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Hades_Shadow posted on May 07, 2017 at 03:46PM
"The secret is out. For decades, your organization stayed in the shadows, hiding the truth, but now we know-they're among us. Heroes... and monsters. The world is full of wonders... We can't explain everything we see. But our eyes are open. So what now? There are no more shadows for you to hide in. Something impossible just happened. What are you going to do about it?" - Skye

The Battle of New York, Sokovia, the Avengers Civil War, you name those events, and about anyone can retell the story with the heroism and the deeds of Earth's Mightiest Heroes. The fights that protected the world from devastation and decay seem now to be a regular thing in this world. The saddest part of all of these regular occurrences? They are only the tip of the iceberg.

If you are getting this message, it means you are a person of interest for S.H.I.E.L.D., an asset is the term we use. We know about you, but we don't know about you. I have been tasked with interviewing you, finding out your skills, abilities, and origins. If you are someone I can work with, you will be recruited to a new elite task force, one that will hold the line of defense while the Avengers work on their issues. So follow these coordinates to our meet up point, and we will take you into our base, on Coulson's orders of course. I will be waiting.

Agent Tristan Sabre - SHIELD Field Agent


This RolePlay is to create a world in the Marvel universe. A place where super heroes, villains, aliens, and gods can interact and fight for what they believe in. Please follow all of the rules in this RolePlay and we will have a good time creating our stories of this universe.



1. Please do not RolePlay an Existing Character, you may interact with them, talk with them, but they may want to be used by others as well. and don't kill them off either, let the MCU do that!

2. Do NOT include plot line or character spoilers to Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 or Season 4 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Many people have yet to see either and would like to keep that information a surprise for when they can watch it.

3. No God-Modding, as these movies, tv shows, and comics has proven, even Invincible soldiers can be taken out of the picture, allow your character to be human (or alien) by letting them experience pain sometimes.

4. Don't Kill other people's characters (designed or NPC) unless they have given you permission. Your Characters and NPCs can be dealt with as you like.

5. Dont curse excessively, if at all. We want to keep this open for all ages.

6. You must fill out the Character Rubric before Playing.

7. Have Fun!



Nickname: (or organization name)
Organization: (Shield, Hydra, Civilian, Novacorp etc.)
Race: (Human, Asgardian, Kree, etc.)
Powers: (if any)
Other Gear:
Short Bio:




Tristan Sabre [Hades_Shadow]
Peleke Koamalu [Hades_Shadow]



Jolene "Joey" Carter [666demon]


Drackmeer [Mr_ravenclaw] (currently self aligned)


