her cringe.
She necessarily dislike cold desserts such as ice cream, just the after effects that they have. Which is why she prefers to eat things of the such in solitary.

Yiana was born on earth, but raised more aboard the WDP station in Sector F4 of the East Wing. Her parents had her come along with them at the younger age of 7, not wanting her to remain on Earth when they had landed their new jobs, her mother becoming a chef for the East Wing's mess hall due to her degrees in culinary arts. Her father on the other hand, became one of the leading WDP Space Station officers, his former history of detective work only furthering his advance.

As Yiana grew older upon the station, she attended one of their schooling programs so that her education remained as much as a priority as it was when she was still on Earth. And to her disliking, she still wasn't able to eat as many sweets and junk food as she wanted to.

Growing up, she had always admired both her mother and father for the jobs that they had with WDP. They were her role models, her father even more so being that to her, he had a pretty cool job catching "bad guys".

It was when she was fifteen that she was returned to Earth to stay with her grandmother after a "small" incident that she had been involved in. And it was either she be sent back or her parents lose their jobs. With her return to Earth, Yiana pushed forward and eventually became a police officer herself down on Earth after she finished school.
Skipping years ahead in time, she ended up following in her father's footsteps when he retired and became a officer aboard the Space Station, her achievements and credentials from Earth rendering her more than acceptable for the job. And she's stuck with that job for the passed four years, making sure peace and order wasn't disturbed.

But even she has been denying the fact that something was...out of place. Especially with the most recent suspect she had caught for mild criminal activities that she wasn't even sure was "criminal". Just rather...strange.
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 [b]Gender:[/b] Female [b]Name:[/b] Yiana Vixley [b]Age:[/b] 30 [b]DoB:[/b] April 5th [b]A
hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
((Alrighty Banette, wanna wait for some more people or get started?))
hace más de un año BanetteGhosneir said…
((I'd be fine with starting))

the 'day cycle' starts once again. people of all kinds from different sectors come in through the main doors, to view the majesty of galactic weaponry... and as usual, some enquire as to what the tiny human female in the center of the main lobby is, asking staff for info about the AI, wondering if it is a weapon on display, or an assistant.

"I'm no more a weapon than you are a vehicle"
the AI responded. some of the crowd broke off after a few seconds, moving on to the actual weapons within the museum. some of the others now enquiring as to why the AI was in the museum for weapons...

the AI did not respond, instead she sat with her knees together, and a face of contemptment... and boredom.
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hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
There was a long groan, the repetitive and highly agitating sound of a beeping alarm sounding off from the inside of one of the sector C2 houses.

"Uugh...Noble, it's Saturday..."

The alarm continued to beep loudly before it began to start ringing.

"Noble, it's fucking, Saturday!" When this had been said the first time, it was suppose to have turned the alarm off. It was the set voice code for his days off, and despite this, it apparently wasn't working. Eddie shifted under his covers, crabbing pillows and cramming them over his head in attempt to block the sound out. But when the alarm seemed to amplify, he sat up in one sharp movement.

Silence filled the master bedroom sized room, along with Eddie's relief. A thick bar of technical metal lowered down from the ceiling as the room brightened itself up, signaling that it was in fact, the day cycle once more. From the bar, a large transparent, holographic screen displayed itself.

"Good morning, Mr. King." The artificial voice that was 'Noble', spoke softly from the walls and ceilings. It had actually been creepy at first, but eventually it was as if another person were in the house.

"Oh fuck you! What the hell's your problem? I said that it was Saturday!" Eddie exclaimed groggily, the end of his sentence being muffled by a yawn.

"Yes yes, however you had me set a schedule for you the prior night cycle due to you telling your supervisor that you would be there today to assist the OHSR unit in welding close the level 1 breach. Also, language sir."

"Oh please, don't start with--Wait--what?" Eddie, a bit more awake now and wiping at his eyes. "Enhance display." On command, the floating screen's contents grew in size for him to have a better look. And as his eyes landed on the clock, he jumped up from his bed. "Shit shit shit shit!!"
hace más de un año BanetteGhosneir said…
"and WHY haven't you welded it closed?" came a stern, agitated voice from the other end of a Radio

"2 reasons, first, I can't see when I'm enclosed. second reason, whoever you sent to assist me, to be my 'eyes' hasn't arrived yet. either another area got blasted open, or they've become an hour late. we were supposed to fix this before the day cycle begun"

"Considering you can hear me, you're not out the Airlock on your way... though I guess I can understand why now. gimme a sec, I'll give Maintenance a call"

the metal figure sighed, standing at the Airlock...
the Area that was breached was sealed, Welding needed to be done from outside.
the day cycle begins at 08:00, they were supposed to begin welding at 07:00, before the Day Cycle...
"This better not come out of my pay"
hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
After a quick shower, struggling to throw on his Maintenance uniform and nearly falling face flat on the floor, burning two pieces of toast but rolling with it, and a glass of half spilled orange juice that he managed not to get on himself, Eddie was up and running. Yes, actually running. The Day Cycle was hectic, and he knew this all to well. Being caught up in a bunch of crowded areas and then being cramped while on the train was something he didn't have time for. He was in a rush. He felt his wrist vibrate, and he lifted his arm to look at his link. These watch's were of course, different from the much older ones, a massive upgrade. And it was none other than his supervisor that was calling him through it.

He debated whether to answer or not, but if anything, he was owed this anyways. He had been called about the damn job so late at night/early in the morning that he didn't even remember answering. Which meant that he was probably asleep when he did it. He tapped his watch, but sent it straight to decline as he maneuvered through the steadily building crowd and headed towards the transit station. It was already enough that he was late and had to deal with hordes of people. Listening to someone nagging at him wasn't going to make things any better.

Now the next thing that he had to worry about was the actual task. If it was only a level one breach then it was probably only the size of half of a average doorway. He didn't have enough time to read over the task thoroughly, but with what he had skimmed through he knew that it had to be done from outside the station. After all, OHSR were there for a reason. It was just him that wasn't there yet, even if this lateness could be counted as unusual for him.

