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BanetteGhosneir posted on Jan 17, 2017 at 02:12AM
The great war, 200 years ago.

the Unbidden, a race of multidimensional hunters invaded our world, nothing we had could stop them, our weapons too weak, our ships too small, our warriors too afraid, the unbidden destroyed city after city, and we had lost over 62% of the global population.

after 4 years of being prey to the unbidden, six heroes came, from the unknown we were rescued, these heroes fought the unbidden by themselves, as we couldn't do anything to help them. it took 12 years, but the unbidden were beaten back to their own dimension, the six heroes vanished, small rumors and stories of them heard from many cities.

some believed the heroes now help people who need them most, in the back alleys of streets, in the forgotten slums.

and to make it all worse: the government now seeks them out.
placing bounties on their heads, all with 7 digits, all worth 8,000,000 Bruka.

Bounty hunters, pirates, criminals of all sorts are seeking them out, and so are the secret parts of the government.

teams of two are sent out, looking for the heroes.

why are they being sought out? rumors of the unbidden returning, after 200 years of peace, we now need the heroes again. will they answer our call? or will we hunt them down.


After the War, scattered around the world there are zones called 'Dimensional pockets', these zones, reaching from 10km to thousands of kilometers across, are filled to the brim with Unbidden war relics, technology beyond our comprehension, but with this riches, comes it's monsters. creatures, contorted and twisted by Dimensional energy roam the area, protecting their 'hoard' from any who may try to claim it.

there are 3 cities left, all extremely large, finding the heroes may be difficult.

the 6 heroes will NOT be easy to fight, hence why the government sent teams of 2, the Government is stronger and more prepared than bounty hunters or pirates, so you'll need even more people if you're not the government.

You can be 1 or 2 of the six heroes, all of them have some relationship to each other.

There are humans, affected by the dimensional quake caused by the Unbidden's arrival, these humans have been mutated, or granted special abilities. it is believed that some of the Six Heroes have these powers aswell.

[===][Character Sheet][===]

[Faction] (Six Heroes, Pirate, BH, Government, ect.)


[Age] (If you're one of the six, you'd be over 220 at minimum, less than 300)


[Power/Mutation] (A power is self explanatory, and a Mutation is something like being a human jellyfish or turning into a rhino, ect.)



[====][Character Sheet][====]

[I] Savia Calbret - Firebird
[II] Ex-Machino 9 - COLA
[III] Doctor Quark Mara (Quarky or Q) - Banette
[IV] Colour (Lour) - Banette
[V] A-03 (Aoe Mara) - Banette
[VI] Shlike (BTD) - COLA


Doctor Diana O'Pheil Carters - Self employed - COLA
Missy Rose - Self employed - COLA

Admiral Adma Mara - Retired Admiral - Banette
Lum Mara - Self Employed - Banette
Terr Mara - Self Employed - Banette
Scill Mara - Self Employed - Banette

Gad - NeCO.GAD - Banette
Noel - NeCO.No3 - Banette
 The great war, 200 years ago. the Unbidden, a race of multidimensional hunters invaded our world,
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hace más de un año BanetteGhosneir said…
[Faction] Six Heroes

[Name] A-03 or Aoe (ay-oh-ee) Mara

[Age] 264

[Gender] Female

[Power/Mutation] - Power
Bio-mechanical Integration

Ever seen technology you never could understand? Aoe doesn't know how that feels.
Whenever she touches a piece of technology, she mind and body automatically integrates it, she knows every possible way to use it, to maximize it's efficiency, and how to integrate it with almost anything.

problem is: It's painful, the technology integrates itself into her own body without consent, flesh melding with metal, especially multidimensional tech.


The techie of the group, Aoe is responsible for the maintenance and, possibly, creation for the technology used by the Heroes, she so far is the only human will full understanding of unbidden technology, and thanks to this, she was able to provide the heroes with unbidden weaponry and tactical weak point advantage over the Unbidden.

But, before all this, Aoe lived her live happily with her husband. the two maintained a rust chop-shop, whilst her husband maintained his garden, herbs and plants, a pharmacy, they were quite happy in their two fields, but the quake changed all that, it destroyed his plants, and the war and closing threat of the Unbidden sent the town retreating toward the main cities for protection.

after she found her power on accident, she decided to use it to the best of it's ability, during a war zone, integrating with Unbidden tech, the pain sent her on a rampage, slicing through the Unbidden without any clue as to her actions, after her husband had calmed her down, she removed the tech from her, now only using it to maintain and create for the Heroes.

Her Husband and her only met the other Heroes on their 7th month in fighting, she noticed they needed an upgrade of gear, and provided such.


Aoe doesn't have that gas mask.

the black stuff on her shoulder is where the first time she integrated with Unbidden Tech had happened, she had to tear it off from her flesh, and re-integrate more unbidden tech to fix it.
 [[b]Faction[/b]] Six heroes [[b]Name[/b]] A-03 o Aoe (ay-oh-ee) Mara [[b]Age[/b]] 264 [[b]G
hace más de un año BanetteGhosneir said…
[Faction] Six Heroes

[Name] Doctor Quark Mara (Quarky or Q)

[Age] 267

[Gender] Male

[Power/Mutation] - Power

That's it, that's really all there is to it.
Portals.... instantaneous space travel via light-speed inhibiting. Portals...

well, I'd say you need more of an explanation, well.. he can create and link 2 portals together, and can create multiple pairs of portals, so far he can create 6 pairs (12 portals), the Portals all look the same, not including the sizes, also to note that physics will not apply 'through' a portal, if you have a portal infront of you, and another portal in space, you won't be pulled in, the portals separate the two realities, they just allow you to instantly transport between them.

now, the Portals all look the same, you won't know which 2 are linked, and for him to re-link a portal, he must close it's partner.

he doesn't require physical contact, but he does require vision of the portal he is manipulating, this does mean though that as long as he looks through a portal, he can move it's pair portal far away forever, he has no range limit.

you are able to use the portal like a window, but do know that bullets will still pass through with the same velocity as they entered.


The joker of the group, He'd be the last one to get down, and he'd be the one to cheer the rest up, his happy-go-lucky attitude and sparkly personality keeps the spirits up, a massive joker, and slight pervert, He'll never turn a good opportunity to have a laugh.

Back before the Unbidden, he liked to maintain his Garden with his Wife, he bought her off the slave market and set her free, she decided to hang around him for 23 years, he proposed to her, and they got married.

then the quake happened, Quark got lost in between the dimensions, thanks to his power, however after his wife integrated with Unbidden tech, he managed to regain control, and anchored himself back to this dimension, his Wife on a rampage, he tried to calm her down, which costed him his left eye.

Then, they met the other 4, Q warmed up to them quickly, and hence, his Wife warmed up too, but it took her a lot longer of a time.


Q's Sniper rifle is Unbidden tech, thanks to his wife.
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 [[b]Faction[/b]] Six heroes [[b]Name[/b]] Doctor Quark Mara (Quarky o Q) [[b]Age[/b]] 267 [
hace más de un año Firebird06721 said…
((Definitely going to create a character... just wanted to clarify, what do you mean the six heroes all have a relationship to each other?))
hace más de un año BanetteGhosneir said…
((By that, i mean you can include in the Bio how they interacted with the other six heroes, for example: Q is the joker of the group, the class clown, meaning he acts silly to the other heroes))
hace más de un año Firebird06721 said…
((Got it thanks))
hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
(You know what.....imma join this xD)
hace más de un año BanetteGhosneir said…
((sure, welcome))
hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
((Woohoo! I did it xD Tell me if I need to add anything or what not.))

