but private got over it he knew that cupid was his and only his then the penguins showed cupid around and Rico made a cama for the reindeer the siguiente día the penguins were doing some training beb and wob and wob and beb

ok we are finish with are training so go do whatever tu want while skipper dicho that king Juline poped out of nowhere

helooooooooo neighbor's what are tu doing

nothing just relaxing because we are finished with are training

i don't care its not about me and only me which es king Juline while he dicho that he notice they had a reindeer

ohhhhh a reindeer where did tu get a reindeer ill keep it everybody gasp even killer and private

tu can't keep here

oh and why not

because shes mine

do tu want to be gone here and go to a another zoo


then IM having this reindeer i should call her Brittany shh quiet Brittany don't speak

killer and private got really mad he knew he was flirting with the reindeer and he knew that it will get killer and private angry

so the reindeer had to go with king Juline because if she didn't go she wouldn't see cute private and killer

one week later..................................

the reindeer is now king Juline's slave just like Mort and Maurice and private and killer are all worried about her because they won't see her pretty face and cute looks