He managed to get to the Airlock at around 8:42 on the dot, already throwing on his safety gear in order to go ahead and get things over with. There were light bags still under his eyes from lack of proper sleep, but he figured that they would just be ignored. anyways. As he finally got his insulated gloves onto his hands, he approached the individual who he'd assume would be here for sealing the breach. "Alright, so you must be from the OHSR. But before we even get to that, sorry that I'm late, aaand your boss is probably going to have a chat with my boss about that. So, yeah. Eddie, Maintenance Specialist." He outstretched his hand for the woman to take.
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hace más de un año BanetteGhosneir said…
meanwhile, the metal figure had been walking around, before deciding to hop in the airlock to try and do the job solo, but just before she was about to enclose her head and open the outside door, she heard someone shuffling around the corner of the inside airlock door... a civilian?... no this access way was blocked off earlier on... maybe her late partner.
"Hello? who's there? this area is locked off for now"

the clanking of her metal feet became louder to whomever was around the corner.
when she get around she was greeted by... her late partner. she shook his hand with a sort of annoyed and contempt face.

"Ανήθικος, just call me Dytis... Occupational Health and safety Rescue, though I guess in this case, Maintenance. anyway, we've got a level 3 breach up ahead, outside job. high-intensity welding torch and about 2 tonnes of Metal to carry over and weld as temporary insulation, then we let the Engineers, and other Maintenance fellas, do their Jobs. do you know what you need to do?"

she asked, letting go of his hand.
the woman was either in some special black metal safety suit, or was not in the correct equipment for this kind of job.
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hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
"Wait wait wait, hold on, WHAT?! Level 3?! I was informed that it was only a little "get in, get out, buzz buzz, weld weld and we're done" type of breach!" He pinched the bridge of his nose, a bit annoyed himself. "And of course I know what I need to do, it's my job. But apparently since there's some information that they left out, I'll probably need a brief run through." And that's when he finally got a good look, through the light morning grogginess that still lingered over him, at the person that was going to be his partner for a job. "Uuhh...and I think they might have given you the wrong suit for the job too. Either that, or they're some sort of new one that I haven't gotten nor heard of yet..."
hace más de un año BanetteGhosneir said…
the woman sighed... some sort of liquid dripped down from the...

TEETH of her suit?
she quickly wiped her hand over the strange teeth of her suit
"yeah... uuuuuuh, I'll explain the 'suit' in a moment"

she stated 'suit' a bit strangly

"First, let's talk about the Job. this job WAS originally level 2, but there was apparently an explosive floating around near the job that was sucked out and activated during the original incident, as you can deduct, events lead to the level increasing. this was 3 hours ago. as for 'what you need to do' your current required activities have been increased, YOU, are to do the welding whilst I carry the 2 tonnes of metal around and hold it in place... do NOT weld me, and you will need to slightly direct me, whilst I'm enclosed I cannot see... which leads to-"

she sighed a sort of... annoyed sigh, but it sounded as if whatever was coming next was something she was used to.

"this 'suit' is my flesh. I'm an 'alien' to you humans. I'll explain more about myself later, for now you only need to know I cannot see with my head... my 'helmet' enclosed, I have other senses but they're not a substitute for sight. I have a radio inside my secondary mouth, you will use the radio to direct me, where to move, where to place the metal and where to hold it. any more questions?"

she seemed a little embarrassed at the 'second mouth's drooling' but she got over it quickly.
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hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
"yeah... uuuuuuh, I'll explain the 'suit' in a moment"

Just as the woman that he now knew as Dytis had said this, Eddie had already entered a stare down with the...the teeth of her suit?! Noticing this, along with the saliva that dripped from them, he had to freeze his legs in place to stop himself from taking a step or so back. An explosive near by the job? This brought him to focusing passed his sleep as he wiped his eyes. But as he listened further, he found that he would be basically doing what he usually did in these sorts of incidents. Welding something into place.

And then came the next explanation. He stared at her for a moment after she explained what exactly that "armor" was, observing it for a minute or so. He didn't say anything at first, but then he spoke. "Can I....poke one of those teeth?"
hace más de un año BanetteGhosneir said…
she gave him a mixed expression of surprise and concern.
"That's... a new response... sure I guess, dunno what kick you'd get out of it though"

she leaned forward, lifting her head up a little, to allow him to touch the teeth of her secondary mouth.
what an odd response, usually she'd get 'Can you feel stuff?' 'how strong is the metal?' 'can we arm wrestle?' and 'can I punch the metal?' but 'can I poke those teeth' is a new one.
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hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
Eddie was hesitant at first, not sure if the large mouth would decide to chump down on his hand or not. But his curiosity decided to have him go for it. His hand reached out towards the secondary mouth, and his fingers ran across the part of teeth that didn't have as much drool dripping. They felt like...human teeth. Really big human teeth, except harder perhaps. He hadn't seen anything like it. His hand found its way to the metal that the teeth were connected to.

"What sort of metal..." He trailed off into a mumble, leaning in a bit to inspect both that and the teeth a bit more closely. The metal definitely felt more dense than normal metal. But she had said something about not wanting to be welded, which meant that it had a melting point, granted, probably a high one at that. But then he snapped out of her observation.

"Oh, yeah...we got a job to do. I guess we better get to it then, uuhh, Dytis, right?"
hace más de un año BanetteGhosneir said…
Dytis nodded, returning to a normal stance so his hand wasn't in her secondary mouth anymore.
"Aye, Dytis is easier for Humans to pronounce than Ανήθικος, and I'm the only Dytis on the station so people just started calling me that. anyway, the job."

in a split second the secondary mouth clamped shut over her head, the sound was like a massive shutter door slamming into metal. over the radio now her voice came through.
"C'mon then"

she moved over to the airlock, where there were 3 cubes of tied-together metal, all weighing multiple tonnes. she placed the three cubes in a line, then picking up the outside 2 she lifted all 3 at once... she stepped into the airlock.
"don't forget the Welder"
BanetteGhosneir commented…
I should mention whilst the casco is shut, none of her fleshy parts can be seen (including the teeth) hace más de un año
hace más de un año BanetteGhosneir said…
((I'm gunna make a character to work with Sheet, is that fine?))

Gender: Female
Name: 'Division'

Age: ??
DoB: ??


