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 powerpuff cuties...!
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powerpuff cuties...!
las chicas superpoderosas
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 Berry's Special Power, Typhoon Buster!
Berry's Special Power, Typhoon Buster!
All the Powerpuff Girls was on the way to defeat Mojo jojo as same that he still destroy Townsville!

Buttercup:Stop that! Mojoke!

Mojo jojo:Nope! I am Mojo jojo and no one will stop me!!!

Berry:Oh yeah? Then eat that! And see who wins!

(Berry started to use her special power!)

Berry:Typhoon buster!

(The Typhoon strongly breaks the barrier Mojo jojo defense!)

Mojo jojo:Hey!

Berry:So who's best? (giggle)


Buttercup:I have an idea! :))

(Buttercup brings with a giant baseball bat!)

Buttercup:Let's see that I can make a Giant Bingo!!! (Laugh)

Mojo jojo:No!No! Don't do that!!!! (Horrible...
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hola guys, Im selling an extremely rare original powepuff girls poster from 1995, tu can get it here:


Very rare original Powerpuff Girls poster

Cartoon Network featured the first Powerpuff Girls pilots in its animación showcase program World Premiere Toons in 1995 and 1996.

This poster from 1995 is a promotion of the first ever Powerpuff Girls short/episode to ever be aired "Meet Fuzzy Lumpkins".

Poster art direction & diseño por Jesse Stagg & Kelly Wheeler
Creative Director: Bill Burnett

Its in great condition with no creases, size A1.

A great opportunity to get this rare collectible, dont miss out!

Happy Bidding!!!.
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The city of townsville is in trouble.Beserk give
my bow back!!!Blossom shouted.Yeah right puffy.She
yelled back at her.Beserk crashed into buildings and to get them out of her way she used lazer eyes setting them on fuego making major damage.Im gonna be late Dex is gonna kill me.Blossom dicho to herself.Blossom flew above Beserk and flew in front of her getting her bow back.Oh man.said Beserk.Blossom entered a door and knocked on it.
Blossom?said a voise.Sorry im late Dex I didn't mean to be late Beserk estola my bow.Blossom said.Dexter smiled and kinda blushed.Blossom came into the cocina with...
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me:yay chap 3 upppppp
bc:um queston why did u update so early
me:well i left at a cliff-hanger and i am bored
me:rrb disclaim
rrb:bouncingbunny dosent own any ppg characters the rrb are 16, ppg are 15 and rrb are ROCK STARZZZZZZZ
me and girls:(sweat drops) ok on with the story
Boomers P.O.V
"oh my god boomer has an idea ITS THE END OF THEY EARTH!!!!"butch teased slapping both hands on his face for a dramatic affect
"SHA-DUP" brick screatched "whats ur idea boomer?"
"ok listen to what i say"i dicho cockily
"ok then" brick said"butch do what...
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las chicas superpoderosas
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That was a close call! Lets see what the girls are doing now, shall we?

"OK, I am so going to the skatepark!" Buttercup dicho as they approached their house.

"Why?" Her sisters asked.

"So I can be normal. Normal girls like me go to the skatepark."

"Well, only tomboys go skateboarding, girly girls, such as myself, go to the mall!" Bubbles dicho and giggled.

"I could go to the library." Blossom said. "And if the belts go off, we'll meet up at mayor's office, kay girls?"

"KAY!" They cheered and ran to their destinations.

"Well, off to the library!" Blossom dicho as she skipped to her own destination.

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