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Phantelephant posted on Nov 14, 2016 at 09:51AM
For Mature Audiences Only

After bad experiences with past rps. I will demand that there will be no Homophobia, transphobia, OR ANY DISCRIMINATION AGAINST OTHER PLAYERS FOR THEIR GENDER, RACE, SEX, OR SEXUALITY OF ANY SORT. I will also not tolerate any rape fantasies or objectification of abuse Message me for questions and concerns.

Year 2085 and America has become a glistening white utopia of wealth. A second industrial boom has occurred after the 4th World War that nearly destroyed everything. Robots have been adapted created to replace the middle man. To do what nobody else wanted to do. To perform the mindless repetitive task that any brainless idiot could perform. They have even replaced the men in blue, so that there would be no corruption. But without human reasoning, without emotional attachment. Then, what is there?

Because the force was programmed by the book to uphold the law. Crime was decreased but prisons were overflowing, and there was a drastic increase in police brutality. The death sentence became a favorable solution amongst the states, but even then they could not keep up.

It was then they built the tunnel systems underneath New York . These dark underground dwellings would house the unwanted, those who have been sentenced to life. They were free to wander them, but never to climb to the surface. It was such a great idea that the people above asked, why waste it on criminals? What about those poor homeless people? Or what about those without jobs? Surely you could have them maintain the tunnels. And we could make quite a profit selling them goods such as food and medical supplies!

But of course it was no act of kind will, but a selfish greedy one as those incapable on the surface, those who were poor, those who were jobless, those whose houses just seemed to be an eye sore, those who were mentally unstable were forced to live among the scum underground.

A society was created of people who would never see the sun. A society whose overwhelming population could never be governed. A society constantly plagued by drug lords, cartels, diseases, poverty, street gangs, gas leaks, tunnel fires, floods, and cave-ins. There were enormous lifts in each major point of each level in this subterranean world, each one would lead to a different district but each locked with a code. This didn't matter much since there was always a way around these sort of things and people would traverse the sectors all the time without trouble.

Sector 1 has long since been destroyed by cave-ins, the lift will not go that far below, but they say people still thrive down there. Somehow. On what we do not dare to ask. It's only a rumor anyway. Though they say you can find paradise there if you know how to look.

Sector 2 is mostly inhabited by those who cannot function in any form of society. It is mostly inhabited by criminals, junkies, and the mentally unstable. Nobody wants to be in Sector 2...

Sector 3 is mostly inhabited by the workers and the poor, wearing houses and clustered settlements built from rubble, a lot the tunnels here lead to nowhere and one must be cautious of the gas leaks for it easily leads to fire. There are some places to purchase food, but they are rare and few between.

Sector 4 is much like 3 but more secure and much more populated, it is also where there is a constant battle between street gangs. Here are where most of the housing complexes and apartments are located so people could better access sector 5.

Sector 5 gets the most in traffic as it is filled with merchants, traders, visiting surfacers (very rare), and workers. It has many shops and job opportunities. In the center there lies Neon City, a place aglow with lights as it is full of nightclubs, casinos, strip joints, bars, inns, motels, and everything in between. It is also a place well-known for drug-trafficking and prostitution. A magnet for crime and the downright dirty. It is said there, is where St. Lucy's Badmen patrol the streets, keeping tabs on the clubs and everyone who's ever contacted. He is a very renown drug lord. The son of a man who used to run one of the most vicious crime syndicates underground. They say he is spawned from the devil, himself. Every crime known to mankind has been committed here.

Sector 6 is where the factories and warehouses are located as well as a few housing complexes. It is here where most get there supplies and where almost all of those who live under the surface work.

Sector 7 contains their main sources of power supply and the water purification system as well as piping.

Sector 8 contains old abandoned bunkers once used in WWVI. They have been converted to housing for wealthier undergrounders, as they are a lot larger and much more secure than any of the homes below them. It is also said that Lucy keeps his safehouse here.

Sector 9 is mostly the sewers of the surfacers. Very few go up here, due to how heavily guarded the place is. But a few stragglers sometimes wander in only to lose their head via subway system. The lift goes straight from there to a holding facility where criminals will be judged and retried on whether or not they should be able to go to the surface. Or if you lived down there under other circumstances they make you fill out a series of paperwork and tests then give you a waiting period that could last from a couple of weeks to several years, even then it's highly unlikely you can leave. But there other ways to the surface that only people like Saint Lucy know of.

How else would they have gotten their "special" goods down here. Like the rare hallucinogen that is rumored to be so intense that when taken, it causes the consumer to see, feel, hear, and smell what they believe to be heaven. Just one capsule is worth a fortune.

And everyone wants to get their hands on it.

In fact it with this pill... that deep down in the underground, at an apartment complex in sector 4 that our story begins.

(This is an rp based on weird 80's films and grindhouse flicks. So please, if you join this rp, expect to engage in as much violence and crude gore as you can possibly fathom.

Suggestive content is fine. Explicit sexual content however is not permitted in this forum.

Cursing is encouraged.

Godlike characters are not aloud.

With the exception of cyborgs, and some androids, this roleplay should only contain human characters that pertain to the theme.

If there's 4+ people involved and there are only two online. You are allowed one page of rping but please be considerate of others and wait afterwards.

If you've read and agree to these rules please say "I'm here to kick some ass and chew bubblegum. And I'm all out of bubblegum."

Profiles are not necessary. But if you need a profile in order to rp please let me know and I will post a profile template.

If you powerplay be ready to be obliterated!

Since there's going to most likely be very few people rping, I hope you make more than one character and help contribute to the rp.

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