Division has very rarely been spotted, but in all sightings she was working with 'Sheet'
Division wears a sort of 'reverse' colour coding to Sheet, wearing Orange instead of blue. Division is always spotted with high-calibre weaponry and her trusty Survival Axe, aswell as quick-response advanced tech, Hazardous Environment Survival Jacket and Tactical Pants, all-terrain boots and black cotton gloves.
under the Bandana she keeps a Gas Mask, and the quick-response tech has a hazardous environment containment shield, just in case she gets sucked out into space, or put under extreme pressure.

the contents of her backpack are unknown, but it is speculated she keeps many high tech tools in there.
she stands at 1.75m tall

Employee or Resident: ??

Wing and Sector: Division doesn't seem to have a wing she sticks to, Division has numerous reportings of moving all over... impossibly so....

Occupation?: ??

the colour Orange, ???

Oranges, ???

̡̛13 ̵(0̛͢x̶͡D͏͝)
T̟̜̲̻̖ͅh̲͕̺̠̪̗͙ẹ ̭̙͍̲͔d̩͙a̪͉t̠̜̣͓̥̙̹̦a͓̗̰̱̣ ͖̩͍͕͍̣i̙͎͎̣ș͓̖̜̦͓̜ ͇i͇̦̖̖ͅn͎̼͖͇v̜̗̫̞̪̹̝a̻̯͉­̼̤̜­͇ḻ­͇̦̬­̘̗̞­i̘̳­d̥͙­͇̭̼­̻̦ͅ­.͈̥­̙͇


Division you could call the 'engineer' between the two, though Sheet is tech savvy on his own, Division is on her own level, even compared to other engineers, this makes her a problem to track down, and a larger problem to capture.

Unlike Sheet, Division has nothing to hide her identity, but despite this our facial recognition cameras still do not pick her up... and records connected to her face display an E҉rrò̷̡r̕-E͏r͞rǫr-E̵r͏rò̴̵r­-E̴­r̴͘­r̵̕­ơr­̛͜-­Ȩ͘­̀r͏­́͠r­̛o̶­r̸͜­͞
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 ((I'm gunna make a character to work with Sheet, is that fine?)) [b]Gender:[/b] Female [b]Name:[/
-Universe_COLA- commented…
:D Neat hace más de un año
-Universe_COLA- commented…
And how do tu do that XD The thing with the letters lol hace más de un año
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Zalgo Text hace más de un año
hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
Hm...so far so good.. Eddie thought to himself, but jumped slightly at the sound of Dytis's second mouth clamping shut. Hearing her voice through his radio, he scratched his head. "Roger"

He followed beside her as they made their way to the airlock where they were met with the 3 tonne cubes, pausing in a bit of surprise as he watched her left all three. "It's..in the lock already..." He responded with furrowed brows, watching her step into the airlock before following after. As he stepped in, he pressed the dimly illuminate blue button to close the door behind them. He went to the wall on the right and grabbed two of what was the WD Station's multipurpose link, a device that was created into the form of something more convenient and efficient for the Maintenance work force. Mainly himself. After all, he had been the one responsible for designing it. He slipped them onto his hands and strapped them to his arms, pressing a button on his suit that activated the helmet from his suit, coming from between his shoulders and over his head like a hood before enclosing it. He took. the first step to his safety precautions, which were seeing if his fingers were mobile while they were within the gloves. Check. Then it was checking the oxygen dispensers within the helmet, pulling up the status of it. Sixteen hours worth. Shouldn't take that long. Check.

He spoke to Dytis through his radio. "Alright, lets do this." He went over to the transparent blue keypad that sat on the opposite wall and dialed in his employee access code and hit enter.

"Vocal Identification Required." The ship's AI voice spoke, syncing with Eddie's helmet and Dytis radio.

"Marshall King" Eddie answered and awaited for Dytis to do the same.
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hace más de un año BanetteGhosneir said…
Dytis had to carefully pronounce her name into the radio, many times before the AI couldn't recognise the response if she said it too quickly.

once the AI had confirmed Dytis' response, the airlock began to equalize the pressure.
"Been working on the station long?" Dytis' voice came over the radio.
hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
"Depends on what you'd consider as "long". Wait...that didn't com--never mind. Anyways, I've been here for just over five years, give or take a few extra months." Eddie's voice responded over the radio, waiting while the the airlock equalized the pressure.

"You seem like you know what you're doin' pretty well. How long ya been here?" He asked, giving a glance in her direction.
hace más de un año BanetteGhosneir said…
since Dytis couldn't turn or move her head whilst she was enclosed she sort of looked like a robot, staring directly ahead... really she couldn't see at all.

"In Human years... almost 20 years I believe, 7281 Earth days is almost 20 years yes?"
her voice displayed the question, but her body didn't move to show it at all.
the airlock was now equalized, the doors began to open


well, that was irritating, a whole museum of amazing and awesome inventions and gimmicks, yet none of them were functioning... oh how she'd LOVE to fix them all.

Division, looking like a regular civilian, move as such through the Museum of Mechanized Art, it just so happened this Museum included many of the universe's most powerful weapons... but none of them were active.

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hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
"Twenty years?! Well heh,,,I'll admit, I didn't expect you have been here that long. But experience is experience I guess."
Eddie started towards the doors as they began to open. "I'm gonna extend out the airlock dock so we can see about just what the hell sort of breach we're suppose to be dealing with and get a scope of the situation. Don't want any more explosives wandering out and about near us."

When the doors opened up all the way, he went to press the red button that was beside them. There was a loud beep that followed up with the sound of the shifting platform that began to extend from the foot of the now open doors and out into the starlit emptiness of space. He began to follow it out after letting it stretch on for about four or five seconds. "Alright, let's do this."


A few blocks outside the weapons museum, there was a hassle of a chase going on for some of the space station's security and officers. "STOP HIM!"


Sheet could hear one of the station's officers yelling behind, attempting to signal any person or other officer that he could find to bring him to a stop. However, he wasn't particularly one known for getting into situations that he couldn't get himself out of. After all, most of his everyday life was a big risk, especially with his building supply of information. He ducked down as he heard the sound of steam releasing out into the atmosphere, a volley of pressurized orbs of hot air flinging themselves towards him like bullets.

