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heart-of_love posted on Mar 29, 2017 at 07:55AM
2078...a world of flying cars, hoverboards and space stations. But now people are being restrained, they are afreid of doing what they want..and why? because of something called 'The Count Down'.

At the age of 16 each and every child around the world have a timer just under their skin start up, counting down the days until they find their one and only....Their Soul Mate.

Some believe that destiny has done this for a reason and accept it, while other's fight it, refusing to be paired up with a random person.

will you accept your fate? or try to change it?

Other Names: (nickname?)
Birth Date:
Time: (only if they havent found their soulmate)
Significant Other: (soulmate?)
Favorite song:
Favorite saying:

 2078...a world of flying cars, hoverboards and el espacio stations. But now people are being restrained, t
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hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
Name: Celestia Rose

Other Names: Cele

Gender: female

Birth Date: 5/17

age: 17

Appearance: picture

Time: 4 days 23 hours 12 minutes and 16 seconds.

Significant Other: N/A (chosen later)

Favorite song: your gonna go far kid by the offspring

Favorite saying: "You cannot alter your fate.- However, you can rise to meet it if you choose."

Hobbies: Riding her hoverboard, reading, playing games.

Bio: (write it later)

Other: loves cats, and water.
 Name: Celestia Rose Other Names: Cele Gender: female Birth Date: 5/17 age: 17 Appea
-Universe_COLA- commented…
You, my good lady, have taste in good música X3 hace más de un año
hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
(I'll probably join, especially with how dull things have been as of lately :D))
hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
((your welcome to join Universe, the stuff i post rarely gets attention, so your very much welcome to join.))
hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
((Thanks for the welcome. Also, I feel your pain xD I made a few forums that got no attention at all.))

Name: Abel Stor Rei

Other Names: Abe, Story

Gender: Male

Birth Date: 2/20

Age: 18

Appearance: Picture

Time: [9] days, [8] hours, [7] minutes, [6] second

Significant Other: N/A

Favorite song: Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day OR Free Bird by Andrew Jackson Jihad

Favorite saying: "To be brave is to overcome fear. There cannot be a "brave" individual without a coward." OR "Life is bisexual, for it goes hand and hand with Fate."

Hobbies: Reading, putting things in perspective through the means of storytelling, sketching rather than drawing

Bio: (I'll come up with somethin' along the way :P)

Other: Abel has a lute that he usually plays when no one else is around, his favorite meat dish is fish, his go to snack food is marshmallows, loves plants. A rather active book reader.
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 ((Thanks for the welcome. Also, I feel your pain xD I made a few foros that got no attention at all.
hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
( No problem, and you made an artistic type character, cute...but poor guy 9 days XD))
hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
((Hah XD My first decision was to go with a year))
hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
((oh dang, lol that would take too long, although...this is a romance Rp, so unless we have more people join it's just me and you))
hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
((Alrighty then, so the wait for other people begins...))
hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
((thus begins the rp that will never get anywhere and be dead forever...the end XD))
hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
((Lol, don't jinx it XD))
hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
((it's not a jinx, i know for a fact))
hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
((It's only a fact if you want it to be.))
hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
(not really)
hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
(1 day without a post, seems like i was right XD)
hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
((Do we reeaaally need other people then? xD))
hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
(( not really, sometimes the RP needs to get started before people join XD))
hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
(( Then start us off then madam XP ))
hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
(if i must)
water bottle-snacks-purse... Celestia snatched up her hoverboard and raced out the front door, the timer on her wrist a constant reminder that she didnt have much freedom left. Pretty soon she wouldnt be a Single Pringle.
it happened to everyone, at birth a timer would be implanted into their skin, then once they turned 16, the timer would start to count down, count down till they day they met their 'soul mate'.
Celestia wasnt too happy about it, but as her mother says 'what's ment to be always finds a way'.
hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
Fate...inevitable...unavoidable. A line of development that begins at birth and draws itself into a picture that is able to be seen as beautiful or hideous. A picture called Life. Lines drawn and entwined, brought together by a supernatural power beyond the control of those that it may guide.

Abel's hand placed itself onto his opposite wrist in which a pen was held within the grasp of the hand, his fingers coiled loosely around it. His soft green eyes wandered over the neatly constructed sentences of cursive ink that riddled the first few lines of the sandy tan page. A small frown pressed at his lips, and he began to write again.

This is not fate, for it is merely a clock created by the hands and minds of mankind. However, one possibility set in stone may only cause a single ripple within an ocean of alternatives. Destiny does not create our choices, rather our choices create our destiny.

