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Usually when you ask someone about how Earth came to be, it's either the Big Bang Theory or something pertaining to religion that we would receive as an answer. So I took a completely different route using a "what if" method. Enjoy

In the beginning of time there was only darkness, space being only an empty canvas awaiting to painted with the glorification of stars, planets, asteroids and comets alike. This stage of the universe would be referred to as "The Beginning" and then "The Beginning of Time" after humanity came about with the concept.

Furthering along, what if, the painter then came to present its work to the canvas. What if, amidst the darkness of the universe, the unlimited space of black that blanketed existence began to retract and cluster into a dark, looming form of black until finally...it burst. In one massive, unfathomable flash, the fabric of space was torn open, the very first of what is known as "light" coming into existence. A swirling vortex that pervaded the darkness, only to disappear in an instant. But not before both light and dark, black and white, became one.

And thus, a creature was born. And it's name....was Creation. The painter. A creature without conscious, without senses. Yet...existing with knowledge. Hoewver, within the same instance that creation was born into existence, there was another. Undiscovered, Creation's sibling, Time.

As the infinite void of silent space drifted on, the creature, Creation, began to slowly expand with Time, swelling until it became a sphere of light bright enough to scorch it's surrounding canvas while inside, Creation grew. It became a overwhelmingly massive star who's shine was a beacon to reality. And with Creation's first silent cry...the star erupted with a force that would shape the universe for the rest of eternity. Metals, irons, dust and debris, chunks and bits of the star were scattered throughout the universe in preparations for the third sibling of the creatures' Creation and Time to arrive. And it became the most cherished among them all. Life.

Life, a creature that was capable of creating the essence of "breath" and "atmosphere". Sustainability.

Over the long span of existence, Creation began to waver due to the presence of Life, and from creation came darker half of its existence, tearing itself from the concept of Creation. Destruction. An attempt to destroy both Time and Life. However, a failed attempt it was. Halted by the three relative creatures, Destruction was banished into an abyss created after it exploded. Banished into a void in which light was bent into darkness and Time was non-existent. This, after billions of years, would only be known vaguely as the Big Bang.

Note: The planet that this will take place in a futuristic setting on a planet that can be referred to as Earth-Mega, or, Earth One Million. Meaning by us. Our characters will refer to this planet just as we would our own.

Earth One Million

•Earth One Million has a radius of 35, 183 (a little smaller than saturn), a mass of 4.683 × 10^25 kg, and a density of 687 kg/m³. (Meaning that Earth One Million is roughly 9.3 times the size of our Earth in diameter. It's axis is very very very slightly more tilted)
The moon that orbits Earth One Million has a radius of 9,499.1 (and a diameter of 18,998.82)

•The version of humanity that inhabit Earth One Million are particularly much more than what we perceive, for there is more than just one singular meaning to "Humanity", as it actually has more than a single race (not the same as ethnicity).

As for the different versions of humanity (homosapiens), it would be much more like alternative species. For example, we would have the Irigosapiens, the Perficiosapiens, the Heterosapiens, and the Homoherbsapiens. These versions of humanity on this Earth would have stemmed from evolution in other animal species, causing them to become as intelligent as if not more than humankind, though noticing the genetic difference would have been delayed until it was discovered during the era of human advancement. Despite this, they would all still have identical ethnicity to homosapiens.

Races of Humanity

This version of the human beings mostly have blue tints of skin and are more keen to the aquatic environments than the average homosapien life form. This species of human also have bodies that are made up of 5% more than homosapiens. Their analogy remains similar to us in a since, the only difference being that their brains are slightly larger. They also have a few cities that are built above the ocean waters.

The Perficiosapians are the version of humanity considered to be the "Perfect Human Beings", despite the flaws that they may have. This is because their analogical build is identical to the homosapiens, but the difference would be that everything is superior. They are able to process data a bit faster and also have a more durable skeletal system as well as a higher immune system. They have been studied the most and looked to for advances in the average homosapien life. Appearance wise, there is no physical difference on the outside aside from the color of their irises, for this species of humans always seem to have the strangest such as: crimson, gold, pink, white, etc.