He vaulted over a wall that was parallel to a shorter one, catching on to the ledge and using his feet to have some leverage as he quickly jumped towards the opposite wall before sliding down the rest of the way; he landed onto a long dumpster below that floated above the ground slightly, causing the bottom of it to scrape against the bottom of the ground from the sudden weight. He darted off to the left, evading more of the incoming air bullets and jumping through an unfinished window opening, landing on his feet. There wasn't much time to scope out the area for an escape route, and since the building that he landed in had flights of stairs, what better way to go than up. Higher ground was the best ground for situations like this.

And so he made his way up the stairs, using the rails as quick climbing short cuts when he was able to. It didn't take long for him to hear the heavy footsteps behind as he was making his way up.
hace más de un año BanetteGhosneir said…
Dytis remained still, though using the senses and vibrations she could tell that the platform got extended out, but she waited for a call of movement.
"You'll need to give me some directions, as much as I can feel from walking, I can't feel anything floating around in front of me"

Dytis tapped the ground with her foot... boot? the metal parts she walks on!
to others, nothing seemed to have happened, but to Dytis, the vibrations told her exactly where Eddie was.


a phone lightly buzzed, the girl took it out of her jacket pocket... a notification. the hell did he do this time.
she decided to call him.. though usually he'd decline the call or yell at her for calling him during an escape. but she forced the call through anyway.
"Looks like you're doing your daily exercise... good good, now what the hell did you do this time?"
she asked, poking the glass display of G-class teleporter ray.

hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
"Gotcha. Well we won't be floating all that much just yet, but I'll give you a sort of lay out of how things are looking." Eddie says. "Just walk forward until I say stop for now." He began to walk further out, turning around to walk backwards while doing so so he could see if he could spot the breach from where he was. And soon, the task they had been sent out to do came to sight, and he came to a complete stop. "Uhhh...Dytis...I think we're gonna need more metal..."

He stared up at the large tear that stretched across the side of the station, strips of shrapnel floating like debris around the sight. He could see now that the job was a bit more than just a level three breach. It was like a deep puncture with collateral damage. "So, want to seal up what we can while we're out? I mean, we might as well since we've already gotten out here right?"


As Sheet was making up the stair flights, he heard a small, nearly silent ring from his dime sized earpiece. A call. He half already expected to know who it was going to be on the other line if he answered, and at the same time he hoped that it wasn't. He answered it once he had reached the top of the third flight and pushed a few garbage disposal drones that were on standby down the stairs. And it was just his luck that it was exactly who he thought it would be.

"You call this exercise? More like running a minor errand. And how many damn times do I have to tell you not to call me while I'm makin' milk runs?!" He snapped lightly. "Well whatever...since you're poking your nose in I might as well tell you that I got that thing that you were looking for while I was out too. Oh, and send me a route since you're here and all." He added, pushing through a door and kicking it closed behind him with the heel of his foot. He came out finally on the building's rooftop and began to look around. This should give him a little talk time while he weighed his options on a way out suitable to the situation.
hace más de un año BanetteGhosneir said…
Dytis sighed. she moved over to where the platform connected to the door, still tapping her feet to try and feel her way around, once she got close to the outside walls, she stepped off the extension platform......

... and onto the station exterior... her feet... were not floating off?
somehow she was magnetically walking on the outside of the station.
"I don't intend to float at all. anyway, call it in if we need more metal, they'll probably send more workers then. has it become higher level or is it still level 3?"


Division moved over to another Exhibit, this time a sort of cube, though really this car-sized cube was a planet prison creator. neat little device.
"Route to where? the Pizza parlour? heh"

she pressed the orange circle on the strap of her backpack, no other people were nearby since they were following the tour guide. she begun to work, holographic displays showed themselves in front of her, she pressed and typed away.

"what'd you get me? hmmm? Gravity Latch, AI trackers, Tier 4 Military Laser converters or maybe some juicy gossip on Lilly from the Brown Block cafe? eheheh. 1km north, take a right, 300m and duck into the Museum. camera's are already disabled and I'll make the area become a blackout zone soon, that'll hide your equipment whilst I change your trace. you've 3 minutes, gooood luuuuck~♪"
her taunting voice responded over the call.
hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
"Well yeah...but no...but at the same time yeah..." Eddie responded, his gaze still stuck on the problem at hand that they had to fix. "By the looks of it, the exterior of the breach is freagin' melting, and the breach itself..." Didn't look like just any sort of "breach". But he would have to get closer to have a further examination. That, and they were going to have to work fast. 'Alright, we're gonna have to about five meters to right of the airlock doors and about eight more down. Ready?" He shifted his gaze to the "armored" woman, only to see that unlike his feet, which had began to float only a few inches off the ground, hers seemed to still be firmly planted on the platform. His eyebrows furrowed under his helmet as a thought came to mind, but he kept it to himself for now.


"Ha, ha, ha. I'll pizza your freakin' parlour." Sheet had snapped at Division's little joke while pushing whatever he could find in front of the door. One rule that he had was that if there was no need to get physical while making an escape, then don't. It was only a waste of time and energy. Slowing them down was a much easier option, because slowing them down would mean that they couldn't get to him if he was always making sure that he was a few steps ahead at least.

As he waited for her to map him out a route, could hear the footsteps of numerous individuals making their way up the stairs and closer to the door. When she began to ask what he got her, he rolled his eyes almost dismissively, knowing that she wouldn't see it. It was more of a habit. Which didn't come about until he had met her. "You'll see when I get the--wait, gossip on Lilly? What the hell--whatever."
When she began to give him the directions to take, he was on the move, the door behind him ratting violently as the squad on the other side tried to get to him. He knew that it wouldn't take long for them to get the entire door itself out of the way. "Luck? That's for beginners like yourself." His voice taunted back over the call. "I'll be there in 2." And with that, he severed the line that kept their call connected with two taps to his ear piece. "Alright, here we go." He sprinted towards the ledge of the roof top and without second thought, he jumped, the metallic door behind him flying off its hinges as he went falling towards the ground.
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hace más de un año BanetteGhosneir said…
Dytis tapped her foot to the 'ground', micro vibrations on the station... she found the door, she moved over to it, then tapped again... 5 meters out, she couldn't do, since she wasn't floating... 8 meters 'down'

"Which way is down? you're going to have to give me directions based apon my position, use the direction I'm 'looking' as 'forward' so which way right now would be down?"


