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i did not make this
blossom boomer brick
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buttercup was new but she never knew this. she was veary spechle.
bc:hey guys
brick:oh look its a hag and she stinks
bc:go suck on a big one
bommer and butch:oooooooooo man she told you
brick:lets just go i hate tu hag
bc:go kiss bresturk
bc:hey guys know something i feel magic in me like powers
bubbs:dih your a super hero
bc:not that that power idoit
bloss:maby tu got gas
bc:not this time i mean like never mind
in my verosan bc has a twin name jake
jake:hey bc and others
bloss:ok fine tell your sister theres no magic
jake:i feel it too i feel magic like wizard
bc:i feel like a witch
bubbs:you are a witch
bc: i wish i was a witch so a can take my escoba stick and shuve it up your-
jake covers her mouth
bubbs stares crying then runs away
bloss:i hope your happy
bc:well i do feel magic
jake:me too
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posted by KaoruM
Kaoru was walking around the city in buscar for school supplies. Summer vacation was almost over and she was going to ninth grade. She still had miss Keane as her teacher; but Miyako and Momoko didn't. They got Mr. Garold; the most boring teacher in the school. Well, anyway, she finished buying school supplies and was on her was inicial when her cinturón, correa beeped. She transformed into her Powered Buttercup self and opened her compact. 'What is it Professor?" she asked.
"I am calling tu here for a special meeting that Bubbles and Blossom don't and cannot know about. Come to the lab pronto!" Professor...
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Chapter 1:the paper
Mrs.kean:okay okay class settle down i'll be handing this paper for the school dance o as tu kids call it prom night,
Also there will be a canto contest and don't forget to pick
The homecoming queen and king ok and there's no winners
Or losers now have fun and good luck.

Blossom:omg the school prom hehehe I can't wait maybe hot
Guys will ask me out yes
Bubbles:I'm going to were my blue and gray dress it's really
Buttercup:well while tu guys are actuación all pretty I'm going to the patinar, skate park
Mrs.kean:umm sorry to stop this conversation but tu need to work now o to...
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posted by KaoruM
Kaoru and the Rowdyruffs were walking in the Townsville forest with their class for a field trip. Then the teacher notioned for the class to stop. "Alright class, I am going to separate tu in groups of six. In two and a half hours, we will all meet up back here for lunch." she announced. Kaoru and the Rowdyruffs were grouped with the same kids that were late for class on the first día of school a few weeks ago. They were fine until the rosado, rosa haired one put a steaming hot coal down his brother's shirt.
"Oww! Natsu!" the boy shouted. Natsu started actuación innocent.
"What? I didn't do anything,...
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posted by buttercupbutch
On May 20,2007,Blossom,Bubbles and Buttercup was at Buckeye middle school in Ohio,they was in the 8th grade and there teachers name was mrs.keain
and mrs.rhymer.The 3 girls where so bored.they
was hopeing there belts would ring but time pass-
ed por and it was 1:20 then they where even bord-
er than they were earlier.

beep beep beep

the girls herd that beeping sound and they were so happy and suprized.

blossom and bubbles:theacher
buttercup:yo teach
mrs.keain:yes what is it girls
blossom:i have a stumicece
bubbles:my head herts
buttercup:my cloutes shrunck
mr.rhymer:go to the nureses office now

the 3 girls...
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