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BanetteGhosneir posted on Dec 12, 2016 at 12:59AM
Reading someone's fate is easy for those with the knowledge, reading the strings of fate is so easy, it only takes a single year of training... but only true masters can read very far into ones fate.

and everything has a fate...
or so we thought

Everyone, when they turn 18, has their fate read, so that they may know and understand their future...

but not you, words never spoken before, never heard by anyone's ears before, were said to you.

"I see... nothing, there is no Fate strung out for you..."

you are the Fateless, beings not destined for anything, and although to others, this means you're strange, to those that can read Fate, and to those that understand the world...

you are the most dangerous thing in existence.

Since you are Fateless, YOU decide when you will die, you decide where you'll go, who'll you speak to, who'll you help or harm... but must dangerously of all.

you can kill, or save, someone with a fate to live or die.

Children will not be born, people will not die when they are meant to.
you are almost unkillable, If it is someone else's fate to kill you, YOU can change that, you have no fate to Die.

rumors of more fateless spread throughout the land, and with the northern elves invading, you, the Fateless, are begged to come fight.

What will you choose? because unlike all of us.
You decide fate.

[===][Extra Details][===]

The northern invading elves are called Narakata
the country you live in is called Narmuh

There are many races living in Narmuh, Humans, Dwarves, Kitsune, cat-folk, dog-folk, reptile-folk, ect.
Narakata is only Elves, they're like Nazis essentially.

Fate-Readers are the folk who can read the strings of fate. those with a fate HAVE to follow it, the only exception is with a Fateless, for example:
Say a farmer's fate is to not meet anyone in the morning on the way to their farm, a Fateless can meet them on the way, thereby changing the Farmer's string of fate, which in turn will change many other's fates.

Another example
a Woman's fate is to die by Orcs, a Fateless can come, kill the orcs and save the woman, but if a normal person came, the Orcs would still kill the woman, even if they were slaughtered afterwards by the one with fate. because a Fateless saved the woman, she would live on to bear children, or she may be the cause of death for someone who was meant to have children

this is how extensive you can be as a Fateless... you are dangerous.

the time period is Medieval

for more questions, gimme a PM

[===][Character Sheet][===]






 lectura someone's fate is easy for those with the knowledge, lectura the strings of fate is so easy,
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hace más de un año BanetteGhosneir said…
[Name] Windler Aurora

[Age] 19

[Race] Human

What're you to do when your town thinks you're a dangerous weapon?
cry? ask for help? fix the problem?

how can I do that?
they're all so afraid, the smallest, most quiet words I speak could possibly end all time, the smallest sneeze, the lightest yawn, a simple flutter in blink could cause catastrophic results...

that is what they believe, a Fateless like me is nothing but a volcano, waiting to burst to them.
but I won't, I kept my mouth shut, kept eyes to myself, I stayed inside, hiding away from the world, reading books to learn Magic, perhaps I could restore a fate to myself... but books never spoke of weaving Fate... only of reading the threads...

if that is so, then perhaps I must learn to weave fate, and teach the Fateless to come, how to carefully keep the world's fate.

I ride for the capital... I'll learn to weave, and protect the Fate I have not.

She knows plenty of Magic, but not Necromancy or Hemomancy.
 [[b]Name[/b]] Windler Aurora [[b]Age[/b]] 19 [[b]Race[/b]] Human [[b]Biography[/b]] What're
hace más de un año grey_skies said…
((i LOVE this forum!!!!!!!!!!))

Name: Talia Locke

Age: 18

Race: Human

Biography: Role play starts right after Talia finds out she's fateless. Will tend to try to use her power for good, as she is very sweet. She has good intentions almost always that go wrong more times than not. She has a younger 16 year old brother (will make profile for soon. he will not be fateless) who she cares about more than anything

Extra: Talia is trilingual (english, spanish, french) and she knows a moderate amount of magic.