Division chuckled. she loved to annoy him, since he got annoyed so easily.

something had caught Division's interest now... in the lobby of this museum there is an AI... but it's not being affected by the Dark Zone... it's still powered on... interesting...

awell, time to work on changing Sheet's trace.
she typed and tapped away... oh, he's faster than last time, seems the 'milk runs' are paying off.

((The positioning of people in space is REALLY hard, cause there's no 'up' or 'down' so shit gets all out of whack))
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 Dytis tapped her foot to the 'ground', micro vibrations on the station... she found the door, she mov
-Universe_COLA- commented…
Wait...how the hell did...@_@ *confusion intensifies^ So is Dytis above the airlock door? hace más de un año
BanetteGhosneir commented…
it's el espacio my friend, no gravity. she hopped off the extension platform and onto the muro of the station hace más de un año
BanetteGhosneir commented…
although no, she's not above the door, I was just giving and exmaple of where I understand their positions are. hace más de un año
-Universe_COLA- commented…
Aaaah, I think I get it. I also think I hate how el espacio works now xD hace más de un año
hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
"This is gonna be harder than I thought..." Eddie breathed through the radio, taking a moment to observe where Dytis was at the moment and where the damage was. "Alright so...down would be the way that you're NOT facing, I can at least sat that much." He paused for a moment, an idea coming to mind. "Hey wait a minute...if you were to lift your left arm then it'll be pointing more so towards where we need to be. Give me a sec--" He enabled interference in between the frequency that connected their headsets and spoke to AI manual. "Enable 0-Zone Thrusters, Two Percent Drain."

"0-Zone Mobility Thrusters, Enabled. Two Percent Drain is unavailable at this particular time."

Huh? Not available? Eddie blinked for a second or so in puzzlement. "O...k, enable the One Percent Drain then."

"One Percent Drain, available. 0-Zone Mobility Thrusters, activated."

Eddie was silent for a brief moment in thought, snapping back to when he remembered that he wasn't the only one out there, and they had a job to do. He disabled the interference and his voice came back over the headset. "Alright, so the direction you're looking in right now is your "forward", right? If that's the case then maybe it'll be easier for us both if I navigated you from the breach? Whatcha think?"


As Sheet neared the ground quickly, he pulled a metallic disk like module from a compartment on his hoodie, pressing a button before throwing it to his left like it was a frisbee. A blue glint flashed simultaneously with a identical but larger one that was on the disk, the disk beeping and stopping just a couple of feet away from him. A ring of flowing white energy burned its print into the disk before it emitted an arc bubble that pulled him towards it with a small yank directed him towards the ground in a half glide to enable a lighter manner of landing. Though it wasn't exactly an easy one either. As the disk returned to hi

He stuck his landing half haphazardly, his legs giving a small twinge of pain but not enough to prevent him from taking off again. He took a bit of a detour in between some buildings but kept in the same direction, jumping over trashcans and using the landscape as his own vaults to reach higher places. It didn't take any longer than that before he was sliding into the museum smoothly. He wasn't worried about the cameras, because even Division annoyed him at times, there was never a time in which he doubted that she had his back. He let out an easy going exhale but stayed on guard.

He looked to the palm of his right hand and poked his palm, a screen projecting itself a few inches above it. With a swipe here, a press there, and few combinations of letters he sent Division the mark message.

Message: Your move Di,"

hace más de un año 666demon said…
Gender: Male
Name: Gabriel Cartaya
Age: 37
DoB: All you need to know is that he's 37
Appearance: Gabriel is 6 ft 8 in stance. Army Green eyes that light up to a softer shade when he's around a certain weapon's specialist. A small scar ruining through the left corner of his mouth, making it always seem like he's smirking while he covers up an even bigger star that runs through his right eye. Built like a fucking tank.

Employee or Resident: Employee
Wing and Sector: East, F4
Occupation?: WDP Station Officer/Police/ 'Guard dog" "Shut the fuck up Jude."

Likes: He's a fucking slut for for his Soaps on Telemundo. You even think about trying to get him to do anything other than take care of his boy and you will be terminated. Nobody but Jude can pull him away from them.
He loves all music except the old old shit.. like 12th century shit.
If you let him, he'll eat Patatas bravas for about a month straight year round.
He kinda secretly loves the smells of cannabis and cigarette smoke mixing

Dislikes: He has no problem with threatening to hurt people, but the actual hurting them hurts him more. That's not what he signed up for. He rather just stand there and look like a big scary motherfucker.
He has no problem when people find out he's gay, it's just when they find out who he's with then it becomes a problem.
Bullies, assholes, sexists, feminazis -yes those still fucking exist and he wishes they all died in a black hole- racists, Political bullshit... Do you want him to go on?

Bio: E̍ͫ̔͌҉̳̹̹̗̝r̤ͩ̿̀͊̆ͨ̿̉͡͝­̲̫͍­̳̞̙­͇̫r­̢̉͛­̨̙͢­̝̫̦­oͬͤ­̗̝̐­͚̬̪­͉̼r­͛̊ͧ­̄̒̄­͎͈͜­̬̲͎ ͣ̅ͩ̓̏ͫ͏̫̱̪͕̼̲̱͇̙̕4͐͗̊̽̚­̴̀͛­̧͍͕­0̓̓­͐͑͊­͛̀͐­̠̤͜­̣͔ͅ­͙4ͬ­͋ͭͣ­̞ͯ͜­̣͍̦­:ͨͯ­̃҉̣­̟̝̘­̘̬ ͂̽͠͏͚̭͈͍̥̱̻̯F̨͇̺̺͖ͧ̄̈ͦ͘­̟ā­̔͂͗­̆̆̉­̗ͦͅ­̠̣͇­i͌ͦ­̉̾̈́­̶̂͞­̨̗͍­͉͕̲­͚̻l­͍̘̚­͈̜͕­͎ͅe­̇̆͌­̶̎̈́­̱̘͈­͔̦̲­̫dͫ­̾̑̀­̦̠͜­̱̪̜­͕̬ ̬̫̺̝͇̹͍̓ͬ͂̂ͨ́͑̊͠ͅt̞ͦ͆ͩ͞­̫̙̗­̲̯̹­͖ͅo­ͥͣͦ­ͥͪ̓­̦͜ͅ­̰̪̭­̘̳ ͈̱͖̱̪͐ͬ̋ͧ͜f͍̈́̂ͯ̐ͪͦͧi̓ͫͪ­̌͗̿­̏̏̀­̜͈͇­͈͇̠­n̔͊­ͦ͌̏­̶̿̍­̰̀͠­̣̩͍­d͊̐­̆ͨ͛­̷̢͐­̩́ͅ­̦̝͍­̭̯̻­̙ ͕̫̜̬͚ͯ͑̏̓ͭ͋̔͟͢͞dͩ̏ͮ͐҉͔͟­̦̩͕­͚͈a­̾̈ͥ­̚͢͠­͙̰͇­̱̙t­ͦ̉͠­̷̹̩­̠̤a­̉ͩ̄­́͝͡­̜̣͈­̗

