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This princeton (mindless behavior) foto contains animado, cómic, manga, historieta, anime, and dibujos animados. There might also be vitral.

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posted by mb_rules

Prince: (Grabs my hand then squeezes tightly)
(Glass shatters somewhere)
Roc: (Whispers) It's so dark. *um, duh*
Me: (Whispers) There's a killer in this house.
Ray: (Says Loudly) No there isn't!! *idiot, shut up!!*
???: Yes there is Ray. (Said a girl's dëvílish voice) *i knew it!*
Prince: (Grips my hand tighter) *dang boy!*
Roc: Who are you?! What do tu want?
(Glass shattered somewhere else but the voice was getting closer to us)

//My P.O.V
Wow, I just noticed this girl is throwing things!! Knives!! Somebody has problems!

//So we all ducked while the girl throwed knives in...
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posted by Missprinceton1
three mes after the amor catstrophy me and prince got back together IDK how but we saw eachother and started talking and we got to bieng bf and gf..

me; i cant belive were in Londres for christmass my first time in Londres its sooo cool
prince; IKR its amazing all the lights and christmass árbol cant wait till christmass itomorrow
kayla; heno, hay lets go see the big christmass tree
me; yeah come on jacob
prince; yeah ok
kayla; when are those two boys gonna come
prince; they getting a mesa, tabla for us
me; for what
prince; donno maybe a segundo dinner
me; nah i'll pass
then a lady came to us saying hello and merry...
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the siguiente day:

someone knocked on the door then she ran up to answer it.

" hola everyone meet my new boy friend." she said

" diggy???!!" we all shouted
" hola y'all hola jenet" he said
" oh hi diggy i am so happy 4 u !!!!" i dicho as i gave him a hug. " i have finnally found the one she beautieful and smart and not to menchion beautyful and befor i couldnt get to her and now i know shes mine" he explained
while holding my hand.
" diggy that was so beautieful" i said.
" ok ok " dicho princeton.
t-t stepped on his foot.
" ur suposed to pretend ur dating me not go flirten with jenet" she whispered

" awww...
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