Missy:"Go team...peanutbutter?"
Doc:"Eh, yeah, go team peanutbutter."
Missy:"GO TEAM PEANUTBUTTER!" (XD Faction Unknown)

On the left: Diana O'Pheil Carters (aka Doctor Mob, Mob, or preferably just Doc)
On the right: Missy Rose (aka Ball, or as Doc calls her, Springfoot.)

Doc: 22
Missy: 19

Doc and Missy are both female (obviously).

Now for the fun part!

Doc's Power
"Wherever there's a crowd, there's a mob." She calls it Empathic Manipulation Induction.

Considering Diana's nickname "Mob" , given to her by no other than Missy herself, this ties in greatly with the sort of power that she possesses.
Now, what do we think of when we hear the word "emotion"? Anger, sadness, happiness, things of that nature. Emotions are a natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one's circumstances, mood, or relationships with others, or instinctive or intuitive feeling as distinguished from reasoning or knowledge. With that said, each individual has their own emotions daily, no one has the exact same emotion at the exact same time, meaning that you don't see a group of people walking around being angry or happy about precisely the same thing.

Diana's ability is to make that happen...with her own emotions. By pushing them on to people. During the use of her power she is able to see ribbon like strings that connect to herself from other people, which is her way of being able to know who would be under the influence of her power. But nonetheless, she is not known as Mob for no reason. Her ability is typically weaker when dealing with just an individual, or merely two to three people, which is why she finds it necessary to know the essential's of close quarter combat and is familiar with a firearm. But the more people that she is able to "sync" to, the more powerful her ability becomes and the more of a mob she is able to create from the surrounding people. A positive to her power is that she is able to use those people like extra eyes, surveillance that she can switch between.

HOWEVER, there are a few variables when it comes to this power. One of them is that though she has come to be in comfortable use of her power, she has yet to bring out its full controlled potential. Meaning that if she feels an emotion strong enough, such as Killing Intent, then the mob under her control would go into a complete frenzy and she wouldn't be able to stop it herself. There are also times that her power may backfire if she's not careful, which could throw the emotions of all the people under the influence of her power back on to her, multiplied by the number of people. Which, depending on what emotion it was, could have a very consequential effects, some dangerous, others...weird. There is also a limit to how many people she is able to effect that depends on her mental state, which is why she works best when she's calm.
Missy's Power
Due to Missy's naturally bubbly and enthusiastically eccentric personality, she is usually preferred to as a "bouncy person" before she discovered her powers. Which brings the question, have you ever witnessed someone jump thirty feet into the air and landing with no problem whatsoever afterwards? How about that same someone doing that very thing, only to bounce back into the air after landing? Well you, my good sir and or ma'am, have probably saw the energetic young woman known as Missy Rose.

Now Missy's power is a bit more simplistically-complex. One could say that she simply has the power to jump really high. However, there is more to it than just that. Judging by an analysis done by Doc, when Missy jumps, there is a unbelievably fast build up of proton molecules that she is able to manipulate to such a degree that they are able to multiply and disperse on the exact impact of her feet pushing against ground before she is off into the air. After she jumps, those very protons become negatively charged, which converts them into a large cluster of electrons that come together at the spot that she wants to land, or rather thinks that she wants to land, which lessens the likelihood of being injured by her own ability. Since opposites attract, the cluster of electrons draws the protons down towards it. This means that in order to keep any sort of injury to a minimum, she has to know where she wants to land before she does so. The second layer to Missy's power is her landing as a separate thing. She his able to manipulate proton molecules at her feet into electrons, so at her point of landing, she is able to quickly jump again in a rather "bouncing" motion. This is how she found that she doesn't always have to jump high. There could be mid level jumps, just as well as jumps that are just enough to accomplish what she wishes to be accomplished. Which is why she refers to her power as "The Hop." This power of hers also is able to make for a very dangerous dropkick.

But just as Doc's powers has some drawbacks, Missy's does as well. Using "The Hop" too many large jumps in a short period of time, she becomes physically drained and tired, causing the molecules that she uses to jump to become much more neutral. But there are two ways that she has found to maneuver around this when she needs to. One of them is caffeine. Another is a jumping regiment in her mind that usually consists of different combinations of her jumps. For example, "High Jump (25 to 35 meters), Medium Jump (15 meters to twenty meters), Lower Jump (5 to 10 meters)" or "Lower Jump, Lower Jump, High Jump". Or just a series of lower jumps to conserve energy. She can also increase the speed of her lower jumps opposed to the Medium and Higher ones.

((I'll come up with something of course.))

-Missy's favorite thing to snack on is peanut butter, oddly enough. Give her peanut butter and you will be her friend.
-Doc isn't called Doc for no reason. She's the brains and never goes into a situation without a plan of some sort, while Missy is the boost of moral and surprisingly, the stubborn dare devil that Doc usually has to get on to about it.
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 ((Woohoo! I did it xD Tell me if I need to add anything o what not.)) [b][Faction][/b] Missy:"G
BanetteGhosneir commented…
Allright, for the faction I'll place that as 'self employed', but a note for others: If tu create a Hero, tu MUST STATE THEY'RE A HERO, the heroes are well known, since they saved the human race from extinction an' all. hace más de un año
hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
[Faction] Six Heroes

[Name] Shlike, aka the Bad Time Dealer

[Age] 279

[Gender] Male

"Where's my bloody watch?!"

Thaaaat's right. The Bad Time Dealer with score to settle with Father Time. Actually....I said that because it sounded sorta cool when I thought about it in all honesty xD Anywho, I'll let good ol Shlike explain this part.

"Wow, this moment for me is definitely like a character finally getting screen time." Shlike says nonchalantly and yawns before rolling his eye. "Alright, fine. I'll try to make this simple and chilled. Anything within a seven abd a half foot ratio/radius around me gets slowed down to a third of its original speed for like, four seconds. Four loooong seconds. It's sort of like a force field thingy...except it only slows stuff, including my decaying reality. So yeah, there's that. Now leave me alone, imma go nap."

O...kay. So what, you're not gonna tell them the rest?

"Yes, I WOULD like to rest, so can you like...shut up...or go somewhere else? Sheesh, go interview somewhere else."

...Well hell man. Fine, screw you too then xD *ahem*. So to carry on with this explanation, there are two sides to Shlike's ability. The part mentioned above is called "You Gotta Be Quicker Than That Like That Guy From the State Farm Commercial." And yes...that is the stupidest name I've ever heard for any sort of ability, and that comes from the interviewer who has reviewed some pretty stupid things.
But none the less, there's the second half to this power, which he calls the "Bad Time Dealer". This basically gives him the power to perceive time three seconds ahead of current time. But in order to do this, he has to take three seconds from a grandfather clock, but can only do this three times every thirty seconds afterwards, which is actually a longer stretch of time than one may think. But it is actually extremely useful when he can take from multiple of these clocks at once, though his limit his only four, which in total is 12 seconds he would be able to take. Anything above that and his time barrier would disappear, leaving him to decay. But what's the problem with this side of his power?