 Gender: Male Name: Gabriel Cartaya Age: 37 DoB: All tu need to know is that he's 37 Appearance:
hace más de un año 666demon said…
Gender: Male...?
Name: Jude Barnes...?
Age: 23
DoB: 12th of May
Appearance: Jude is 5 ft 6 in and he's so slim but muscular. black hair to his head. Ocean blue eyes that light up in excitement every time he sees a certain officer. He's got that annoying fucking thing latched on to his head and it hurts and he's got that god damn brace on his neck and he can't take it off.

Employee or Resident: Employee
Wing and Sector: South wing, E3 but he slips away into Gabriel's quarters
Occupation?: Weapon specialist

Likes: Oh god he get's off on the smell of weed and cig smoke mixing together.
He loves it when Gabe plays with his hair after sex
He likes music, except rap.

Dislikes: He hates Authority.
He hates being in space but he knows he can't leave.
He hates when people find out about his relationship.

Bio: E̍ͫ̔͌҉̳̹̹̗̝r̤ͩ̿̀͊̆ͨ̿̉͡͝­­̲̫­͍­̳­̞̙­­͇̫r­­̉͛­̢­͢­̨̙­­̝̫̦­­oͬ­ͤ­̐­̗̝­­͚̬̪­­͉̼­r­͛­̊ͧ­­̄̒̄­­͎͜­͈­̬­̲͎ ͣ̅ͩ̓̏ͫ͏̫̱̪͕̼̲̱͇̙̕4͐͗̊̽̚­­̀͛­̴­̧­͍͕­­0̓̓­­͐͑­͊­͛­̀͐­­̠̤͜­­̣ͅ­͔­͙­4ͬ­­͋ͭͣ­­ͯ͜­̞­̣­͍̦­­:ͨͯ­­̃҉­̣­̟­̝̘­­̘̬ ͂̽͠͏͚̭͈͍̥̱̻̯F̨͇̺̺͖ͧ̄̈ͦ͘­­̟a­̄­̔­͂͗­­̆̆̉­­ͦͅ­̗­̠­̣͇­­i͌ͦ­­̉̾­̈́­̂­̶͞­­̨̗͍­­͉͕­̲­͚­̻l­­͍̘̚­­͈̜­͕­ͅ­͎e­­̇̆͌­­̎̈́­̶­̱­̘͈­­͔̦̲­­̫d­ͫ­̾­̑̀­­̦̠͜­­̱̪­̜­͕­̬ ̬̫̺̝͇̹͍̓ͬ͂̂ͨ́͑̊͠ͅt̞ͦ͆ͩ͞­­̫̙­̗­̲­̯̹­­͖ͅo­­ͥͣ­ͦ­ͥ­ͪ̓­­̦͜ͅ­­̰̪­̭­̘­̳ ͈̱͖̱̪͐ͬ̋ͧ͜f͍̈́̂ͯ̐ͪͦͧi̓ͫͪ­­̌͗­̿­̏­̏̀­­̜͈͇­­͈͇­̠­n­̔͊­­ͦ͌̏­­̿̍­̶­͠­̰̀­­̣̩͍­­d͊­̐­̆­ͨ͛­­̷̢͐­­̩́­ͅ­̦­̝͍­­̭̯̻­­̙ ͕̫̜̬͚ͯ͑̏̓ͭ͋̔͟͢͞dͩ̏ͮ͐҉͔͟­­̦̩­͕­͚­͈a­­̾̈ͥ­­̚͢­͠­͙­̰͇­­̱̙t­­ͦ̉­͠­̷­̹̩­­̠̤a­­̉ͩ­̄­͝­́͡­­̜̣͈­­̗
 Gender: Male...? Name: Jude Barnes...? Age: 23 DoB: 12th of May Appearance: Jude is 5 ft 6 in and
hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
((Aaaaaaaaaye, 6 is here :D))
hace más de un año 666demon said…
(YOOOOOO!!!! I'm thinking about a third chara that knows about Gabe and Jude. I'm thinking it's acceptable but for such a high ranking officer and such a low ranking cargo mover to be in the same relationship regardless of gender or whatever it's frowned upon.. Or should I scrap that?"
hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
((Eeeh, keep it and we'll see how the thunder rolls out :P))
hace más de un año 666demon said…
Gabriel woke up, not from his alarm, but from the scent of nicotine being burned. Shifting a little, he woke up with his face buried in a body's midsection. "Hey Carino, you're up early. It's your day off remember?" He looks up, listening to the way the Spanish was placed in the comment and his heart soared with so much adoration for this man he was holding. He honestly can't be happier despite how fucking dangerous this was for them. It was acceptable to be gay, everyone had the same rights. But the thing that Gabe worried about this was that their ranks were so different. If anybody found out he didn't know what the fuck to do. "I know Jude." He kissed where he left a big ass hickey on skinnier's hips last night. Last night they got drunk and high and god damn it was the best sex he's ever had. The reason being is that they've been together for a year now. Pulling Jude down to him so he could kiss him properly... "Te Amo, Carino." He smiled down at the blue eyes before he got out of bed to get dressed in his uniform. Making sure the bar code on his inner wrist was visible. He had another one under his jaw on the right hand side. He heard a whine, turning around to see his baby sitting up cross legged like a child. Bar code visible on his inner forearm. He looks so cute, almost tempting to just stay in bed. "Sorry babe, but Justice doesn't have a day off."
hace más de un año BanetteGhosneir said…
"However you decide to direct me. everyone has their own way, just be sure to tell me when to stop moving, or how many steps to take. I'd rather not fall into the breach, floating is irritating when I can't feel anything around me."
she was careful to not let go of the metal. nor to move.