And with that, a book mark that was in the shape of a bird was placed in between the pages before the solid black leather notebook that they belonged to was closed with a gentle clap. Abel stood from seating at the bench that sat in front of one of the few remaining book stores and slipped his notebook into his small unbuttoned bag along with the pen before placing the one strap that it had around his shoulders.
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hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
((wow..that was deep))
"Hey! Cele!"
Celestia turned and looked at the person who called her name. She had barely made it halfway down the sidewalk, car's flying over her head, when Gene, A friend of her, called out. He was with his Soulmate, Jen.
Celestia gave a small wave, before turning on her board and dropping it, letting it calibrate and hover over the old cracked cement.

This world...the world in 2078, was split into two factions, the old and the new. The new world with all it's tech was above, flying cars,fake grass, marble sidewalks, metal buildings and such. while the old, was real grass, wood buildings and cracked cement. it was...unusual to see Jen on the ground.
you could tell she was uncomfortable, cringing, brushing off non existing dirt.
Jen and Gene were complete opposites..Gene enjoyed dirt..Jen hated it..

Celestia hoped her soul mate was compatible with her.
hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
((You think so? Wait till you find out the meaning behind some of the things centered around him.))

Abel gazed up at the site of the flying vehicles above him, his eyes shifting as he watched them travel back and forth, a few rushing towards their destinations in a gliding rush. He, however, didn't take much interest in the evolved technology that the world of 2078 presented. After a full minute of staring blankly, he turned and looked at the bookstore that he had been sitting in front of, the bottom of the black sneakers that he wore scraping against the ground ever so gently. He looked through and passed window that was partially stained with a few grains of dust and at the many bookshelves that rested within it. This particular bookstore had closed down a week or so ago, but even with that being so, it could be noticed if one looked long enough that the wood that gave structure to it was aged. A few nails were bent from it here and there, but that was nothing that a bit of work and effort wouldn't fix.

However, he knew that something so simple would never occur. Simply because it was a portion of the old. But that's what he found the most beautiful about it. It aged. It was taking a natural order for itself. It had been a place that contained and offered books of all sorts, ones that satisfied his curiosity and imagination with words and adventures that forever rested beneath a cover. Personally, he found more excitement within books than the portable technology and data counterparts.
The grass that rested just off the cracked and chipped concrete sidewalks was something that he was proud of, because unlike the things above, they were real. They held an importance that couldn't be explained with just words alone. The old of the world was what he appreciated the most, because without it, the "new" wouldn't exist.

Releasing a sigh, he turned and crossed the street so the small pathway that lead him to the opposite side of the narrow street so that he could enter the wider ones, stepping passed a few others on the sidewalk. A nice walk was something that he took often, a big part of it being to search where the sun's light would shine the most. The cars and buildings above head often blocked that light, and he found it somewhat annoying. He enjoyed both the sunlight and moonlight because they both were something else that he rendered important enough to be cherished. Because just as the above world had done with the grass, there was no telling if the sun's natural light would just become something else made into a fake replica of what it used to be.
In only three minutes more of walking, he came to a street corner where he had been forced to come to a stop due to a traffic light becoming red. He didn't mind waiting much, he was indeed a patient individual when he needed to be. He took a small glance to his right and caught the sight of a trio in which one of the individuals were on a hoverboard. He didn't pay much attention to them though, and instead continued to wait.
hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
(what are we gonna do if no one joins?)

"Look Gene...can you hurry it up? i don't wanna be mean but i have to get to work.." Celestia remarked calmly, pulling her pink hair into a ponytail to keep it from falling into her face.
"Right right, Sorry Cele, I just was wondering how much time you had left on your timer.."
Celestia sighed, Gene had recently been obsessed with 'double dates' she saw no point in it, they would mostly be focased on their soul mate and not their friends they were with. Celestia just saw it as a waste of time.
Sh had bills to pay and school to attend, plans to make, as well as the fact of wondering what her soulmate was like. she glanced down at her wrist, before pulling her sleeve over the glowing numbers. "a while.." she replied

Jen scoffed and Celestia sent her a glare before putting her foot on the hoverboard "i gotta get to work."

"have fun being around stinky old books!" Jen called as Celesta pushed off, leaving them.

Books were going out of style, everyone was using their phones and other devices to read, Celestia on the other hand enjoyed the feeling of paper on her hands and the smell of the pages in her nose and being around them for 6 hours a day was a bonus, being one of the few people to help run the Floor Library was a good thing.