Exactly. I mean, a few old people might still have some, or a antique shop. But other than that, he's pretty much screwed over by that side of his power. However, another way would be just to take seconds from people, though this would only lessen the slowing factor of his barrier. Which would definitely be a bad thing. There is also a much darker version of this power as well.

Being the sarcastic and outspoken one when he spoke and sometimes reckless, but brilliant battlefield tactician of the the six heroes, is Shlike. Prankster and ironically the laziest of the heroes at times, relying on his power to get extra minutes of sleep or procrastinate on doing things. He's also confusing at times, but purposely to make a point. Another ironic aspect was that he was also one of the most serious lazy person, and got the job done when things got rough. This is why he was one of the first to step on the battle field during the war.

Before the Unbidden showed up, Shlike was the type of person who did nothing but observe other people while they were talking, though no one would really ever notice this. He didn't really talk much himself, but when he did, he spoke cooly and lazily, and something unexpected was bound to come out. And by unexpected, it was usually either a dark joke, something sarcastic, or something rude-ish and sly. But that aside, he was a decent person who ended up finding a love interest that taught him how to play chess like a pro.

But then the Quake happened. And he was only a few seconds too late to make a long story short. And then his power came to light after a while discovered by tampering with a stop watch. As soon as he realized, he went to war no questions asked. And though this was a reckless move, he ended up learning how to hone and sharpen his capabilities throughout the first few months of the war. And slowly but surely he ended up coming in contact with the other heroes. In a sense, he felt that they were almost like family, though he was always sort of distant from them.

[Extra]---Basically a bunch of quotes from Shlike lol.

"Give me...tacos. I like tacos. You like tacos. We all like tacos. If you don't the you're a cluck and probably should die in a hole somewhere."

"Father Time? Psh, just don't call me Jesus then ya pansy."

"What time is it? Oooh...still got three seconds. Make it 12."

"What's brown, sticky, and is found in the woods?....A stick."

"Does it look like I feel like liking to like running right now? No."

"If I had a quarter of pennies for every time you someone said "time" then I wouldn't have much now would I? No...because no one wants all of that freakin copper."

"Haraaaambe nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! Sike. Idiots..."

"Whelp...that sunk fast enough to make the titanic one jealous mother f--"

"For Narnia? Ew ugh, blegh. That movie was boring. For Sparta b**ch."

"I broke the fourth wall harder than Bane broke Batman's back. HAH!"
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 [b][Faction][/b] Six heroes [b][Name][/b] Shlike, aka the Bad Time Dealer [b][Age][/b] 279 [
hace más de un año Firebird06721 said…
[Faction] Six Heroes

[Name] Savia Calbret

[Age] 229

[Gender] Female

[Power/Mutation] - Hypercognition

Hypercognition- basically an official way of saying her brain has super speed. While Savia can't move any faster than an average human can, her brain works at a superhuman speed. She's able to process and store information much faster, giving her the ability learn just about anything almost instantly (well minus any physical components) and much faster reflexes and reaction time, among other assets.


As the youngest of the Six Heroes by a good margin, Savia is often thought of as the baby of the group. However, she's a force to be reckoned with and has no problem pulling her own weight. She's sometimes not taken seriously, and her skill and ability to take charge are often overlooked due to her young age. But aside from occasionally getting glossed over or mistakenly thought of as innocent or inexperienced with the world, she was fully accepted as an active part of the group.

But, before the Unbidden changed the face of Earth, Savia was living a life she found limiting and mundane. Her father died when Savia was five, and her mother went into a case of horrible depression. She rarely left her room again from that time on leaving her daughter to learn how to care for herself, her mother, and their house. Her grandparents sent money which kept them going, though just barely, and Savia also look on a job as soon as she could. Wasting away, her bright young mind stifled by a world of barely paid bills, roof leaks, and existential crisises from her mother. When her mother perished and their house destroyed, Savia was happy to walk away from her suppressing home life.

It was immediately clear to her that something had changed. Her mind saw the world in a whole new way, everything moved faster in her mind. She struggled, and still does occasionally, feeling trapped in her body that moved too slow. Insomnia also became a struggle as it was difficult to find a way to shut down her computer-like mind. She began learning all she could during this time flipping through books on science, math, history, the arts, everything she could get her hands on from war strategy to mechanics to foreign language. She could read cover to cover and master a concept in a minute or less.

When she crossed paths with the other heroes, she fit in comfortably using her super-computer to brain to fight the battle against the Unbidden. She grew beside the team for 12 years, and in a manner of speaking they became like a family to her, she'd never enjoyed the bonds of trust, loyalty, comradary, and dependability with others until the Six.


She's a redhead, physically and at heart, possessing that sweet yet spitfire nature of the cliche (random but relevant)
hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
((Sooo....what now?))
hace más de un año BanetteGhosneir said…
((the rest of the heroes need to be filled))
hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
((Oh, well I can fill another one of the spots if that'll be okay.))
hace más de un año BanetteGhosneir said…
hace más de un año BanetteGhosneir said…
[Faction] - Retired Admiral

[Name] Admiral Adma Mara (but people just call her The Admiral)

[Age] 285

[Gender] Female

[Power/Mutation] - Power

Vehicular Engineer

her power's name is a bit strange, but it's not what you think it is.

Adma has the power to 'summon' any vehicle she's memorized.
this goes from bicycles all the way to the largest battleship used in the War against the Unbidden, and even the Unbidden's spaceships.

when she 'summons' a vehicle, all of it's functions she can automatically man and maintain, as if the entire crew of the vehicle was maintaining it.
for example: she can stand on the bridge of a battleship, whilst the ship will sail around as if it had it's entire crew present.

However, no Power comes without a Drawback.
Adma cannot Man a vehicle she doesn't know how to Man, the reason she can Man a battleship, is because she knows the duties of the entire crew. but if she memorized, for example the Unbidden Flagship, she'd not be able to man it, as she has no idea what the consoles do, how the weapons are fired, how the engines are started, ect.

she is also limited depending apon the size of the vehicles, on how many she can summon.

she can summon an infinite amount of Bicycles, but she can only summon 3 Battleships, or 1 of her Fleet's Titan Ships.
she can also only summon 1 Unbidden spaceship.


Mother and Mother-in-law to Quark and Aoe.

Being a teen mother was never an easy task, a woman is never meant to be a mother at 18, and even worse when they're single. but Adma was never one to back down.
She decided the best thing for it, was to join the military to help her child, so she did.

starting from the bottom was still rough, with the lack of sleep too from working on both her job, and her child, but she was quite determined to rise in rank and care for her child at the same time.

fast forward 12 years, 2nd Rear Admiral of the Alpha Fleet, and over the years she had gotten better at being a mother. giving her child the love he needs and raising him right and strict, her child grew to pass school with flying colours, and she couldn't be prouder.

1 year later, she decides to bear another Child, a daughter. and with her son being 13 she was able to leave her daughter in his care whilst she worked.

