I will just share my thoughts on Freddie's death.

Freddie was a great singer and was the best member of queen in my opinion. I was very upset once they revealed his death. I wish he was still alive to this day. Of course, we all know he died of aids. He did not deserve to die. Yes, he was gay, (I don't support that) but he was one of the best singers.

My favorito! song was Bohemian Rhapsody because it is meaningful. The lyrics are very easy to understand and my favorito! part is when they sing the opera part. I hate seeing Freddie hurt, it just hurts me.

I am trying to make this club active, so if tu really amor Queen, try to make this active. I am trying to get a medal on this club and tu guys can only help me. Will tu please try your best to hel? I would like to thank all of the people that have medallas for being active.