There were two types of library's. the Floor and the Sky. the sky was just a room where someone could sit to read on their phone, while the floor was an actually library, with shelves and shelves of books, novels, history books and other things. Because a lot of the population was into the new tech, few people entered the Floor Library, giving it a very peaceful and quiet vibe.

Celestia couldnt wait to get their.

hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
((Then we make it as interesting as possible and continue xD It doesn't take many to create what two minds could imagine.))

Abel was sure that he didn't have any work to do for the day, mostly due to the fact that he was a timely person that did all he had to do before hand. And considering that his job as a partime artist and graphics designer didn't require much of him in his opinion, he usually found himself with more than two hand fulls of free time after finishing what should have been a week or two's worth of work and development. In all honesty however, he found himself wanting to search for a more creative outlet for the literature portion of his interests, and it was days like such that urged him to write the most. Especially since most of the people that he would usually spend spare time with were busy either in the upper portion of the world or working somewhere below. He didn't mind the extra space though, most of them were stuck with their faces in some form of electronic device half of the time. He never understood why some of them would rather text than to have an actual conversation using their voice. After all, it was more relieving to hear a person speak than to have some form of machine, some lifeless portion of technology delay messages that would be better off heard.

As he crossed the street, he decided on paying a visit to a alternative library that he had been visiting a little more recently. Somewhere calming and quiet. Peaceful. A place where he could both read and write in a light silence that allowed him to maintain a clear mind.
hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
( which mean it might end up being a Celestia x Abel pairing.)
Making it to the floor library in record time, Celestia entered a side door that was marked 'Employees only'. Where she sat down her purse and turned off her hoverboard.
"celestia, your here early."
the pink haired girl glanced up and noticed the head librarian, Mrs. Luck. Who was here so often it was like she lived here, by the coffee maker.
"yea..i had some free time." Celestia replied, making her way to the door that opened out into the main library, where she unlocked the doors and let the few people that were waiting outside into the library.
hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
(( Which wouldn't be too far off considering that Abel doesn't exactly believe in the whole clock fate scenario. ))

Abel took his time to get to where he wanted to be, finding it rather unnecessary to put in effort where it wasn't exactly needed. Instead, he wanted to enjoy his walk, his silky bush of soft brown catching gleams of sunlight while he made his way down the sidewalk. Besides, if he was to hurry along, there would be a chance that the library would still be closed, which meant that he would have to wait. He had figured out the schedule for certain days, so he was sure that taking his time was the better option. He wasn't as far away from the Floor Library as he would have been if he had been coming from home, so it only took him about 9 minutes and a few extra seconds to arrive there. There were a few more people that got to the door before he did and let themselves in, but he waited for a moment before following along into the haven of books and pages.
hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
(right, makes sense)