5 years later, at 36 year olds, she attained the rank of Admiral, partaking in many apon many wars.
39: she had another child, another bastard, but she knew well enough now how to look after a child on her own... and her Son was there to help her new another daughter.
43: she bore ANOTHER daughter, being her last child however, she was given the most love, from 3 older siblings and a mother.

fast forward to today and look at them: a retired Admiral and a Doctor one of the six Heroes, but where is the daughters?

who knows.


She is looking for her Children, not to help with the Unbidden again, but a simple mother, worried for her children.

In case you want to know the ages she had children.
Mother - Children
18 - 0
31 - 13, 0
39 - 21, 8, 0
43 - 25, 12, 4, 0

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 [[b]Faction[/b]] - Retired Admiral [[b]Name[/b]] Admiral Adma Mara (but people just call her The A
hace más de un año BanetteGhosneir said…
[Faction] - Self Employed

[ v Left to Right v ]
[Name] Lum Mara
[Name] Terr Mara
[Name] Scill Mara

[Age] 242
[Age] 246
[Age] 254
[ ^ Left to Right ^ ]

[Gender] Female

[Power/Mutation] - Powers + 1 Mutation
Lum and Scill have Powers, whilst Terr has Mutation

Lum's power is Trace

Everything in the world leaves a Trace, a scent, a touch, a temperature... humans see the world in only see 7,000,000 colours, but Lum can see far more, in brighter and darker variants too, each trace is unique to a someone or something, leaving an infinite amount of colours to be seen.

Lum knows the exact position of anything she wants to 'trace', but she requires something to use as a trace start. for example: a piece of cloth, or something the person/object you're tracing has touched. she can see the trace, and perfectly lead you to whatever it is you wish to find.

Scill's power is Displacement

Think of intangibility, Scill has the ability to place herself, and some objects around her into an alternate place in space-time.

though she is limited to the amount of objects able to travel through with her, there is no time limit. However, Electricity of high voltage is able to temporarily replace her in normal space-time. the amount of objects is unknown, other people can travel through with her, however they have no access to oxygen, other humans cannot be in there for longer than they can hold their breath.

and finally: Terr's Mutation.

Terr's body is filled with Parasites, although to her they're not Parasites.
these parasites are called Terrau, and they have 2 effects.
to their original host (Terr, and to those that share a majority of her blood (Adma only))

they allow Terr the following:
• photosynthesis, meaning she has no need to eat.
• she can Breathe and Drink moisture through her skin.
• muscle Fibre is increased severely, meaning stronger and faster.
• Regenerative Cells

HOWEVER, these do not come without sacrifice.
• She requires sunlight, during night she is slower.
• She cannot swim, breathing through her skin is not optional, she can walk through water, but if the Water is covering more than 70% of her body, she will drown
• Regenerative Cells only Regenerate during photosynthesis, meaning during the day.

to Adma, they allow Muscle Fibre increase, and Regenerative Cells. but to a minor degree.

as for others: Physical contact with Terr is fine, hugs ect. are allright.
however, skin contact with her blood, or other fluids may result in un-wanted guests. the Terrau are transferred with this, saliva, blood, and other bodily fluids when in contact with skin will transfer the Terrau, and they will react violently to Blood not similar to Terr's.

Victims will notice symptoms of the following
• During Night-time, they'll be slow, almost drunk.
• During Day-time, they'll feel extremely hot, as if on fire, and be near blind.
• Muscles will be increased, however pain is multiplied 100 fold.
• Hair, Nails and other skin cells may start to fall off and not return.
• Nausea, and vomiting can be seen after 2 days if antibiotics are not taken.

If Terr gives a blood transfusion, or the victim simply drinks some of her blood, the Parasites will be sated temporarily, and whilst sated, they can be destroyed with Antibiotics. without being sated, it will be much harder, and take longer.

((NOTE: her siblings will be counted as victims, whilst only her mother shares enough blood to fool the Terrau.))


((I'll fill this all in tomorrow))

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 [[b]Faction[/b]] - Self Employed [[b][u] v Left to Right v [/b][/u]] [[b]Name[/b]] Lum Mara [[b]
hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
[Faction] Six Heroes

[Name] Ex-Machino 9 (Some call "him" Machino, others may call him Ex. Most simply call "him" 9)

[Age] 268

[Gender] Male???



"He" is basically able to generate, control and manipulate magnetism in all its forms, both natural (planetary, solar, lunar, stellar, magnetosphere, magnetic materials/ferromagnetism, etc.), organic (generated by the electric currents of living beings) or artificial (everything creating/using electricity) to a certain degree. His power is able to affect almost any matter that is magnetic (iron, nickel, cobalt and their alloys, some rare earth metals, naturally-occurring minerals such as lodestone) manipulating and controlling them at will. The two seemingly steel weapons that he uses are referred to as magna blades, enhanced by Aoe herself during the war, and contribute to his abilities greatly. These two weapons, when combined together, resemble a tuning fork and can create a magnetic attraction, allowing all types of metals to be drawn to it. However, when of them is turned to their opposite sides and the two weapons are struck together, they are able to enhance the effects of his power in a sudden spike and cause a magnetic wave of repulsion. In all, he himself is typically one gigantic magnet, the halves of his body being the polar opposites. Without the suit that he wears (the pic), he wouldn't have much control over his abilities being that he never figured out how to control them properly, only utilize them to the best of his ability.


Little is known about 9's past. "He" was homeless at some point in his life when he was younger, and during that time he was taken in by a nice family who treated him as their own. But he rarely spoke, if not at all, though no one necessarily knew why. But if it was one thing that was known, he was a fast learn, which helped in learning martial arts from close observations that he saw on tv shows and Bruce Lee movies. A visual learner, he was. And that followed along in his life. But then the war started and his family died, which is around the time that he had discovered his abilities as well. However, he was no where near able to control them, therefore he added on to the destruction to humanity that he himself even meant to. With this guilt weighing heavily on his consciousness, he disappeared. He later made an appearance when he joined the war. Originally, he had only the weaponry he could scrape together, things that he had come to develop himself. In actuality, he went into the war expecting to die. He fought, but in the end, all he wanted to do was die. That is, until he encountered a rather strong willed admiral who indirectly showed him a different way. And then he ran into the other heroes and found himself befriending them, though he was always more of the lone wolf of the group and spoke only once, which was when he finally introduced himself.


*Nine has a small arsenal of weaponry that includes a pistol with bullets made of unbidden technology, his two magni blades, and a belt of capsules that carry different effects depending on the color.

*He never removes his helmet around people, therefore his face hasn't been seen even by his fellow heroes who he fought and one the war with. No one knows how he even eats or drinks anything. Therefore, most just assume a lot about "him".

*Nine has a habit of going off the radar without a word, just like he had done after the war had ended.
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 [b][Faction][/b] Six heroes [b][Name][/b] Ex-Machino 9 (Some call "him" Machino, others may call
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((I'll create the remaining Hero, then we can start))
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[Faction] Six Heroes

[Name] Colour (some call her Lour)

Chronologically, more than 30,000.
Biologically, is an unknown.

[Gender] Female

[Power/Mutation] - Power

[Colour Gyro]

Colour can create a kind of 'colour field'
the effect of the field is dependant apon her 'Gyro'
her Gyro is her link

She can place an area-of-effect field, approx ~40m in diameter
the Field's effect is dependant apon the Colour, the Colour is selected at Random.
ALL of these effects do not effect Lour, no matter how good or bad they are.