Zolant Vertruz [Hades_Shadow]
 "The secret is out. For decades, your organization stayed in the shadows, hiding the truth, but now w
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hace más de un año Hades_Shadow said…
Name: Tristan Sabre
Nickname: Agent Sabre
Organization: S.H.I.E.L.D. Field Officer
Race: Human
Appearance: Blonde hair, blue eyes, fair skin, 5' 10"
Clothing: Operations - Black leather Jacket and Pants, Gloves and Mouth Mask. Combat Steeltoe boots, all are interlaced with the Material from the Daredevil series
Formal - 3 Piece Black suit, black tie, interlaced with the material from the Daredevil series
Casual - Leather vest, Blue button up shirt, slacks, Dress shoes
Powers: Minor enhanced strength, Minor age deceleration.
Weapons: I.C.E.R Pistol, Asgardian Short Sword.
Vehicle: Orange 1962 Thunderbird (Improved)
Other Gear: Com Communicator, xray/infared/heat vision Oakley radarlock path Sunglasses
Likes: Hand to Hand Combat, Sushi, Secrets, and Adrenaline
Dislikes: Hydra, Hospitals, Desk work.
Short Bio: Having been injected with a experimental super soldier serum, his strength is abnormal, and he ages at a slower rate, but not to the extremes of Captain America or Centipede units. His father was a field agent, Mother an administator, He has been born, raised and Taught under the Shield way of life. He loves getting his hands dirty as much as he likes to accomplish a mission.
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 Name: Tristan Sabre Nickname: Agent Sabre Organization: S.H.I.E.L.D. Field Officer Race: Human
hace más de un año Hades_Shadow said…
Name: Peleke Koamalu
Nickname: Igneous
Organization: Shield Agent
Race: Inhuman
Appearance: Black hair, Tan skin, Dark brown eyes
Clothing: Red hoodie, brown over vest, jeans, brown leather boots
Powers: Magmatic Sangration, his blood was turned to molten lava in his veins during his Terrigenesis. He can use the magma as a projectile or as a propellant to fly, but if he loses too much blood he will faint or die.
Weapons: none currently
Vehicle: Harley Davidson Iron 883
Other Gear: none currently
Likes: daredevil antics, parkour, MMA
Dislikes: the Unknown, Hydra, Secrets
Short Bio: after graduating college, he went to the Mainland to get a career as a stunt man. Was found by Hydra and forced to go through Terrigenesis using pure Kree crystals. After being on the run, Sabre and other SHIELD agents came in contact with him, and has been training him on how to use his powers.
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hace más de un año 666demon said…
Name: Joey Connors, real name Jolene Carter
Nickname: Joe
Organization: Alliance for Young Artists & Writers
Race: Human
Appearance: pale, dyed pink hair, one blue and one green eye, 5'3 1/2
Clothing: Casual- Black baggy dream catcher tank top, ankle length cardigan, jean shorts with knee hich converse
Formal- White dress shirt, black slacks, black tie, black formal shoes
Powers: "The power of creativity and a jack ton of Redbull and coffee." -Joey Conners
Weapon: Pepper spray
Vehicle: 1950 Columbia bicycle
Other Gear: Mead Five Star 1 Subject College Ruled Notebook, Uni-Ball Signo 207 pen, dell inspiron 15 5000 and a book bag to carry it all in
Likes: Freedom, world peace, writing, the unknown, writing
Dislikes: secrets, anybody with a God-Complex, any authoritarian figure
Short Bio: After graduating collage with a writing degree she moved to a one bedroom apartment in New York to start completely over. So she changed her name, dyed and cut her hair.
 Name: Joey Connors, real name Jolene Carter Nickname: Joe Organization: Alliance for Young Artists
Hades_Shadow commented…
I'm pretty sure tu could just mark her as a civilian hace más de un año
666demon commented…
NEVER!!!! hace más de un año
Hades_Shadow commented…
Hahaha! I'll put her in that category FOR NOW, but most Civilians don't stay civilians for long. hace más de un año
Hades_Shadow commented…
Especially with the last name of Carter! hace más de un año
hace más de un año Hades_Shadow said…
Name: Zolant Vertruz
Nickname: Zeroes
Organization: Ravagers
Race: Ataraxian
Appearance: The Ataraxians are a robotic Life-form who possesses all of the various superhuman attributes. Chrome body, eyes and other exposed glass modules glow a light teal. About 6' 3".
Clothing: Black Trenchcoat with Ravager emblems on the shoulders and chest. Monochromatic clothing changes under it day to day.
Powers: Miniature Star - Each member is powered by a miniature star that is carried in their chest. Thanks to their cosmic power sources, they could generate super-heated plasma from their chest and control it, using it in offensive and defensive ways. Examples are Plasma Blasts, Force Fields, Technopathy, and Flight.
Superhuman Strength: As a robotic life form he is superhumanly strong and possesses vigor beyond the human limit
Superhuman Speed: As a robotic life form he can run and move at speeds that are beyond the physical limits of the finest human athlete.
Superhuman Durability: As a robotic Life-form construction makes her very durable.
Superhuman Stamina: As robotic life form he can exert itself well beyond the human limit.
Superhuman Agility: As a robotic life form his agility, balance, and bodily coordination are enhanced to levels that are beyond the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete.
Healing Factor: Zolant has the ability to heal at an accelerated rate from most wounds. The worse the wound, the longer it takes to heal.
Weapons: Necrosis Blaster - Death and Decay of living cells. 250 blasts per cartridge.
Armor Piercing Beam - heavy armor can be cut through with time from this beam, light metals can cut rapidly. 120 seconds per battery.
Vehicle: Icositan - Giant Hangar Ship and Cargo carrier. Stolen by Stakar Ogord when the Ravagers were expanding. Given to Zolant when he became the 100th Ravager Clan Leader
Mamba - Zolant's personal M ship. One of the three M Ships that Zolant stole after purchasing five from the dealer.
Other Gear: Dendrotoxin Aerosol Grenade - Hydra Made, Ravager Lifted.
E.D.D. - Electronic Decay Device, erodes away all wires and motherboards connected to the E.D.D. Target.
Likes: Theft, Original Items, Unique personalities, "Good Form"
Dislikes: robotic people (boring), liars, and being planet bound.
Short Bio: Zolant was hired by the Novacorp to be a pilot of cargo goods. Once his homeworld was conquered he lost most of his motivation, and that is when Skatar Ogord enlisted him to the Ravagers. After 4 years of service on Skatar's ship, they conquered the 'Icositan' and Zolant was given command of the new 100th Ravager clan, earning him the nickname of Zeroes. He has run this clan for 5 years now, fighting for his own in the galaxy, he has a crew of 24 Ravagers, and they are looking to recruit more.
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hace más de un año Wolfpaw6 said…
(I will join in a bit)
hace más de un año 666demon said…
hace más de un año Hades_Shadow said…
(( Ok, Wolfpaw6 is not Joining, we can get started if you would like, and then others can jump in when they want ))
hace más de un año 666demon said…

