"Great, it's the lying teenagers!" the green eyed one said. I took a deep breath and opened my compact to contact the professor.
"Found them, Professor." I told him.
"Good job, Buttercup. May I see what they look like?" he replied. I turned my compact so the professor could get a good look at the girls. They gasped.
"What is that?" the red head asked. I rolled my eyes and nudged Bubbles to answer.
"It is a compact. Buttercup, Blossom, and I each have one to transform to our heroic selves." she explained. The boys laughed.
"I can't believe tu didn't even know that." Blue Bubbler dicho at the same time as laughing. I closed my compact and whispered something Green Wonder's ear. He laughed so hard that I thought he could die from it. The little girls looked confused, but everyone else knew what I dicho and laughed as well.
"Buttercup, that is messed up!" Blossom said. I just smirked at her.
"I know. That is why it is so funny. Aren't I right, Green Wonder?" I asked him. He nodded because he couldn't stop laughing. The green eyed one flew up to me.
"What's so funny?" she asked. "It better not be about me!" I rolled my eyes.
"What makes tu think that I was talking about you, kid?! I was talking about how Nutella is a sin." I said. My friends laughed even harder.
"You totally got that from Nicholas Megalis!" announced Bubbles.
"Yes I did. I just couldn't help it! It is so funny." I told her. Then we turned back to the situation. "By the way, I think I know what is going on. tu three might have fell into a dimensional vortex; causing tu to be here. If tu three are really Powerpuffs as well, then that must've been what happened to you." I explained. They looked at me as if I dicho something crazy.
"How is it that tu are the smart sounding one here? I am supposed to be the smart one here!" Mini Blossom complained. I looked at her with confusion.
"You?! As if!"I shouted. Green Wonder stopped me from going crazy. After calming down, my friends and I brought the mini Powerpuffs to the lab. Then the professor and I finished the dimension portal we've been working on. I turned it on and a portal formed.
"That looks exactly like Townsville!" mini Bubbles said. They dicho their fair-wells and left through the portal.