Dark Blue completely freezes anything in the area, as if time was frozen in the area.
Cyan does the opposite, everything is accelerated, but only physically, mental capabilities are not accelerated with them.

Purple increases gravity by 400 times..
Red opens up old cuts or wounds, but not any larger than they were originally.
Orange causes a sort of healing and soothing effect.
Yellow causes all senses and muscle control to be reversed. like reversed controls in a Game.
Lime causes anti-gravity as if in space, so be aware that physics may not follow like normal inside.
Green has an unknown effect. the Effect of Green changes with each unique indevidual inside.


essentially the 'white mage' of the group, though she seems colourful and happy, she can also be quite angry and flustered, her emotions, like her power, changes at a whim and are almost never the same.

Colour's background is quite a tale, she belonged to another time, long past, long before the Unbidden came, 200 years ago, long before humanity seemingly split apart, as if it was a post-apocalypse.

around 30,000 or so years ago, Humanity bustled and lived in glee, and it was here where the Unbidden first appeared. they came and ravaged humanity, destroyed whole continents, but the Unbidden were hunters, seekers of prey and trophies, and so they took several humans as Trophies, Colour was one.

The Unbidden traveled through space, to millions apon millions of other worlds, some wars they won. very few they lost, each one they had a trophy from, and strangely enough, Colour hadn't aged a day. the Unbidden's dimensional quakes, a very 'new' invention relative to their concept of time, caused their hunts to be more interesting.

200 years ago, the War of the Unbidden, was when Colour escaped, with the assistance of her 'quake quality' as the Unbidden called it, she was able to break through the Unbidden's ship...

new humanity, poor colourless souls, but somehow brought a new colour to sight, a colour of their own.

this 'new humanity' these 5 souls to find her among the battlefield, asked her for her name.
It had been forever since she last said her name... she had no memory of it, a blank canvas in her mind, where her name used to be... but a canvas should not be blank, so she decided to fill it.

she replied.

the clothing Colour wears, is the clothes the Unbidden had dressed her in for display... and although it's only for display, the material seems still stronger than earth metal.
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 [[b]Faction[/b]] Six heroes [[b]Name[/b]] Colour (some call her Lour) [[b]Age[/b]] Chronologi
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(Damn I'm didn't make it in time to make a hero D':)
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(No it's okay I was just messing. I don't mind spectating it looks pretty cool haha.)
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Where would you begin the search, for your child? hunted by police, bounty hunters, and every rags wearing, gun loving mother-hubbard for miles, they're smart enough to hide... or dumb enough to hand themselves in...
"I raised you too nice..." Said the old woman, staring at a picture of her only son, long before the war. a small male child, holding his 2nd sister.

the old woman stood, leaving the wreckage of a seemingly old battleship, scraped off paint flicks off the side, landing by her feet. she stared out into the desert ahead, she new to keep moving... she wanted to go to where her Child may be.

'Mara Pharmacy and Garage'


3 woman sit in a room, none speaking... one fidgets with her fingers, anxious.
the tallest and oldest speaks.
"What're we going to do about this?"
the next speaks
"There is nothing we CAN do"
the youngest speaks
"I... I... want to see brother again"

the two older sighs
It had been a long time since they last saw him... it had been a little less time since they saw their mother.
"even if we could find him, there's no guarantee he'll help us, let alone recognise us. the last time he saw us, we were children"
"True... but we can try"
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"B-but Annaaaaa! I-"

"There are no buts Missy, and I've definitely told you numerous times about these varieties of situations." Diana said lazily, but sternly, the cigarette pinched between her fingers dropping to the ground to meet its fate under the toe of her white sneakers as she rubbed out its fire against the concrete. Adjusting her circular wire rimmed glasses, she continued. "You don't need to be attempting to indulge yourself into bad habit that is going to do you more harm than good just to look "cool". There is no point in trying to appeal to the interests of people who have little to no intentions of assisting you in life. And its needless to say that that particular kind wasn't even one of satisfaction."

A blush of embarrassment was spread across Missy's cheeks, her gaze stuck on the strings of her shoes and the ground. "I'm sorry Doc, " She stammered out, rubbing her arm, her small bag hanging from her shoulder. "I-I'll try not to let it happen again."

Diana smiled a little and lifted her chin. "Chins up, doubts aside. It's only natural for an operating mind to hold curiosity and wonder." She said to her. "Also," Her hand slipped into the pocket of the lab coat that she wore over a salmon pink shirt and pulled out a small jar of peanut butter. and a plastic spoon. "I thought that you might want this to enjoy while we're on our way back to acquire our belongings."

Missy's eyes lit up at the sight of the jar, and she began to jump up and down unnaturally fast while letting out a clearly happy squeal, the soles of her feet bouncing her off the ground a little each time that they landed. "Yaaaay!~ Peanut buuuuttterrrrr!" But then she came to a stop as she took her favorite snack food. "Wait, huh? Acquire our belongings? For what?"

"Have you really forgotten already? Two weeks, three days and thirty seven seconds ago, and still counting of course, we had a discussion on something very important pertaining to the most recent news." Diana answered, hinting at the subject.

"Ooooh~" Missy began to realize what she was referring two after a few seconds of recalling what they had been talking about. "Are we leaving all ready? Do you think that we'll be able to find them before the other people do?"

"It's definitely worth the effort, though I'd say that with the said variables being added into the equation, we may have a lower percent chance of succeeding depending on our advantages compared to theirs. We already have the hypothesis that one of them may be close, therefore judging by the evidence we've acquired we should have quite the upper hand compared to the other individuals and pairs." Diana paused for a moment before speaking again. "But I'm sure that our individual abilities will assist us in our task. Come on, we should pack while daylight is still radiating bright from ninety-two point ninety-six million miles away."


What is a few minutes to you when you have nothing but time on your hands? But no, not just on your hands, but at your will. What is an hour to you when time is nothing but irrelevance without its concept in general? The answer just may surprise you. Jokes. Pranks. A few extra minutes of sleep. Two empty boxes of tacos. And sarcasm.
This would be Shlike's most casual answer to this question, and quite frankly, something that would be unexpected to say the least. His feet was kicked up on a coffee table as he sat slumped on a old navy blue sofa. All around him, a variety of different clocks were hanging from the ceiling of his small little hut of a house by thin chains, swinging back and forth very slowly. A half empty soda can resting in the makeshift cup holder in the arm of his comfortable seat. But from him, a loud and extended snore floated out into the air, filling what would be a silent atmosphere.
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A lone woman, scrambling around underneath a broken down car, as a man in another room prepares some food, their broken rustic home, in their destroyed, deserted hometown...

the Man, a doctor, the woman, an engineer, together: a family.
the man picks up two bowls, filled with an assortment of meat and veg, he moves into the room with the woman, she hears him enter, and retreats out from underneath the vehicle.

no words need to be exchanged. these two had been together for a long time, their thoughts almost as one. the man hands her a bowl, she nods a thanks in return, he sits cross legged in front of her, and they eat together.

after the meal, the woman returns underneath the vehicle, the man sits at the opening of the garage in the shade, looking out into the ruined town, memories from before a torn world ran through his mind.

he begun to shake, his eyes landed apon a scorched patch of earth, the ground around it still glowing from unknown extra dimensional forces... the first time his power had shown itself.

his mind rushed with unimaginable images, alternate worlds and timelines.
he feels a sudden pressure around him, and something heavy on his back, the woman had come over, and hugged him tightly.

