serie lindas mentirosas PLL Episode 10in10 icono Contest [Round 22: Open - Deadline 11/30]

twilighter4evr posted on Jan 29, 2013 at 04:03PM
Since the Characters 10in10 has been slow I thought I'd try an Episode 10in10 instead.

- I'll post 4 different Themes, a Category (3 icons), Artist's Choice (3 icons)
- Icons have to be made by you.
- You can't also choose the Episode two times in a row.
- Don't vote for yourselves.
- Every round will last 10 days.
- Once a person chooses an episode it can't be chosen again by anyone else that round.

1 participation prop
2 for each theme
3 for Category
3 for Artist's Choice


Round 19:
1.Spencer +1 : - modernfan 
2.Walking Away: - modernfan
3.Reading: - kari91 
4.Honest: - modernfan
Category: Facial Expressions: - modernfan 
Artist's Choice: - modernfan

Round 20: FREE ROUND
1.Wilden: twilighter4evr
2.-A's Lair: kari91
3.Halloween Episode: twilighter4evr
4.Correct: kari91
Category: Favorite Seasons: kari91
Artist's Choice: kari91

Round 21:
1.Hanna +1: - Winner
2.Orange & Black: - Winner  
3.Looking Right: - Winner  
4.Wrong: - Winner
Category: Orton Effect - Winner 
Artist's Choice: - Winner

Round 22:
2.Autumn Colors:
3.Looking Forward:
4.Sunset Effect: [found at]
Category:Same Scene, Different Effect: [3 Icons]
Artist's Choice: [3 icons]

* Any Questions feel free to ask :) *

Deadline: 11/30

Round 21 Sign Ups:
kari91 - "Blood Is The New Black" COMPLETED
charmeddexter - "Pilot" COMPLETED
modernfan - "The Dark Ride" COMPLETED

Round 22 Signups:
kari91 - "For Whom the Bell Tolls" COMPLETED
charmeddexter - "That Girl is Poison"
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