Joey clutched her book bag closer to her by the straps, staring up at the building that her grandmother started her organization. Jolene Carter couldn't hide behind Joey Connors anymore. She started to walk up to the doors but hesitated. God she hated this feeling. She stood there for several minutes trying to summon the courage. "Joey don't fail me now sweetheart." Opening the door she looked around, showing the security guard what was in her bag before going up to the receptionist.

"Hi, I'm Jolene Carter. My grandmother was Peggy Carter and I'm just trying to learn more about her. Is there any people that I could talk to or documents of hers that I can read to know more about her, Maybe?" She asked as politely as she could. The woman with thick box braids glanced at her, fingers never stuttering. "Yeah, and my grandmother was the queen of Africa."
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hace más de un año Hades_Shadow said…
Tristan was coming into the SHIELD building to start his day, a long week of hunting Inhumans and bringing them in for evaluation had been wearing on him. However being in the lead of the I.N.T.E.N.T unit (Inhuman Nexus Tracking & Enlightenment Network Tactics) had meant a lot of hard nights. The director personally sent him home for a night of recovery, and now he re entered the building to continue his searches.

He almost walked past the reception desk when he heard someone comment on Peggy Carter. He nearly stopped dead in his tracks before looking to see the situation, then nonchalantly walks over and offers his hand to Joey, "You can step down Princess Veronica, Jolene Carter, right? She is my morning appointment. If you will excuse us." He says ushering her past the front desk.
hace más de un año Hades_Shadow said…
"Are you sure this will work?" Peleke asked, genuinely concerned for what was about to happen. A lot of physical experiments had been tested on him to make his condition bearable, and now he was comfortable they hired someone to help him on the last couple of steps of using his powers. "Trust me kid, this will be the best thing for you to maximize your abilities, and I'm sort of a leading expert on this." Said Tony Stark in response, showing Peleke a couple of metal items in a briefcase. "Granted I've never worked with a Magmatic bloodstream in the past, but I know a thing or two about robotic exoskeletons."

Peleke gulped before putting on the bracelets and anklets, they then graft onto him and fold out to make a set of gauntlets and boots. Stark continued to explain, "You can always reclaim them, they will operate off of the thermal energy captured by the vibranium coating on your veins. The gauntlets will increase the magma you shoot out, and not tap into as much blood, while the boots will use the thermal energy to make flight without using your lava, making it safer for everyone."