"Never again"

the man stopped shaking, and gave a smile on his face.
the woman smiled too, having a small giggle.

"It'll all be alright"
"as long as we're all here"
 A lone woman, scrambling around underneath a broken down car, as a man in another room prepares some
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It was too hard for her to hide, her vibrant hue stands out among the normal humans... or atleast, this future's version of 'normal'.

A woman, rainbow of sight and hair, ran through the back alleys of the streets, one of the new cities, made by the humans after the war with the Unbidden, cities like these were the new places humans went, or atleast the ones who are afraid of the broken world the unbidden left behind.

the woman, chased by men and women of ragged leather and iron, rustic guns and words unsavory, had quite a clever idea.

she ran through the thin alleyways, making sure the path infront of her led to an open street, and behind her the chasers, she clapped her hands together and wished for luck.

the colour of her eyes became black for a moment, suddenly becoming Dark Blue, a field of blue formed behind her, causing some of her chasers to become immobilised, and several of them that tried to enter the field, found themselves stuck against it.

the woman now in the open streets, attempting to carefully avoid attracting attention..
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The girl's figure moved across the still and quiet night gracefully, her silhouette like paint being dragged along a black canvas littered with stars. These stars were her only light, as she knew they would be. She knew that tonight no moon would guide her as she'd following its cycle for hundreds of years. She loved the consistency of its patterns, beautiful and so controlled. It was not like other things, she thought. Not like people.

As she made her way across the empty landscape, her thoughts were the only sounds she could hear. Millions of thoughts swimming in her mind, crashing around like waves, pulling at her brain for attention. She focused all she could on where she was going, what she was looking for, who she might see, what she was going to say. Her mind, which had learned Sanskrit in ten days, had not been able to think of a single thing to say in two hundred years.

Finally the blurred form came into view. Reaching into a brown leather bag she pulled out a notebook, the most recent from the twenty-some she carried in the bag. The girl flipped through the pages of the notebook, a year or so of words, numbers, and drawings rolling through her mind until she found the page she needed. A quick, but accurate charcoal sketch of a cabin. She held it up for comparison, then tucked in back away. Even in the dark, she could tell, this was it.

When she'd closed the final stretch of distance between her and her destination, she stood still for just a moment by the door. Nervousness was a special kind of torture for the girl, as in the time that one person could see out one worst case scenario, fifty or so played through her mind. Overcome by the anxiousness of waiting, she rapped loudly on the door. She thought of the man that she hoped just might be waiting behind the door. A man she hadn't seen in two hundred years.
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Diana straightened out her lab coat and brushed the wrinkles from her clothes before her hand slid into her pocket and she removed a tape recorder to make a note about someone that she and Missy had ran into on the way home. "Homosapien Encounter update, continuation number 2. The female seems to have issues of her own, hypocritically stating that I have social issues when she apparently lacks social skills immensely. Further speech from said female seems to only inherit the trait of profanity, which brings me to believe that she may be indecisively asinine, and may have the mentality that casting what I will assume to be insults will achieve anything. She may have been attempting to establish some form of nonexistent dominance and or intimidation, which of course, ended in failure." She clicked the recorder once more before sliding it back into her lab coat, grabbing a few things more to put in her bag afterwards.

Meanwhile, Missy hopped through her rather large room inside her and Diana's apartment, her powers fully active as she hummed in an upbeat tone and gathering items into a unnecessarily big traveling bag. She scooped jars of peanut butter into the bag from a shelf before going to pack some clothes for herself. They pretty much were moving. Or at least, that's what it seemed like in her mind.


While remaining in a snoring sleep, the man with the slightly grey white hair, known as Shike, stirred lazily, stretching some as he did so. But when he did, his arm knocked over the half empty soda can that rested in the cup holder, causing it to tip over and fall towards the floor. But very slowly. The liquid beverage that the can contained flowed out as if it were in slow motion, floating in an odd manner for a few seconds. However, at the sound of the loud knocking caused him to jump up frantically, falling off the sofa and nearly hitting the floor, his left foot hitting one of the legs of the table as he managed to catch himself. "Damn it!" He cursed to himself, turning to grab his soda can as he saw that it had been knocked from its place, only a few drops of the liquid within spilling onto the floor. But then he paused and turned towards the door, blinking slowly. There were two things that he automatically found wrong with this situation. One, he didn't have visitors, being that this was meant to be his hideout and he didn't really care for being around people. And two, it had come to his attention that he didn't have anymore tacos. He lifted the can to his lips and took a loud sip. This only meant one thing to him, and that was that it was time to leave and find somewhere else. He let out a burp on his way to the door, grabbing a simple staff that he had taken the time to carve out of wood and sliding his feet into a pair of shoe slippers that were covered in brown fur. "I don't have time for knock knock jokes. So whoever it is, get lost or face the wrath of....uhh...a stick." He said with a sleepy dullness, letting out a yawn. "Oh, and I'm totally not here...sooo...yeah....but whatever you're sellin' I'm not buying so go away."
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The woman continued across the desert, move during night, sleep during day in shade... she had done this before, and although she could've used her power to move quicker... noise attracts attention, the ones she is looking for may hear it, and scramble to leave.

the broken town ahead, not far in sight now.


The three women were interrupted by a man, short of breath and humid with sweat, running.

the oldest nods her head, allowing the man to speak
"The fourth has been spotted downtown"

the other two have a shocked reaction.
"well... I suppose there's our way to find him"
"Once again, they may not help us"
"but we need to try! Mother is missing! and I want to make sure Brother is alright!"

the women look to the youngest.
the man unsure what to do.
the oldest sighs, and looks to the man, the man snaps to attention.
"Send a small unit, 3 or 4, do not startle or aggravate her, nor do anything to impose a threat... that being said... bring non-lethal weaponry, stun or stasis. understood?"
"YES MA'AM" the man saluted, then quickly left, orders could be heard being barked down the hallway, until the door shut.


the Woman of colour in sight and hair walked quickly through the crowd, her hair's vibrancy standing out, the colour of her eyes had returned to the multitude of hue as normal.

the new humanity around her didn't seem so different from the ones she knew, save for the mutated ones.
whispers begun around her, many gossiping about her hue of hair.
she would need to find a place to hide.
hace más de un año Firebird06721 said…
His voice pulled up memories deep rooted in two hundred years of history. Memories she remembered and recalled so often that they were as fresh as though they had happened just the day before, and yet so long since lived it felt as though they'd never really happened at all. He sounded like he hadn't changed a bit, but he had... they all had.

