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Wolfpaw6 posted on May 21, 2017 at 11:59AM
the germans have won WW2 hitler never comitted suicide and there is a resistance rising up it looks like WW3 is about start

Name:Jacob McCreed


german or resistance:resistance

weapon of choice: Johnson LMG and TT33

branch of military:ground forces


(no godmodding)
(no cussing)

have Fun
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hace 2 meses 666demon said…
Name Lutz Kreutzberg

age: 26

German or resistance: German

weapon of choice: Browning Hi-Power pistol, MG 81 machine gun

branch of military Junior Lieutenant, Army

gender: Male
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 Name Lutz Kreutzberg age: 26 German o resistance: German weapon of choice: Browning Hi-Pow
Wolfpaw6 commented…
branch of military as in luftwaffe,Army o Navy hace 2 meses
Wolfpaw6 commented…
okay let the other people know that it was made hace 2 meses
BanetteGhosneir commented…
Someone's watched 'Boy in striped pajamas' hace 2 meses
666demon commented…
I have and I loved this little evil bastard, and the ending made me cry hace 2 meses
hace 2 meses 666demon said…
Name Mikaela Dahlgren

age 17

German or resistance: Resistance

weapon of choice: small knife

branch of military: none

gender: Female
 Name Mikaela Dahlgren age 17 German o resistance: Resistance weapon of choice: small cuchillo
hace 1 mes 666demon said…
(Hey, why don't we start up and then people can join in?)
hace 21 días Phantelephant said…
Name: Viktor Vasiliev
Age: 23
Branch of Military: N/A
Gender: Male Identifying
Weapon of choice: His father's Beretta and a tactical knife he keeps hidden under his vests.

 Name: Viktor Vasiliev Age: 23 Resistance Branch of Military: N/A Gender: Male Identifying We
hace 17 días 666demon said…
Is this everybody that's joining? I wanna play so bad))
hace 17 días Phantelephant said…
((Me too :'( I was even thinking about making a futuristic sci fi dystopian with some not so subtle social commentary to make up for this))
hace 16 días 666demon said…
I was sugesting we play for a little bit and if more people want to join us they can, if not it'd just be us))
hace 16 días Phantelephant said…
(( Well seeing as the creator has seemingly abandoned this webite altogether... I'm ready if you are. How should we start?))
hace 6 días 666demon said…
(I think we should start with a super secret meeting between Viktor and Mikaela but it's interrupted by Lutz and a few others. But if you have an idea of what you want we can try to combine the two?)
hace 5 días Wolfpaw6 said…
Alright men we are about to stage the biggest counterattack in war history we are barraging the bay with explosives then send in the first wave of Juggernauts any questions?

hace 5 días 666demon said…
"Nej. Most of our men are nowhere near fully healed after the last failed attempt. However if we try to get most of our sick and injured o-" However, the Swedish teen was interrupted, being pulled away from the map and being told to be quiet, that war planning like this was no place for a girl. She fought against the hold, moving towards the map again and pointing to were they were."We have sick people right? We can send them into the city, " She used another finger to travel a few inches west while ducking down so they all could see. " We know they'll be manhandled and they'll spread the disease to the Gestapo." Again she was pulled back, some even threatening to slap her before they heard footsteps above them. "Light's out!" Oe of them called, signaling to hide everything and get to their hiding spots.

"Kreutzberg you schwachsinnig! There's nothing here!" That's what Lutz heard before he was sent sprawling to the ground, blood gushing from his nose. The General of that was assigned to his group gave him a kick to his ribs for an extra measure to not cry refugee every time he heard a noise. Then they left him, on the ground in pain and bloody. He could hear movement below him and about a few feet where he was laying, the floor had risen up and there was the most prettiest girl in all the world. But she wasn't right, she was wrong. Her eyes weren't the same shade of blue and neither was her hair the same shade of blonde everyone should have. She came up, but she held a little knife that he could have easily taken away from her in one swift movement. "Stay. Hands out. Wrist's together." She had forced herself to be clear even though her accent was wrong, but he did as she said. Lutz recognized her accent from up north across the Baltic Sea. "You're from Schweden? What are you doin all the way down in Fatherland?" But of course she did't understand him, she was too stupid, everyone who wasn't with Father was.
hace 4 días 666demon said…
(I'm sorry, I get into things I call 'head-spaces' and whenever I'm in one the words just fall right out. in no way am I pro nazi or anything like that)
hace 4 días Phantelephant said…
Viktor listened to the little girl's prattle, a cigarette smoldering between his lips. She was tough, useful, but ridiculously absurd. Her ideas were not much more than a childish fantasy. Hopeful but unachievable. Spreading disease to the Gestapo. With the unbridled progress of their medical research, thanks to the suffering of countless children, any such illness would be nothing more than common cold to the Krauts. But Viktor remained silent, he enjoyed this talk. He enjoyed watching her will her way into command, a mere girl fresh-faced, battered yet unbroken. Unbroken much unlike himself. But it wouldn't last. Her plan was disrupted by the sounds that rattled from above. He quickly snuffed his cigarette out in the crook of his arm, numb to the pain that seared across his skin.

The darkness was suffocating, but the silence he found comforting, if only for a moment. But even that wouldn't last as Mikaela broke the darkness when she ascended into the dull light above. He cursed at her. Her audacity would be the end of them all.

He gritted his teeth as he heard the muffled exchange from above. It was too late. She lead herself into the teeth of the beast and they were just sheep awaiting slaughter from above. He glanced around at the others. They were still, waiting and straining as much as him. He sighed and drew his Baretta.

"I would be careful not to speak so much lest our little friend cut your tongue out, Fritz" He had emerged behind her his face like stone aside from a small smirk.