I actually think YES! Paige can be Uber A, and below will be my reasons.

(First I'd like to say I actually think my number one suspect of Uber A is actually one of the liars, but I'll save that for another time. This is only about why I think this is Paige. It doesn't mean I'm actually right).

1. She TRIED TO DROWN EMILY!! Why would tu try drowning someone, then just fall in amor with them? Sketchy? I think YES!! That's like a woman falling in amor with her kidnapper/person who tortures you. Doesn't happen!

2. Sure she also received -A messages. But as quickly as they came they ended. Maybe she had that happen to throw Emily and the other liars off? Anyone else find that highly unusual?

3. Alison called her PIGSKIN! Have tu all also remembered all of the pig references?
1. Dead pig in the trunk.
2. Pig frosted cupcakes Hanna had to eat.
3. "Whos leaving who tu pig" note.
4. Stuffed animals. (who are pigs)
(I'm sure I'm forgetting others so I apologize)

4. Paige was always afraid of Alison, what better way to hide than behind technology?

5). Remember when Paige saved Spencer that halloween episode when they were on the train? Maybe she did that to gain Spencer's trust.

6). Paige is going after the Swim Coach job at Rosewood High. Just like Emily.

7). The summer finale (7x10) she was furious at Emily for getting closer to Alison.

8). She also called Emily her girlfriend in the same episode. ^^

9). She dicho the girls were still Ali's puppets especially Emily.

10. Paige knows Emily has a girlfriend and is still trying to throw herself at Emily. Could she just be trying to get close to her and the other girls?

I know I may have forgotten some, but that is what I have so far. Do tu agree with me, o disagree?