Memories, thoughts, and a million versions of the immediate future rolled through her mind like film as she looked for the perfect words. Despite testing out dozens of more effective phrases in her head the only words the girl could force out of her mouth were- "Shlike? Open the door..." Two hundred years had passed, and she knew that he may no longer recognize her voice, but thought at least his name might jar him. She wondered how long it had been since he had heard his name.
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hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
There was a long pause in the man's movements as he heard the voice of a girl from the other side of the door. But that wasn't what made him come to a complete stop as he was making his way out the back door, his footsteps quiet and his soda in hand. Shlike....?. It took him a few long seconds of digging through his memories until he realized that...that was his name. His surname, at least. But that didn't change the fact that very few even knew that much about him, especially when he was preferred to mostly as the "Bad Time Dealer" for....reasons. It had been around two hundred years, a few days, a few hours, and a few seconds since he had last heard that name.

Which to him, meant that something was off. And he was going to find out what, because the individual, whoever it was, was probably going have to be handled before he got his things together and moved. "Give me ooone second, person who's telling me to open my door." He casually picked up a long piece of string that had been laying there on the floor, but once it was picked up, it could be seen that it actually ran along the ceiling and hung down to where it tied around the door knob of the front door. He opened the back door carefully before tying the end of the string he had around the knob. Once he stepped outside and closed the door all the way, the knob to the front door would slowly turn as if someone were opening it, and it would just a little while he made his way around to the front. A simple decoy maneuver. But there was also a bucket full of ice cold water that set above the door, so once the door was pushed open enough for someone to step in, they would probably be drenched.


Soon enough, Diana and and Missy had left what was their temporary home.

Missy had to stop herself from hopping at Diana's side like a bunny...that could jump extremely high, and instead went on to skipping some as an alternative solution. She hummed cheerfully as she did so, making sure that she was paying attention when Diana had started speaking.

"Alright Springfoot, I believe that it would be plausibly efficient if you took to higher ground so that our range of searching will have a useful edge to the scenario. Judging by the looks of it, we have quite the nice crowd out today, which means that I will be able to make use of the eyes from down below. Remember, our tactics at the moment depend solely on advantages at the moment, therefore if we happen to encounter one of the individuals that we're looking for, then remember what we've gone over. Understand? If anything occurs, then just watch for my signal." Diana looked up from her notes to see if she had been paying attention.

"Okay!" Missy smiled brightly, excited that she was going to finally be able to stretch her legs and use The Hop, just like they had talked about. She could barely contain herself. "We'll definitely find them in no time Doc!" She said enthusiastically, giving two thumbs up.

"Hm." Diana couldn't help but to smile a bit. "Most definitely. Also keep in mind that our objective is to find them so that we may have a chance to have a way of tracking the individual for leverage."

Missy nodded quickly and pulled down a white mask, which had floppy bunny ears on the top of it but only covered the upper portion of her face before running off somewhere that she couldn't be seen.
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the two continued on as normal, the woman underneath the vehicle, tampering away, whilst the man sat in his devastated garden, the plants had suffered, but were slowly recovering, he sat in the middle, watching his plants.

his mind raced to the past, few friends he could remember, one of hue, another of machine... the others were harder to recall. he grunted at his lack of memory.

his mind pulled himself to his mother and siblings... the last he saw them, they were children, and the last he saw his mother, she was a mid-aged woman, being sent off to fight a losing war...

his mind snapped back, an ant had crawled over his leg.
"you won't find any sugar here, friend"


The woman of hue had found a spot to rest, a bench within a park, out of the way of the crowd, however the crowd was only across the road.

she could sit here and rest for the time being.
hace más de un año Firebird06721 said…
Savia stood, her face soft but yet stricken with hope and anticipation. After all these years to see one of there faces...

The knob turned slowly and the old door creaked open slightly. The slowness of the movement evoked no question at first, as it was only expected that Shlike exercise caution. She had expected him to run even. After all she knew his name, where to find him. And as her brain worked a mile a minute it seemed as though it was just not cautious enough. Savia had been prepared for an escape and quickly decided this was a remaining possibility. And just as soon as this suspicion had come, she turned around to face the shadowed figure of a man.
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( is there still room within the six hero's ? )
hace más de un año BanetteGhosneir said…
((You clearly have not read the entirety of the original post...

go back up, and have a look, there is a sheet where characters that have been made are named and categorized. Please read the entire original post before asking questions that can easily be answered with a single look.))
hace más de un año wolfmaster3000 said…
( ha ha my bad mang I'm on a shitty phone I can read stuff but not well I can barley Type =P )
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Getting out of sight was a convenience for Missy, mostly because of the fact that when she used wondered off and about by herself in the past before her power had came to be realized, she would often get lost due to her poor sense of direction. It happened all the time when she was younger as well, though she never seemed to be bothered much by the fact that she had no idea where she was or where she was going for that matter, and instead her bubbly personality always remained. Even so, she never thought that getting lost would prove to be so much of a tactic until she met Diana after discovering her ability to...well, jump. All she had to do was not use it until she got lost enough, which she did eventually. It never took her long to do so. The soles of her shoes met the small portions of grey that was the path gravel that led between two buildings where a bit of trash was thrown across the area beside their containers. Despite the crowd that Diana had been talking about, there didn't seem to be many people that passed by. So without waiting any further, her knees bent in a half crouch before she jumped, a small gust of air pulsing outwards from beneath her feet as she launched herself in the air. She turned her gaze to her surroundings, her expression brightening while the air brushed passed her lightly until she landed on her targeted spot gracefully.

Meanwhile, Diana had entered the crowd in hopes of taking a more direct approach in coming in contact with the person that they were looking for. She observed her vicinity carefully, scanning the faces of the people that she passed within the crowd while keeping a somewhat low profile. She had of course, expected the streets to be a bit more crowded today than usual, which was another reason that she found it to be the perfect time to do a quick search of the area. After around three minutes of searching through her own vision, she decided that it was indeed time for her to sync. They needed to save as much time as possible, and with her working at ground level, making the most of her position was a key factor of it. There were more than enough eyes she could use to take a little peep through. So with that, she adjusted her glasses while puling a plain white and lightly tattered cap from her bag and pulling it down enough to where her eyes were hidden but she would still be able to see. The hazel of her irises shrunk for a moment, and then dilated to a size a little bigger than the average human's would be, her pupil shifting from the filled in black dot and into a ring in its center. Almost immediately, her vision began to see changes that could only be seen through her eyes as they were now. Intertwined wisps of blue drifted into her sight, stemming from a space that was about 2 and a half inches away from the corners of her eyes. Blue was the reflection of what she felt at the moment, calm. She had found that there were certain colors that were affiliated with. Two more came from her temples and intertwined with the ones that had come from the space closer to her eyes before they began to branch out and connect to some of the surrounding people as she continued to walk casually. Her calmness swept onto the individuals that she synced with, and in return, she began to experience the sense of sight from over twenty different people at once while they carried about their day, the wisps that connected her to them changing from person to person as she continued her search.


