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This prince michael jackson foto might contain hip boot and thigh boot.

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posted by bigmanguy
it's me 12251 someone got into my facebook and got rid of it so now i can't login as 12251 anymore.

october 1 2003, dad took us all to the docter's for a checkup. when it was my turn dad dicho " could tu check and see if she has a.d.h.d. because i think she does". when the docter tested me for a.d.h.d my dad was right. the docter gave me some meds to take inicial with me. the meds don't help very much, i'm still super hyper.

oct 20, dad was talking on the phone with a guy named martin bashir. dad said" o.k martin i trust tu i'll do it, just don't make me look bad". dad hung up the phone and i walked...
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posted by Bieber-Jackson
*Next day*
"First night in our house" I whispered
"I know" Prince said
I got up and got dressed
"Audition flight get up" I dicho shaking Prince
"Ok ok" Prince said
"I wanna stay here with you" Prince dicho pulling me down into his lap
"I want tu to stay here too but tu have an audition" I said
"I can miss it your más important" Prince said
"Aw but no unless we want to lose our house" I said
Prince kissed me
"I amor you" I said
"I amor tu more" Prince said
"Nope not possible" I said
"Yes it is" He said
I jumped up parte superior, arriba of him
"No its not" I dicho giggling
"Ok its not" Prince dicho besar me
Prince got up and...
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posted by princelvr123
"Jaafar!" I heard Hannah scream. I hate it when Prince is really close and calls asking me where I'm at and then when he hangs up on me he runs to where ever I'm at!

"Nicole! Get your culo over here!" Hannah yelled at me. I skated over to them.

"Hey Nicole." Prince hugged me. I hugged him right back.

"Oooh!" Hannah and Jaafar dicho together. I hit Jaafar and Prince hit Hannah.

"I left my skater men!" Hannah exclaimed. She ran to the group. She told them something and brought back Tony.

"Yo dude! Youre Michael Jackson's son!" Tony pointed to Prince.

"Why yes, yes I am." Prince smiled. A couple big...
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prince michael jackson
October 8th, 2011
[Prcsilla's POV]
Today Prince, Paris, Blanket, and Me were heading to our father's tribute right now and I know that wherever our dad is, that he will be watching us.
Paris is wearing the 'Thriller' chaqueta with a cinturón, correa and black pants with tape on her fingers. I'm wearing the original Disney's Captain EO chaqueta with white skinny jeans, white finger-less gloves and tape on the fingers of both hands. Blanket was wearing the tux our father wore during the Dangerous Era, Prince is wearing a black leather jacket. Right now, as I'm telling tu this I'm backstage about to go on and...
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posted by bigmanguy
July 20, 2009. When I woke up this morning I went on my Twitter account for the time since I made it. I was shocked, it has only been four days and I already have 80,000 followers. I called Uncle Frank and dicho “you are not going to believe this”. He dicho “what is going on, did something happen”? I dicho “yay a very BIG something”. He dicho “what”. I dicho ‘’ I already have over 80,000 followers on Twitter, and I’m watching the numbers go up as we speak”!!! He dicho “oh my god, I’m coming over there”. About 15 minutos later Uncle Frank was over here. I showed him my...
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