Celestia wandered the isles, placing books on the shelves and picking up books.
People spoke in soft tones around her, asking her questions about which books would be best to read.
When Celestia returned to the counter where books were checked out. Mrs.Luck handed Celestia a cup of warm chocolate. Instead of drinking it, Celestia left it on the counter, away from any books it could stain if tipped over. Thus began her day.
hace más de un año Shuikaku said…
Name: ???
Other Names: Enforcer
Gender: M
Birth Date: ???
age: 27
Appearance: Pic
Time: 12 days 3 hours 20.98 seconds and counting
Significant Other: ???
Favorite song: ???
Favorite saying: ???
Hobbies: Hunting and drinking with others, Guns
Bio: (will think of one)
Other: he is hard to get close to but is extremely kind when befriended, he is a commander of a small police unit that roams around the city to prevent wrong doings, he always carry a gun of any kind (only one though which makes some his subordinates worry for him sometimes), his right eye is shot once, and he wears his own unique police force armor at work, when he is drunk is a different story
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 Name: ??? Other Names: Enforcer Gender: M Birth Date: ??? age: 27 Appearance: Pic Time: 12 día
hace más de un año Shuikaku said…
("unmasked" Enforcer)
 ("unmasked" Enforcer)
hace más de un año Shuikaku said…
((i need to join more rp :L))
hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
((Heyy Shuikaku! now that leaves us with 1 girl 2 boys and no pairs XD))
hace más de un año Shuikaku said…
((that's fine, i plan for him to reject the count down anyway))
hace más de un año Shuikaku said…
CLANG A small clash of metal can be heard as Enforcer fights with a small gang, apparently they are causing trouble for the neighborhood and most of his subordinates are off work, "for reasons" they tell him, with a small sigh and a quick punch the gang fall one by one, after that "a drink will be nice" he said inside his rigid armor while taking a small breath, Not even a sweat he thought and walked away after putting a beacon for the gang members to be picked up by an ambulance, looking at his armored wrist "12 Days 2 Hours" it said as he went inside his hover car and drove straight to the station.
hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
Abel, unlike most of the people going to the counter to ask for books that some would recommend, already seemed to know exactly what he was there to look for. Lately, he had been reading a lot of the work by the author Patrick Rothfuss, one of his favorite books by him being one called "The Name of the Wind", another being "The Wise Man's Fear". So far, he had been collecting the books for the shelves that he was set on filling. The collection of books he owned currently were ones written by H.P. Lovecraft and Stephen King, a few by Richard Math, and handful by Edgar Allen Poe, every book written by J.K. Rowling, and numerous others. Now he was on the search for something new, a thriller perhaps. Or an adventure across unknown lands to slay dragons, or maybe he would look into some of the work from newer authors. As he thought about it, he started with taking numerous chapter books from some of the shelves and going to a secluded table where he could place the stack in front of him, unconsciously hiding himself from sight. He took one of the books off of the top of the stack and his eyes read over the words of the cover. His fingers ran across it before he opened it, scanning the first few pages before estimating the number of chapters. And just like that, he indulged himself into the first chapter, reading every word from page to page.
hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
Finally having time to herself, Celestia pulled a book out of a drawer in the counter, she settled into a chair and pulled out her bookmark. Having recently becoming obsessed with the paranormal, she started reading the book Paranormalcy by Kiersten White.
A perfect mix of paranormal and romance.
hace más de un año SkittleJerky14 said…
(I'll join! I need to start joining other people's RPs anyway. I literally spend all my time on C&R.)

Name: Geo Hashmere
Other Names: Hash
Gender: Female
Birth Date: 12/15
age: 17
Appearance: Pic
Time: 18 Days 16 Hours 3 Minutes 24 Seconds and Counting.
Significant Other: Lol no. N/A
Favorite song: Clay by GraceVanderwaal
Favorite saying: "If life were a rock, I'd be the water slowing beating the crap out of it."
Hobbies: Reading, Writing, and Painting
Bio: Geo prefers her nickname Hash because...reasons. But even so, she makes sure that she always introduces herself with her real name. She's very shy and tends to hide from strangers. Her parents live in the "new" part of town, but Geo likes the old because it reminds her of her grandma, who hated all the technology. She decided to come live with her aunt, Susan, in her little apartment in the old when she turned 16 and got her Timer.
Other: Susan gave Geo her nickname, saying that Geo was a name that was sure to get made fun of.
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 (I'll join! I need to start joining other people's RPs anyway. I literally spend all my time on C&R.)
hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
(We should decided on pairs. And Welcome SkittleJerky)
hace más de un año SkittleJerky14 said…
(I kinda agree. But I kinda don't at the same time.)
hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
(why not skittles? )
hace más de un año SkittleJerky14 said…
(Well, I kinda want to just see where it goes, but also agree that maybe some people could coordinate if they want to.)
hace más de un año Sasha_Andreevna said…
Name: Jupiter Lieven
Other Names:
Gender: Female
Birth Date: 5/8
Age: 16 years old
Appearance: Picture below
Time: 14 days 7 hours 6 minutes 54 and counting
Significant Other: N/A
Favorite song: Death of a Bachelor by Panic! at the Disco
Favorite saying: "Happiness is an attitude. We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong. The amount of work is the same."
Hobbies: Listening to music, running, and antigravity play(I'm guessing this is a thing with there being space stations and things like hover boards. I hope this doesn't go against anything.)
Bio: Jupiter is an only child, with no mother. Her mother died while giving birth to her. Her father is distant with her, but it doesn't bother Jupiter too much, preferring to be alone and ignored than have attention. Pushing her father away until he gave up.
She can't stand, or understand, families which are close and relationships. Because of this, she despises the idea of soul mates and true love. Since the day she has gotten her timer, not an hour has gone by without her trying or thinking of a way to break it. Even if she knows it's hopeless, she hasn't even cracked or scratched it, and it may hurt, her determination does not fade. She lives in the "new" part of the town, but unlike others, doesn't have a preference for either side.