Shlike brought himself to a halt just as he rounded the corner, not really taking the time to observe who it was that had knocked on his door to began with. There were certain aspects that he went by that influenced what his next actions would be. He hadn't heard the splashing of water, which was the first factor along with the fact that there hadn't been any validated reaction like a surprised yelp or a scream, or anything else of that nature. The bucket that had been awaiting its duty had always remained filled to the brim just in case someone entered his place of isolation while he wasn't there. That, and he always added ice to ensure that it stayed as cold as possible. But the fact that the first factor wasn't put into play had automatically made him assume that whoever it was hadn't gone in. Which brought him to attempt number two, which was only just the beginning. His mind was forever stuck on the setting of "tactician", even after the war. Though it wasn't as active as before. However, over the last 200 years, he had more than enough time to plot out hundreds of ways to break and enter into his own home, and therefore, had come up with hundreds of counter measures to keep people away before it got to that point. Which led him to set up a line of "tactical pranks" that were...much more thought out with precision and constructed than they should have been. And at the moment, all he knew was that the person was still there. Which is where the staff of wood came into play. Reaching up, the end of the staff caught on to another piece of string. But this one was extremely thin, so it was almost as if it weren't there. He moved it to the left and it popped.
One of the clocks that had been hanging from the ceiling dropped down onto the string that was connected to the front door, causing it to be pulled open further. Inside the house, the hook to the other side of the string that had allowed the clock to be hanging from the ceiling fell and looped onto the hand of the bucked, causing it to swing away from the door, a few drops of water spilling. But as it swung forward, the bucket tipped over, its contents splashing out towards its designated target.
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The mother steps into the town, forgotten to time and war. forgotten to all... but few.

she continued to walk through the town, going down the main street... though no one would recognise any parts of this town, she needed not to recognise, her memory had walked these roads a million times. her legs moved on their own, following a memory...

the library... the butcher... the Johnsons... Greg's tools... the Kattins... the memory continues... she stops, and looks to her left...

The Hospital... where she first saw the sun's light... and where her first child did too...
she moves on, the past isn't able to be done again, but the now can be changed...

onward... toward her child.


The woman of hue begins to drift, sleep hadn't been an option for days, a moment of rest... a moment of danger, she begins to droop her eyes, and lay back against the bench, her head leaning forward...

the darkness of sleep takes hold.
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((I suppose I should also give some more Info on the Unbidden, so using Q's memories, I'll give some info and idea on what they look like))

The man in the Garden begun to think, to remember, his mind afloat in the river of memory flowing through his mind, 200 years to others, but to him vastly more. his mind remembers his unfortunate travel between dimensions, between time and space... his mind wanders back, back to the war... to the destruction...

a massive machine, 300 meters tall, devastating and destroying Mech and battleship, one after the other, nothing could pierce it's metal, and it continued to ravage on through the battlefield, It seemed nothing could halt it's assault, to date it has not been defeated, even by the six... it retreated through a portal at the defeat of the Unbidden...

as for them, the link.
Mysterious beings, known only by the strange metal and armour they have and their ships of war and weaponry, the only one to have seen them underneath, the woman of Hue. Although they appear harmless, they are indeed as powerful as described, one Unbidden was enough to ravage an army... humans almost stood no chance.

the oceans were filled with the Unbidden's horrors, link. (Use the girl in there for a size comparison)
Although not large, these were very quick, able to bite through the thickest hulls, and seeming unhittable...
the strangest part: They show no heat signatures
These ravaged ports and boats, leaving the world disconnected by sea.

And finally: the Unbidden's soldiers.
from Left to Right.

Junts were large unstoppable units, 3 meters tall and strong, able to lift battleships, although they aren't fast, they have no need to be, nothing can stand in their way as they simply walk right through all obstacles, not even slowing down an inch. these were the most common units.

IS, extremely speedy scouts, exceeding Mach 2 on ground, and bursting through mach 3 in the air, although extremely easy to penetrate and destroy, these units are near impossible to hit and can be heard miles away, Bear Traps are able to pierce through their weak metal, and this is how this unit is captured and killed. not much of a threat when standing still, but when moving, the sonic boom alone is enough to severely damage soldiers.
uncommon to see these units during the war. but still pops up.

and Finally.
Terrifying robots, much like the Junts, extremely hard to destroy these units, and even worse: once destroyed, there is a possibility they can return to functioning condition.

Limbs torn off from this unit still function, and able to find human technology to repair itself with, from a single Arm, another unit can be spawned. this unit's primary function seems to be to maintain itself, it also repairs fallen Unbidden units, such as Junts, IS and even Snake Heads.

throughout the entire war, only 400 of these units were recorded to appear originally. with a total of 12,000 units created by the original 4. (this doesn't include the units they repaired)

The man's memory running through all he knew of the Unbidden, snapped to a single image, a thought, a link...

A̙͈̭̬͐͂̒ͨ̎͑͂ͅ ͖̹̺̞͕͍̎͊ͬ̽P̜̃̒̇̊͒ͨO͓̟͉S­͇̄̔­̮̫S­̠̣ͅ­̠I̳­̳̘ͅ­B͂̋­̀͗̏­͍͐I­̑͆ͭ­̙̥̩­̹L̒­ͮ̓̚­̯̣ͅ­͚͎I­̲̫ͩ­̻͖ͅ­̦Tͫ­̈́̃̋­̖̪Y­̈ͬ̈­̮̫̿­͚

In his time, trapped through time and space, the first quake that ravaged his DNA, sent his power into motion, gripping him through the dimensions, to possible futures, to possible times...

The image, the woman under the vehicle... one in the same...

The man's mind knew exactly what this meant... what this was...
their Queen... a meld of human Flesh and Unbidden power and technology... his greatest fear... and his biggest regret.

Tears swell in the man's eyes, dropping down below, nearly drowning his ant friend. the ant skitters off, and the woman appears, hugging the man tightly.

she knew what he was thinking... she knew all too well.
"I'll never..."
the man nodded, rubbing the tears from his eyes.
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(Boop, I'm still here. I was actually waiting for FireBird xD)
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((Boop Boop, calling all bird made of fire, please respond))
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((Sorry guys!! I think most of you know disappearing isn't like me... things have been rough here lately))

Savia stood in front of the old, wood door eyes wide, eager, 200 years had passed and still somehow in this moment they looked so full of youth. But alas her youth had left her long ago. She knew all to well of the world and its horrors, its cruelty, its inequity.

It occurred to the girl she had waited too long, she felt a wave of doubt pass over her. Something was wrong. A trap, her mind knew in seconds. Her eyes searched around her, but she knew better than to move an inch and risk tripping something. The door creaked open just far enough, and then she had her answer: a pit pat of spilling water. Within an instant she knew this had been set up to distract her, and that Shlike was making his escape elsewhere. In her mind, minutes rolled by as she jumped backwards out of the way, but her mind couldn't force her body fast enough. Water splashed down, turning the packed dirt to slick mud. Savia moved fast enough to escape its full impact but found herself soaked from the knees down.

But she knew she couldn't afford to miss a beat, she ran into the house, looking up to study the trap she had sprung, or rather someone had sprung for her. The hook, the string, the clock, mere seconds and she had followed the workings of the entire contraption. She quickly and easily followed the trap to where it's most effective source would be, running around the house and hoping Shlike hadn't gotten far. Two hundred years was long enough to wait.
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((BTW, quick question, is Diana and Rose looking for Colour?))
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(( am I too late for this RolePlay? ))
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((You're too late to be one of the six heroes, but other spots are open))
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(( What types of spots are open? ))
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((A bandit, government official, or civilian))
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((I literally just realized that Firebird replied XD I also have realized that I'm like, mega late. I'll try to get to a reply when I can.))
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