The Heterosapiens are a species of human that are ironically, completely different from humanity. Their analogical build is the exact opposite of the homosapiens, and instead of having soft skin on the outside of their bodies, they have tough exoskeletons and soft bones. Another difference is that their bones heal over time like the homosapien skin heals. Which means that they are able to heal bones at a much more efficient rate. Instead of the scleras of their eyes being white, they are actually black. Their pupils are actually their irises, while the color of their eyes are their pupils, which makes things a bit strange.

This species of human are closer to being "Plant Humans". They are a peculiar race of people who are able to provide nutrients for themselves mostly through photosynthesis. Their most noticeable characteristic is that their hair greatly resembles either leaves or grass in one way or another. They strongly believe in peace, but will resort to violence if they feel threatened to that point. They are more in tuned with natural habitats and have magnificent homes constructed into nature, things such as a large city of tree houses and cabins close to lakes and rivers.

NOTE Both Homoherbsapiens and Heterosapiens are the only two species of human that are able to have new blood types.
Homoherbsapiens: P+, P-
Heterosapiens: F+, F-

Well...this is pretty much self-explanatory. Once thought to be the only species of their kind, it turns out that they ended up being the one of the most recessive of the sapiens.

Character Sheet

Age/Date of Birth:

Eye Color:
Hair Color:

Outlook on Life:

{Health and Other Information}


Health Problems?:
Tattoos or Scars?:
Blood Type:






[Current Situation]

Throughout the years, there has been studies and research on a strange phenomenon occurring out passed the stars above the sky, and, unknowingly, even in distant galaxies. Planets have been disappearing. But not just planets. From what a few articles and news outlets have mentioned, seemingly entire solar systems have been vanishing according to the information from top tier technology and information from astronomers. However...in the time span of those very years, a threat has been venturing closer. Closer than we could have imagined. A threat that could very well bring upon the destruction of the universe and much...much more.
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hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
Name: Ela Aspen Juniper
Gender: Female
Age/Date of Birth: 23/April 9th
Race: Homoherbsapien

Height: 5'6" 1/2
Weight: 109 lbs
Eye Color: Forest Green
Hair Color: A mixture of a crisp autumn brown and rich green grass

Outlook on Life: "The leaves...grass...the trees, rain, and life. Nature is a guide for those who seek to prepare for walking through a storm. A connection to self is a connection to the one that births."
{Health and Other Information}


Ela is definitely an adventurous spirit when she's out and about in any natural environment, for all nature is her home as was to taught by her parents. She believes strongly in everything natural, and has confidence in her over all abilities. She can be found in states of meditation to clear her head, usually around trees or places where the grass grows the greenest. Her overall favorite sound to hear i the flow of water from lakes, rivers, and when she has the chance to get near them, oceans. She is kind to all that gives kindness to her, and has what her family calls a "spirit of grace".

With this being said, Ela, like most of her people, isn't very fond of cities that result in tearing down natural habitats and destroying precious land. However, she finds herself venturing through them out of curiosity, and to meet new friends.

She's also quite the book reader, one of her many hobbies that she tends to do on free time. Another one of her hobbies, as well as a sport known to her people, is one known as "Forestkour", which simply is getting from point A to point B as fast as one can, using the environment to their advantage. From the moment she saw this sport, she found interest. She loves the sound of music as well, playing the ukelele and the lute.

Likes: Nature, music, calm environments, exploring new places, the sun, mutual respect.
Dislikes: Unnatural disasters, pollution, closed in spaces, too much sugar (yet her favorite snack food is sugar canes), salty water, vinegar, rude people.

Health Problems?: N/A
Tattoos or Scars?: None
Blood Type: AO +

<Mother>: Oasis Juniper
<Father>: Nostis Juniper
<Sister>: Abungu Acacia
Other:(Eh, maybe)

Skills: Playing instruments, leadership, hunting to some degree, both farming and gardening.

Occupation?: She is both a botanist and a florist.

Biography: [small]This is small text[/small]
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 [b]Name:[/b] Ela Aspen Juniper [b]Gender:[/b] Female [b]Age/Date of Birth:[/b] 23/April 9th [b]Rac
hace más de un año BanetteGhosneir said…
((Question, would it be acceptable if old humans (the original homosapiens) had a sort of cryo-freeze program? allowing me to make a regular homosapien?))
hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
(( There are actually still normal humans, but they wouldn't be considered as an original race. Instead, the homosapiens of Earth One Million are only a branch off of the same tree as the rest. Also, thanks for bringing it to my attention that I forgot to add the homosapiens as a species xD ))