Jugar a ser Alguien Aleatório New Dimension (FULL)

sieluvzsoul posted on Feb 25, 2014 at 03:08AM
Ok so my friend Heart_of_love came up with this all credit for her..I jus made it

Its about a group of kids doing a science experiment wen it goes terribly wrong..this mistake causes an different dimension to appear..and in this dimension r alternates of the kids..but these alternates aren't normal they posses a very strong power individually. The kids get stuck in this dimension and the only way out is to get through the levels kinna lik a video game and defeat the creator of the dimension with the help of their alternates

Charecter sheet

Appearance (pic if u can)
Crush (not needed rite away but u can mak it rite away if u want)

-sex, cussing, violence allowed
-no killing off others characters
-I will put full wen I feel theres enough roleplayers
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