Dark zone is active, Trace will be fixed in 3... 2... 1...
Sheet's equipment turned off for a split second, then back on immediately.
he was now hidden.
she typed a bit, and sent a reply.
"Done, Class D exhibit. c'mon down."
with that done, her holograms turned off, she pushed her rifled over to her hip then she returned to examining the broken machines of death and destruction... what beautiful creations.
hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
"Roger that." Eddie looked down at his feet for a moment, taking a few seconds time to prepare himself for the travel distance to the breach. He bent his knees slightly and pushed his legs down in a sort of jumping motion. Two slots opened on the ankles of his suit, small mechanical constructs reaching from them and attaching themselves to the sides and bottoms of his feet and shaping into bent looking pipes. A clear, pressure filled air began to push from the pipes and propel him forward and what would be "up" from his position on the platform and towards the breach. And as he got closer, he spoke to Dytis again. "Hey, does any of this seem kind of...random to you?" He asked, not even sure what he meant by that when he said so.


Sheet smirked slightly when the power shut off around him. Not bad. Not bad at all. He knew that his equipment might have shut off for a moment, part of their precaution procedure. He wasn't planning to bother checking it until one of the holographic screens popped up, a small rectangular one that showed that he had gotten a message back from Division.
He sent his reply. "Be down in a sec. Good looking out."
He looked around for a moment, seeing that he wasn't too far off from where she had told him she was. So without any other reason to be waiting around, he was off and on his way. He flipped a small latch on the side of his mask and it disassembled itself, condensing itself into what looked to be some sort of necklace around his neck. On cue, an electrical current poured through his clothing, setting off the camouflage reaction that changed the appearance of his clothes. He turned his hat around so that the bill would be facing the opposite direction, and poof, he would be blending in with everyone else.
hace más de un año BanetteGhosneir said…
"Not sure what you mean"
she kept walking, listening intently to the vibrations... until...

she stopped, directly infront of the breach.
"I can't see what you see, I have no idea what you think is 'random' "


it'd be SO easy to break open these containment cases and repair these devices... but Division interest had now shifted. to whatever Sheet had brought her... and to the strange and 'unique' AI that wasn't being affected by the Black Zone...

very interesting...
hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
"Then never mind it then..." Eddie responded, his words trailing off near the 'then' as he began to take his first close-up inspection of the breach. His eyes gazed over the melting super metal, the outline of the breach oozing inwardly. He could see from the outside alone that the ESMs(Emergency Safety Measurements) had already been put in action; the drop down and sliding doors on the inside were already sealed shut to prevent a vacuum from occurring. He then started his measurements.

"Alright, so by the looks of it, we got us a 25.98 meter breach to deal with. Heat radiation's still at 75 percent. Some bomb huh?" He paused for a short second before continuing. "Our drop of metal might at well be right in front of you. I can pretty much weld a pattern back into the ship."


Sheet kept his hands shoved into his coat pockets as he approached Division, not really minding anything around him as he did so; well, besides taking a few uninterested glances here and there.

"I figured you were gonna to be here again. What are you supposed to be doin', window shopping or somethin'?" He spoke with a lazy gesture of hand, straightening his hat slightly. "Anyways, we need to get lost before they start sending the bots. You know the drill." The bots were the station's police department's favorite operation toy. Humanoid drones built without a lick of self awareness and a duty to use artificial and mechanically enhanced speed, strength, and non-lethal but excruciating weaponry to make their captures. He and Sheet usually could handle them. But one, they had already had to many run ins with the damn things as of lately, and two, he didn't exactly feel up to dealing with them at all at the moment.
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hace más de un año BanetteGhosneir said…
a mm-hmmm came over the radio.
"Tell me where to drop 'em, then you can weld 'em."
she rotated her entire body around, facing back to the airlock they came out of.
"how's yer' welding skills?"


Division was listening, though it didn't look like it. whilst she was still intently staring at the wondrous machines, she pointed over to a small hologram she had with her. a map of the museum and everything within and affected by the Dark Zone...

there was a single thing still operational, a tiny blip... a small dot on the map still had power.
"As fun as it would be to run from some easily fixed bots... there is something in this museum that is outside of my reach... something outside of the grid, but still on it. whatever it is, this entire museum is a cheap toy store in comparison. and whatever it is, is sitting in the lobby."
Divisions voice had her greedy tone in it.

she took her fingers off the glass. with her curious smile and spark of the tinker she is in her eye.
"I'm going to the lobby. the Dark Zone will be active for a little while longer. they can only send the bots in once it's down. for now, I'm going to have a 'talk' with this device"

by 'talk' she meant her usual 'disassemble'
she turned towards the doors to the lobby.
hace más de un año BanetteGhosneir said…
hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
"Good enough to have gotten the job done and keeping this damn thing in tact for the passed five years." Eddie joked while he adjusted the welding torches on his hands. He backed up a little.

"Alright so the first one is goin' right abooout, there. Five feet behind ya."


"Knowing that telling you that we don't have time for that will be like talking to a brick wall, I'm just gonna tell you to make the convo short and keep open eyes at all times." Sheet opened a holographic screen in the palm of his hand, a map of some sorts. No..not a map, but something that looked more identical to blue prints.

But for what...?

"And lets hope that this device you seem to have a boner for is worth the time and breath spent on it." He says, closing the screen.
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hace más de un año BanetteGhosneir said…
5 feet... feet ot m...
1.5 meters.
Dytis turned around again, she tapped her foot once... then she moved over to where the human had given a distance, she carefully and quickly pulled a slab of metal out from the blocks, the blocks still neatly holding together, with the exception of a single slab missing. then she held it down over the designated spot.

"Here? once you've confirmed the spot, I'll hold it in place with my foot. that way you won't weld the damn thing to me. it's annoying to scrape metal off" not to mention it makes her head ring.


