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Announcer: SeanTheHedgehog is, the leader in fan fictions.
Henry: *Stares at the fire, and does nothing*
CIA: *Arriving in helicopters, and Suburbans*
NS Men: *Firing at the Suburbans*
CIA Agents: *Jumping out of the helicopters, and running out of the Suburbans. All equipped with M4 Carbines*
Rainbow Dash: hola Applejack? Sean wants tu to-
Octavia: ooh.
Derpy: What? *sits on torch* Oh my muffins!
Pony 90: *Sees Karl driving his car on two wheels, gets scared, and spins out of control in his Desoto. He hits another car*
Pony 87: *Goes down an embankment, and crashes into a boulder*...
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arco iris Dash drinks a potion that Twilight made, and the power it gives her is powerful enough for her to do a- DOUBLE RAINBOOM. But what happens when she does it? Watch to find out!
arco iris dash
enfriador, refrigerador
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