Full Name: Bartolo Chavez (Bart for nickname)
Meaning: may god bless the farmer's son
Hometown: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Current Residence: Boston, Massachusetts
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: Average
Blood Type: O-Negative
Nationality: Puerto Rican
Birthday: December 2nd
Chinese Zodiac: Tiger
Compatibility: Dragon, Horse, Pig, Sheep
Greek Zodiac: Saggitarius
Ruling Planet(s): Jupiter
Element: Fire
Hair Color: Black
Hair Type: White bleached streak down the center, put in a Fauxhawk
Eye Color: Green
Eye Sight: 20/20
Tattoos/Piercings/Scars: None notable
Clothing Description: usually wears his Dad's old leather chaqueta over a hoodie, jeans (usually black), high parte superior, arriba black shoes. Sometimes wears bracelets o other accessories.

Good Traits: Loyal, caring, observant
Flaws: Mistrusting, hard to please
Good Habits: maintains his team, keeps eyes over the battlefield
Bad Habits: judges others performance, does not deliver criticism kindly.
Any Strange Habits?: not really
Fears: loss, solitude
Why Do They Have These Fears?: lost too many people, inadequacy
Moral Standards: doesn't swear, good morales
favorito! Food: Carne Asada, in any form
Least favorito! Food: Fish
favorito! Drink: Dr. Pepper
Least favorito! Drink: Coffee
favorito! Color: Black
Least favorito! Color: Red
favorito! Scent: Wintergreen
favorito! Sound: Viruses de-digitalizing
favorito! Sight: working technology
favorito! Time of Year: Fall
favorito! Time of Day: 2 PM
favorito! Animal: Wolf
favorito! Song(s): Phantom of the Opera (full album)
favorito! Movie: Suicide Squad
Best School Subject: Mathmatics, Statistics
Worst School Subject: English
Best Camp Activity: Archery
Worst Camp Activity: Rock Climbing

Mother: Esmerelda Chavez
Relationship: his mother is his idol
Father: Steve
Relationship: died before birth.
Step-Parent/Foster Parents: None
Siblings: None
Relationship: None
Closest Friends: Teammates of the Savajes (all have animal based avatars)
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Bellona Taylor
Enemies: none known
Pet(s): Pomskie named Delgado
How did they acquire this/these pet(s)? Where did it's name come from? How old are they, ect.?: navidad present from Bellona at 16


Full Name: Zorrillo
Meaning: Skunk
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: Average Muscled
Hair Color: Black
Hair Type: Dyed with a white streak down the center
Eye Color: Green
Tattoos/Piercings/Scars: claw scars over Right eye, Robotic right eye, stab wound in ribs
Clothing Description: Black and whit digitized suit

Weapon: CyberPlasma Sword from his left gauntlet
Armor: Tank Cybortronic armor, black with white trim, CyberPlasma shield ambidextrous
Range: CyberPlasma laser and CyberPlasma detonator launcher on right gauntlet
CyberPlasma Color: Green
Style: Bombardier and gladiator
Strengths: camisa, camiseta range, hand to hand combat
Weaknesses: long range
Fatal Flaw: Safety of Teammates
Abilities: multiple sight options, enhanced strength and speed

Background: Growing up without a father, Bartolo had a rough start as life. His mother usually worked as a Gardener, earning just enough to survive. He worked so hard in school he earned a grant to go to America for his education. Once in America life started getting easier, pay for his mother was better, he started mowing people's lawns, and he had just enough money to enroll in the bahía Program.

Seeing this as his way out of poverty, he teamed up with the best bahía user in his class. Her name was Bellona and soon they started getting paid for their virus clearing services. They Co-Founded the Salvajes around the same time they started dating. At 17 was when the Viruses with infections came. Bellona's Avatar, Loba, was infected, and is now controlled por the viruses. Bellona is still in a Coma, and has been put on life support. He has become one of the parte superior, arriba 10 Avatars and keeps the Salvajes fighting.