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la elección de los fans: All of The Above!
la elección de los fans: Alan Davies
la elección de los fans: David Mitchell
David Mitchell
Rich Hall
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Add an answer, please.
la elección de los fans: It's just you.
It&# 39; s just you.
I&# 39; m not sure, Fry has several...
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glelsey dicho …
Stephen Fry: Name an intelligent bird.
Jo Brand: Me. publicado hace más de un año
glelsey dicho …
Apparently, the episode I was in the audience for is airing tonight - they're not mostrando them in the order they filmed them. Let's hope this is the one! publicado hace más de un año
glelsey comentó…
Yep, this is the one! hace más de un año
glelsey comentó…
Spoiler: there's a great bit involving swear words later in the episode. ;) hace más de un año
glelsey dicho …
I just got inicial after watching them film an episode! It's going to be the 6th episode of Series L. I won't post any spoilers about the actual episode, but a couple of cool things about what it was like in the audience: when you're waiting for it to start, they have a bunch of interesting facts come up on the screens (e.g. the RSPCA once got called out to help a fly caught in a spider's web), and the warm-up act before it started was actually Stephen Fry himself! publicado hace más de un año