Jupiter is very head strong, being stubborn and passionate about her decisions and beliefs. She is quiet and doesn't like to actively seek out people, not being able to stand opinions too opposite of hers. Often blunt, she doesn't lie, and tends to be violent when she getsing upset. Jupiter calculates her action, making sure to have an upper hand in any situation which she encounters and stand strong.
Tending to be cold towards many, she opens up if she can stand you after some time. While not always being the best company for emotional trouble, Jupiter does help people with practical problems and gives many suggestions for solutions. But it's often ignored, leaving her raging inside.
She is a hard worker and enjoys doing projects, even more when they are difficult. The only thing she can't stand is when working in groups, often taking total control and separating herself from her partners.
Other: Jupiter was named after her mother's favorite planet.

(Sorry for making it so long >.< I'm still new in role-play, so sorry for any mistakes I make along the way. I hope to be good company for this role-play.)
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 Name: Jupiter Lieven Other Names: Gender: Female Birth Date: 5/8 Age: 16 years old Appearance: P
hace más de un año Sasha_Andreevna said…
Jupiter ran through the streets of the new part of town, listening to her music as she passed people on their hover boards and cars. Being free this day, she decided run as far as possible before collapsing from exhaustion. How else could she get better at if she's not trying as hard as possible? While not the smartest idea, this had worked before and increased her endurance by a large amount.
Once out of a busy alley, Jupiter had enough of the view containing its perfect image, and decided to go to the ground, where the older part of the city stood. She speeds to reach some form of transportation and descends to the old part of town.
The sight was something that constantly surprised her because of the large difference between its other half. With it creaky buildings made of old wood and patches of ground covered with real grass, occasionally having a garden planted by somebody. There's no point in having a garden though, food is in surplus constantly and handed out by the government. Flowers don't have an really appeal, and no use.

Tripping on a crack of the road, Jupiter breaks from her thoughts and pushes to speed up her pace, ignoring the fire in her lungs. Seeing a large group of people together, covering the whole width of the road, making her have to stop, much to her dismay. Pushing past the people, she sees a familiar face, and decides to go and ask what's happening, even if it puts an end to her run. She can get back to it later.
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SkittleJerky14 commented…
Sasha, the "new" is above the "old". As in, it's in the sky. hace más de un año
Sasha_Andreevna commented…
Oh, well let me go ahead and change that then. Sorry about that. hace más de un año
Sasha_Andreevna commented…
Thank tu for mentioning my mistake. hace más de un año
hace más de un año Cheng_Cheng said…
(Question~! By "find" does it strictly stand for "meet" or can it also mean that they could discover that someone who they knew already has been their soulmate all along?)
hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
(Find Stricty Stands for meet, i should have been more specific..sorry.)
hace más de un año Cheng_Cheng said…
(Alright, thanks)
hace más de un año Sasha_Andreevna said…
(So they must meet face to face, or can they just pass by each other while going down a street and not really notice each other?)
hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
(If they walk past their soul mate, the timer on their wrist goes into negative time, say if Jupiter walked past her soulmate and glanced down at her wrist 5 minutes later, the time would be 0 days 0 hours - 5 minutes and -1 seconds. So it's really how you want it to be)
hace más de un año SkittleJerky14 said…
(While we're talking about the timers, can they stop or go backwards?)
hace más de un año Cheng_Cheng said…
(About my previous question, is it common knowledge to the people that when the time comes, it means they "meet" instead of "discover?" Or is it just unknown or just not given much thought to? I would like my character to have some sort of a backstory somewhat revolving around the idea that she hopes perhaps her soulmate could be someone she already knows and admirers instead of some stranger who she doesn't even know or care. Would that be possible?)
hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
( Skittles, the timers cannot stop until they hit 0, because the timers CAN go to negative numbers, they can go in reverse. cheng_cheng The soulmate timer is set up so that the moment your timer hits 0, the person your talking to or standing next to has a high chance of being your soulmate. it's about a 99.9% chance it's someone you dont know.)
hace más de un año brodxe said…
((Guys are looking a little outnumbered. Guess I will join :P))

Name: Beau Dubois
Other Names: N/A
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 5/12
Age: 17
Appearance: Picture Below
Time: 17 Days, 13 hours, 3 Minutes, 52 seconds and counting
Significant Other: N/A
Favorite song: Anything Classical
Favorite saying: "Mieux vaut prévenir que guérir", meaning prevention is better than cure.
Hobbies: Photography, Piano and Walking... Just walking
Bio: TBR
Other: His parent said came from France and they taught him the saying.
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 ((Guys are looking a little outnumbered. Guess I will registrarse :P)) Name: Beau Dubois Other Names: N