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posted by blossom343
Blossom’s POV

The siguiente few days were no going so well. Berserk what bothered me, she did stop with starring at me. But what bother me was that I herd a rumor that brick was still going out with berserk. But I didn’t get why he’d ask me to the dance if he was taken. My head was full with preguntas and my head was to burst.

Narrtaor: blossom then saw berserk and brick talking and decided to ease drop on them.

Berserk: Its not fair tu told me tu loved me just before that stupid blossom came around. WHATS YOUR PROBLEM!!!!!

Brick: I do amor tu but I asked blossom to the dance cuz I knew she wanted to go with me.

Blossom starts to tear up and feels stupid

Berserk: Well ok then………bye

Brick: See ya

Brick comes around the corner and bumps into blossom.

Brick: ohh hi blossom what are tu doing here he dicho nervously

Blossom: why’d tu do this to me……why didn’t tu tell me the truth……you know how I feel right now.

Brick: wait what… tu hear……

Blossom: YES I HEARD EVERYTHING…… can forget about the dance cuz im not going with YOU

Blossom runs crying while berserk looks and teases her


*Bricks thoughts*

Cuz I really do amor tu blossom…….not berserk…im so stupid I should just told berserk the truth……… I don’t amor her I amor blossom……….how am I ever ganna win her corazón now…………..?

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this powerpuff girls z thing is bullshit and they need to bring the old mostrar back why would tu ever switch from perfection to something so gay?they did the same thing when they switched dragon ball z to gt they killed it why?Im getting a little older and my siblings never got the chance to see all these good caricaturas i grew up with instead they get the leftovers it's just not fair cartoon network just abandoned all the cartoon caricaturas and replaced them with crap i look on cartoon network today and what do i see?cheap immitation's of the good stuff and some stupid culo total drama mostrar what a crock of shit it's just not fair they should at least have the decensy to air the mostrar besides using it as a filler this is an so gay i hate cartoon network now what is the world coming to everything is going to shit
posted by bcthestrongest
i hate my life i have nobody to talk to no one likes me just because i lie i should just stab myself already in the corazón where i hurt the most i just want my life to be over already someone stab me o do something to make me not live on this earth i just hate the world now i just feel like dying right now i wish i was just dead for now so im going to be something im not to get me off this earth i hate my life the earth and most of all my friends they all turn against me i try yesterday to think of ways to hurt myself y am i on this earth anyway god could of took me with him now he took my dear ones i really amor and i just want to be with them this is how i am and i cant change my way until im off today
A cover of the theme of powerpuff girls!
rosado, rosa
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 lets fight !!
lets fight !!
The new puff named Brooke

chapter one New puff

" BOOM !", came a crashing sound came from down stairs .

" AHHHH !", sreamed Bubbles , waking her sisters up .

" Bubbles almeja down !", Blossom dicho .

" o shut up ! Some people are trying to sleep !", dicho Buttercup .

" Girls ! Theres someone that would like to meet tu !", dicho the Porfessor , making Buttercup angery .

" Tell them there crazy , and don't come back !", dicho Buttercup , but her sisters pulled her out of cama , and dragged her down stairs .

" So , where is this preson , so I can give a pice of my mind ?", dicho Buttercup . The powerpuffgirls...
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posted by Blossom114
Hi my name is Blossom Utonium! And ugh my día was horrible! Let's start off in the morning, when Me and the Girls where flying to school the Rowdyruff Boys came and where coming to school for their first day. And I have to be honest I really like Brick! But after he dumped Berserk he dicho he's NEVER dating anyone again so we're just friends now. But I really want to go out with him... It sounds like everything is going good right? WRONG it's not!

We arrived at school and at arts and crafts time Berserk threw a popsickle stick with ALOT of glue in my hair!!! And boy was I mad but the most embarrasing...
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