Finally he puts on a metal backpack device, it stabs into his back and connects to his veins as well. "That will hold excess molten lava, so you can battle for longer. Now if you need me, just talk to Sabre and I'll make an appointment." He said to Peleke as he started walking out, "Tony .., I'm sorry you couldn't work things out with Capt. Thanks for this" he said, Tony left the lab he was in, and Peleke started heading back to the INTENT offices.
hace más de un año 666demon said…
Joey smiled and shook his hand politely and walked with him, her hand tightening around the strap of her book bag. "Yeah, I'm her alright." She let out a quiet laugh and followed him till the lady was out of sight. She grinned a little, looking all around her at the building, getting a feeling of when Peggy was alive and slaying like the boss she was. "If only buildings could talk, I bet they have amazing stories." Joey shook her had a little bit, turning the corner when Tristan did, perfectly in sync with him.
hace más de un año Hades_Shadow said…
Tristan sighed as Joey talked, "if only you knew how true that would be. So not to alarm you or anything, we have been expecting you for some time, I'm surprised I havent seen you come in earlier." He said, using his badge to open a security door leading to the INTENT offices and rooms, " why the sudden peak of interest in your grandmother?"

The Icositan followed the orbit of Mars as it neared Terra, the human planet. Zolant sat in his captains chair, watching from above. This planet was not used to extraterrestrial visitation, but it still was a great place to find rare artifacts worth your weight in intergalactic credit at Knowhere. Usually he would steal from the societies that still were considered indigenous or third world, as to avoid documentation by the worlds governments and agencies, but this trip may be different for the fact that SHIELD held some things that The Black cloaked Ravager Gang was paid to pick up, something powerful enough to set most on edge.
hace más de un año Hades_Shadow said…
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hace más de un año Rogue475 said…
(Yo! I'm joining this!)
hace más de un año Rogue475 said…
(It's happening Hades!)
hace más de un año Rogue475 said…
(So deal with it! You writing buddy you!)
hace más de un año Rogue475 said…
Name: Quinn Felton

Organization: Shield

Race: Human

-Dark Eyes
-Black Hair
-Light Build
-Appears to be in his early twenties

-Shield dress code; Black Tie Suit
-Trusty cap
-Reading glasses


-Gov't Issued Glock 19 (Remains in his locker, unloaded :-/ )


Other Gear:
-High Performance Laptop
-Smart Phone

-Anything software
-Everything hardware
-Enjoys old-timey films with popcorn and the likes.

-Anything to do with killing
-Plane rides
-Afraid of heights
-Has a grudge against the bully complex.

Short Bio:
To whom this may concern;
Mister Quinn Felton is only twenty three years old and is already further along in the academy than any in the rest of his class. Shield's Engineer Division specializes in choosing only the brightest minds, and Mister Felton is no exception. His first year in the academy, Quinn tested out of his advanced computer science class successfully, a feat only a handful of students have accomplished since the class's formation. This being said, Felton is inexperienced when it comes to combat. He has shown a complete understanding of firearms and their use, yet has refused to further his training, stating "They make me feel uncomfortable." Time will tell if this "feeling" changes, but at this point the board feels that Mister Quinn Felton is ready for Active Duty within SHIELD.
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 Name: Quinn Felton Organization: Shield Race: Human Appearance: -Dark Eyes -Black Hair -
hace más de un año Hades_Shadow said…
(( perfect! You can have him start interacting with peleke if you would like ))
hace más de un año Rogue475 said…

His hero had left the room, without a signature... "That was Tony Stark." He whispered in disbelief, before noticing Peleke was already moving off as well. "Hey, wait up, I wanted to run some diagnostics on the suit." Quinn told the agent, struggling to keep up with the speedy man. One hand held the laptop and the other was typing away, trying to connect to the mainframe stark had designed for the suit.

