serie lindas mentirosas Who is BethAny Young's Killer Contest?

coolsinger198 posted on Aug 11, 2014 at 08:59PM
We all have to put in our top 3 suspects/choices for who killed Bethany Young.

Then in the season finale next week, the killer will be revealed. The person who has one of the correct choices will win the contest and get five props.

Ready?!!! Let the nAme games begin!

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hace más de un año coolsinger198 said…
Top 3 Choices


Im probably so wrong.

I bet the person they suspect the least will be the killer.
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hace más de un año Bones_Obsessor said…
Ooh okay fun :D i have no idea though really :/

1. Alison (but if it's revealed in the finale, I kinda doubt it)
2. Mona
3. Wren

I'm gonna look back on this in a few weeks and probably be embarrassed by my choices :p
hace más de un año heyataa said…
I'm not sure, because I. Marlene messing up with my head. Like, every clue is a trap LOL. But this is my top 3

1. A
2. A
3. A
hace más de un año Kev206 said…
Im gonna go with some people which are either very well thought out or I don't know

1. Ian
2. Noel

I can't wait to find out
hace más de un año coolsinger198 said…
I was right about Melissa then lol.
hace más de un año coolsinger198 said…
So Mona hit Bethany with the shovel but she didnt die. Melissa burried her alive.