"I've a boner for many a' device, but I'll give it a looks in a bit."

Division turned around the corner of the archway, but before she even took a step out into the lobby, she recoiled back into the hallway, pulling Sheet as she seemingly... retreated?

"Nope.... nope nope nope nope nope nope. don't have the time nor equipment to deal with that, c'mon errand boy, we're gone!"

Division without hesitation began to sort of... fast walk for the backdoor exit.
hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
Eddie took in a deep breath as he gave the welding torch gloves enough time to prep. "Jeez, the way you're putting it is like I have no sort of experience with shit like this-- Oh, and a little more to your right hand side and that'll be dead center."


"Hey hey hey, what gives?! Not enough equipment to deal with what--and who you callin' a errand boy, toots," Sheet was able to match her pace after the first few seconds of being pulled along. He decided that questions would be better asked once they went ghost from the museum.

As they headed for the backdoor exit, he used his peripherals to the best of his advantage, scouting the area just enough to determine if there was hostility nearby. And as soon as they got out of the back exit, he gave her a glance. "The hell was that about?"
hace más de un año BanetteGhosneir said…
Dytis did exactly as instructed, shifting the metal to her right about 1cm.
"Sorry kid, I'm not used to working with ya'... I'm mostly assigned to the fellas nearing retirement, used to hearing voices with experience on this radio."


"On this station there are plenty of things for sale and trade. from slaves all the way to Doomsday machines, but tell me Sheet ol' friend. do you know what THEE most expensive item for sale on this station is?..."

Division pressed the orange circle outline on her watch, a map popped up... she bookmarked the museum...

"It's a single item... a 2 year old AI... it sells for the equivalent of several planets, possibly even an eighth of the Galaxy, and that AI is sitting right there, in the lobby of that Museum"

Division closed the map on her watch, then pressing the orange circle on the strap of her bag, her usual holographics came up.

"I'm going to the market... I need equipment... speaking of... what did'ja get? I hope it's good, my expectations now that I've seen that AI is severely high"
Division's glace was between her holograms, Sheet and where they were walking... you could tell from her voice she was thinking way to fast to possibly explain with words.
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hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
"Hey, I've got experience in my own right. I mean, come on, we're both adults here. And I mean, these "fellas" you're talkin' about can't have to much if they can't tell the difference between welding ship components and welding a foot. Operation commencing." Eddie placed his hands on the metal and stiffened his fingers slightly, the palms of the welding gauntlets illuminating before unleashing a concentrated cone of thermal plasma.


"Let me get this straight first. So what you're basically telling me is that aboard this ship, in a freakin museum of all places, there's a super AI with practically the value equivalent to that of planets. Omega A1." Sheet paused. "Yep, that's exactly what you're telln' me." He scratched his head.

"And the fact that you've taken an interest in it means that at some point you plan on getting the damn thing. Or at least attempting too, because there's no way in hell I'm letting myself be a part of trying to help you get something that's under probably the heaviest security out of everything in this sector combined. Especially since I know now that you haven't even thought this all the way out yet." He said, keeping his voice low as they walked.

"Switching over to what I got." He popped open a slot on his book bag and motioned her to follow while he looked for somewhere a bit more secluded. "May not be as good as you're hoping that this AI will be, but, happy birthday." He tossed her something that was encased securely within an orb shaped case of high caliber. Which meant that what was inside needed to be handled with extreme caution, which was further confirmed when the next thing he handed her was a glove made up of resistance fibers and a minor gravitation node for handling.
hace más de un año BanetteGhosneir said…
Dytis kept still.
"It's not the old folk that weld things to me, it's the newer fellas that do. the old folk are slower, they take their time and carefully do things. I'm more used to slow paced, but don't worry. I'll keep up."


"I have no such intention... yet... first, I need something to try and hide myself, Omega isn't an AI that can be hacked, remotely or in person. I'll make my own plans and deal with this, you don't need to be involved if you don't want to... but that AI does have something you might want... the reason that AI is so expensive, is because in that things head is an infinite amount of blueprints for an infinite amount of machines. I've only got, maybe 34% of machines used in our solar system memorized. that AI has 100% of every machine ever used in our galaxy, and it's constantly creating more blueprints for more machines... it might have a blueprint for any machine you could dream of. alien tech beyond our understanding..."

Division then turned off her holograms, catching the orb and gloves....
"you've either given me a mini-black hole... of which case, I could fucking kiss you... or you've given me a very tiny, very gravitationally strong ball... either way, I can make something truly amazing with this... thank you so FUCKING much"

as if the AI from before was just wiped out of her mind, her voice was clearly showing a mix between Joy, curiosity... and a little bit of greed, she put on the gloves, turning the ball over and over and over again in her hands, greedily and gleefully staring at it.

"Quick question... do you want a Gravity Gauntlet that can lift a building... or do you want an undetectable, untraceable, and slightly dangerous Teleporter?"
she looked up, staring Sheet in the eyes, on her face she had a very evil look... not like a supervillain, more of like someone who is about to do something they know with their entire being that they shouldn't be doing.
hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
"Oh, well then no need to rush. I'll just do what the older folk do--and...talk...slowly...to ya...whippersnapper..." Eddie joked, doing a impression of what he assumed to be an old man and taking over exaggerated wheezes between his last few words.

He carefully began to shift his hands as the metal began to meld into the ship and fill in a little of what was missing. Even with the precision he took, it was little to no time before he had reached the halfway mark.


Sheet raised an eyebrow as soon as he saw that look. He had grown to recognize it almost immediately over time, and whenever he saw it he automatically assumed that it was something more than just dangerous. "Nooooo, Di, no." He says. "We're already off schedule, and whatever you're planning to add to whatever isn't gonna help us out in the slightest." At least he didn't think so.

But then he paused for a moment. "Wait..you really expected me to get you a freagin black hole? A gravitational strong ball I could do, but a black hole? Then again...maybe next time." He looked at the orb that he had given her. "That thing is something that I think you can work with. Or more like what's inside of it. See, watch--" He retrieved the glove from her first, sliding it onto his hand before getting the link next. "So, remember a little while back when I "disappeared" for like a month? Well, this thing here is the answer to why. Ready to see what's inside the shell?"