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Trapped by Reality
Freed by Imagination

the pages of a book lead to story's untold.

Adventures await just beyond the border, where you pass into a world of things that only come true in dreams.

Reality is harsh and cold, and people escape into fantasy, into imagination, until the cruel world drags them back into reality, where there is no prince to save you, no elves to give endless wisdom, no vampires that sparkle in the sun, or turn into ashes, no mermaids that charm you and drag you into the depths of the sea. No curse's that turn people into tigers, no talking animals, no devils to make you work for them.

This world..is different..this world, those creatures live and prosper.
Welcome to Gaia

IN Gaia, there are 12 kingdoms
Each kingdom is ruled by a king and a queen, who in return make sure their kingdom is happy and healthy. you have the 4 outer kingdoms...and the 8 inner kingdoms.

The jobs of the kings and queens however, have become harder, as the creatures known as Hokai, have been found to be spreading like wild fire,,their numbers going from 20's to millions in a matter of months,causing damage to the kingdoms that the Royals cannot fix quick enough.

Are you a royal?
a Commoner?
or a Hunter?

Social Class:(Royal Commoner or Hunter)
Philosophy of Life:
Attitude Toward Death:

Mania White (Heart-of_love)
Alden dex Tome (Hades_Shadow)
Jhin (Shuikaku)
Ryuu Saburcho (wolfpaw6)
Marcon Renec (Hades_Shadow)
Jade White (WolfPaw6)
Klaq (Brodxe)

Sivel Eht Gnol'Lived (-Universe_COLA-) ~ Kingdom of Ren
Ignaz Wardrod (Hades_Shadow) ~Kingdom of Kou
Aldofo Adler (-universe_COLA-) Kingdom of Ryuu
Rosella Endo(Heart-of_love) Kingdom of En

Lowell Dryston (-Universe_COLA-)
Sutoragurā Jizu (AltairEzio22)
 Trapped por Reality Freed por Imagination the pages of a book lead to story's untold. Adventure
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