Roberta, Marge, and Karina were in their room listening to Queen's Greatest Hits. Marge was canto along to Don't Stop Me Now while Karina was reading. Roberta was painting her nails one side black.Marge stops the track annd says,"I really wish we can go back in time to visit Queen. It would be really awesome to see them!" Karina looked up from her book and sighed,"I would amor to meet them, too. If only we had a tim-I got it!". Karina ran downstairs to the garage.

"What!?" Marge shouted. "I am going to make a time machine! tu can help me!!!" Karina said. They opened the garaje and got tools out. They got a dryer and then started fixing the wires up. "Oh, I can't wait to see them!!" Marge said. "When I see Frddie, I will ask if he can totally sing a song for us!!" Roberta said, sighing dreamily. They connected wires to wires and then took a break.

"Let's get back to it! I am very ecxited!" Marge said. They got back to it and then they finished. "This is it." Karina said. "We can try it tomorrow!!" Marge said. They went to sleep. The siguiente day, they woke up very ecxited.

"Today is the day!!!" Roberta shouted, waking everybody up and pulling off their blankets. "We will finally see them!" puerto pequeño, marina said. They brushed their teeth and ate breakfast. After that, Marge said, "Oh! Let's bring our collection of queen to mostrar how much we amor them!!" They nodded and came back with suitcases full of their collection. "We should pack a few clothes, too!" Roberta said. They went upstairs and packed their things. "Everybody ready?" Karina said. "Yes." They said. "Okay, wll, let's go!" Marge said. They went inside the dryer and pushed the button. It made a loud creaking noise and then they dissapeared.

"So tu think tu can stone me and spit in my eye!" They heard Freddie sing. "WERE HERE!" Roberta dicho as she fainted. Karina catched her. "I think we are......BACK STAGE!?" Marge dicho as she fainted. Karina catched her too. Freddie said,"Okay, my darlings! The mostrar is over! We had the best time hanging out with you! Good bye!" The audience appluaded. The band went backstage and saw Karina holding Marge and Roberta. She laughed nervously and said,"Hello, Queen!".

To be continued.....