"Geronimo..." Agent Quinn uttered as the laptop's screen lit up with the holographic blueprint of the suit. "... The Exo-Suit is supposedly self sustained, that's not to say you shouldn't keep it maintained."
hace más de un año Hades_Shadow said…
"Saw you were tongue tied back there Q" he said as the engineer examined his new tech. Quinn had been sort of Peleke's first genuine friend after his transformation. Sabre was kind and rapidly became his friend, but just being a boss put a weird barrier up at first. Felton felt like a brother, Quinn listened to him, his struggles his problems, he even suggested that Stark visit to help Peleke with his powers. It was mainly for kicks and giggles, Neither of the boys ever thought he actually would.

He held out a piece of golden metal alloy that tony had signed using a welding gun. "Now don't say I've never done anything for you. I cannot tell you how grateful I am that SHIELD has stopped my suffering, all I want to do now is pay that forward."
hace más de un año Rogue475 said…
The young man stared at the thin sheet of golden metal, the signature glinting off the light of the bright lights above him. "... Mate, you know know that whole bit where I'd say I'll treasure this always? Let's just heroically nod in respect, like the partners in those detective movies." He grinned with such a nod, glancing up from his handful.

"you've noticed everyone acting all tense today right? The whole bravado act people pull, where the job is more important than being a human being? Well, I've got a hunch... Something big is about to go down." Quinn told the man who towered beside him, following only a few steps behind.
hace más de un año 666demon said…
(My laptop is bugging out and Ive been trying to fix it myself because I don't want people touching my sketchy shit)

"Well that's not creepy." Joey shrugged and laughed a little bit, looking around at nothing and everything at once. She was suprised by the question and she really had to think about it. She's never seen her except for in pictures or when her cousin Sharon had come over and bragged about knowing her. "My parents didn't want me around her, for my own good they said. I guess they didn't want me to see her decline as bad as she did. I feel bad that I never got to even say goodbye."
hace más de un año Hades_Shadow said…
Peleke shrugged a bit, "it all started a few days ago, something to do with a folder with a different logo on it was on Agent Sabre's desk. I think this armor has a lot to do with it. There is no way they would get Stark to work on this tech so quickly unless they thought we needed it." He sighed, "basically, it's battle stations time."

Agent Sabre listened to Joey's response, listening to hear what she was saying. "Well, she was a hero, I can tell you that. What I can say that isn't classified is she was the prime example of a super spy. She was smart, clever, and dedicated to the cause. Her decline of health was a blow to everyone in this organization." He stated as a new message toned and popped up on his computer again, it was from an agency similar to SHIELD, but on a more ... Interstellar level. This one was marked urgent. "You don't mind if I look this over, do you?"

A Ravager walked up to Zolant, his alien tentacles braided on the back of his head. The Ravager proceeded with his report, "Captain Vertruz, we are nearing earth, the organization SWORD has already pinged the location of the ship, what is our course of action?" Zolant responded without missing a beat, "it is perfect, just the distraction we need to succeed in this task. Stay the course and we will have our prize in no time boys." He knew the others on the deck could hear him and responded jovially when he finished speaking. This was to be a fight to remember.
hace más de un año Hades_Shadow said…
(( Sorry it took me forever to respond, I was out on a business trip ))
hace más de un año Mr_ravenclaw said…
Name: Drackmeer
Nickname: phantom
Organization: 4 Hire
Race: Asgardian
Appearance: tall thin and pale black hair
Clothing: black cloak
Powers: mental persuasion, teleportation, hyper healing, and molecular manipulation
Weapons: N/A
Other Gear: White Chess queen
Likes: Earth beaches, sunshine, and creepy abandoned locals crude jokes
Dislikes: telepaths, dark matter and migraines
Short Bio: He never was able to use weapons well, so developed natural abilities instead
hace más de un año Hades_Shadow said…
((Drackmeer is accepted, jump right in when you are ready!))