"we'll go over to blossom now..."
Narrator: we'll go over to blossom now...

*blossom is at her's and brick's secret area in the forest. (mentioned in part 3, the small clearing in the thickest part of the forest.) She's laying on the log, looking up into the clear light blue, never-ending sky. she has tear stains on her cheeks, but she doesn't look sad, más like bored.*


So Brick loves me, I don't...
we weren't meant for each other then.
But what was I thinking? ... Dating him?...
What was he thinking?... Loving ME ??...
We've only been dating for a few weeks now, and he acts like we were together...
like an item...
Were we? Was I his girlfriend?
Apparently, por default I guess...
I mean, I know Boomer & Bubbles and Butch & Buttercup are items...
Just didn't know we were.
I mean, dating doesn't mean boyfriend/girlfriend, right? Of course it doesn't. Then why did I break up with him? That's what items do... So we were an item...

*sits up*
UGHH!! Why am I bothering myself with this at all? I don't like him anymore, but I feel bad for hurting him. I mean, we did grow up together... he was one of my best friends ever since. :/ Now-

Dickon: hola Blossom.

*He was standing siguiente to a tree, disguised por the shadows of them, and had walked out, startling Blossom.*

Blossom: Dickon! *stands up immediately* W-what are tu doing here? How did you-

Dickon: Find you? I was just walking through the forest with Bubbles and Dave. He wanted to go through the paths and invited Bubbles. I went off on my own, and here tu are.

Blossom: Oh. Well, I'm really sorry about this, but tu shouldn't be here. This is mine and Brick's place. It's kinda secret.

Dickon: But tu two broke up, didn't you? I heard that happened last night.

Blossom: Well, yeah, but it's still-

*Dickon steps closer to blossom, to where he's about 1 1/2 inches from her face.*

Dickon: tu like me, don't you?

Blossom: W-what would make tu say that??

Dickon: You're blushing...A lot....

Blossom: Oh...um, its probably just light in your eyes o something..

Dickon: It's okay... I like tu too.

*Dickon leans in to kiss her, but she pushes him away.*

Blossom: I'm sorry Dickon, but I don't kiss guys the first weekend I meet them.

*Dickon's upset that she didn't want to kiss him, (and even though he's evil) but is understanding ( he likes her A LOT) and continues////Blossom is obviously blushing rreeaaaallllyyy hard right now.*

Dickon: I'm sorry. Well, I should be going anyway-

Blossom: No, no it's fine. I'll see tu around then.

Dickon: Yeah. Actually, it's almost 1. Would tu like to have lunch?

*Blushing madly, she nods her head yes.*

Dickon: Great. Let's go.

Blossom: Okay. :)

"...she pushes him away."