"What a beautiful starry night, right Boomer?" dicho Bubbles. "Yeah, just like you" Boomer smilled. Bubbles smilled him back. "Thanks Boomer... hey, what's those?" asked Bubbles. They saw two shiny, red and green lights in the dark sky. Then Boomer dicho "They are li- Bubbles? Bubbles!" Boomer screamed. "Hey! Who the hell are you?! Let me go!" Bubbles looked at "unknown" strangely but she still was unhappy. "No way! I'll never let tu fecha with my Boomer!" dicho "unknown". "What are tu talking about?" asked Bubbles with a very strangely accent. "Don't be a baby! Boomer isn't your coupple, so shut your tongue up!". "We got her, tomorrow we'll get the others" dicho the other kid. "Yeah, those sissies will soon be destroied!" answered third "unknown". Bubbles was about to cry...

On the siguiente day, Boomer ran to PPG's house and told Blossom and Buttercup about yesterday. "What?! tu little- DIE!!!" Buttercup screamed at Boomer. "Wait! I'll explane!". "NO! WHERE THE HELL IS BUBBLES?!!! COME ON!!! TELL US!!! IDIOT!!!" Buttercup was very angry of Boomer. "Wait Buttercup! Don't be so rude, let him explane, nothing will happen" dicho Blossom. "Yeah, so me and Bubbles were on a fecha at a park". "We know that!" dicho Buttercup. "And we were sitting on the chair". "We know that Boomer!" dicho Blossom and Buttercup. "OK, OK! We were looking at the stars and then I discovered that BUBBLES IS NOT WITH ME!" Boomer dicho and made a sad face. "Don't worry Boomer, we'll find Bubbles soon" Blossom smilled, "But now, let's ask help of the boys". "Which Boys?" asked Boomer. "Your brothers, duh!" dicho Blossom.

They flight down, over the boys. "Yo, dudes! Did tu see Bubbles somewhere?" asked Boomer. "Ah no, sorry". Bommer got mad, "Hey I sew red and green lights so that means, tu ALL ARE BEHIND IT!". "What are tu talking about? me and Butch were at Mojo's" dicho Brick. "OK then, tu ARE BEHIND IT! BLOSSOM AND BUTTERCUP!". "You must be crazy! We didn't anything, we're her sisters" dicho Blossom. "Then, who was that?". Everyone were silence.

"Good work ladies, today, the powerdumbs will be in our hands" dicho Berserk. Bubbles screamed "NO! LET ME GO! DON'T TOUCH MY SISTERS OR...", Brat dicho "Or what? What are tu going to do? Baby! Don't forget, tu are at Plutonium's house, there's no way tu can go ahead from here!". Berserk, Brat and Brute flight in the place, where Blossom and Buttercup were.

"HEY! LET US GO! WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!" Buttercup yalled. "Oh, how cute, just like your sister" dicho Brat. "Wait, do tu know her? So that means, tu ABDOCTED BUBBLES!" dicho Blossom, "But why?". "We'll not let tu know!" dicho Berserk.

"Oh no! They abdocked Blossom and Buttercup too!" dicho Boomer. "Boomer, we know that! Now let's go save Blossom!" dicho brick. "Blossom? tu mean Buttercup?" Butch said. "Hey! I'm leaving you! Guys, stop fighting! We gotta save all the puffs!" Boomer yalled. "Yeah we're coming!" dicho Butch.

Buttercup finnaly attacked Brute, Brute did the same attack in the same time. Blossom and Berserk started to fight too, but as Buttercup and Brute, they were using the same attacks. Brat tried to help'em, at this time, the RRBs came inside. Brat became happy and hugs Boomer. "BOOMER! YOU'RE HERE!" Brat kisses Boomer on the chick. "Hey! What are tu doing! Brat!". "I'm besar you" dicho Brat. Boomer saw Bubbles in the cage. "Bubbles!" Boomer ran to Bubbles, "BOOMER, LOOK OUT!" dicho Bubbles. Bommer was kicked por Brute, "Sorry, but this cage is locked!" dicho Brute. "Boomer! Why?" Brat said. "What, why?" asked Boomer. Brat answered "Why it is alwais just Bubbles? Even though, tu allready know about my feelings...", "What feellings?" Boomer asked again. "UGH! Just kiss me and you'll get your Bubbles again!" dicho Brat. "Kiss you? No way! Boomer is my boyfriend!" Bubbles yalled. "Shut up! Boomer, I swear, just kiss me!". "OK, all right... sorry Bubbles", Boomer kissed Brat. Bubbles was really mad, other guys was in shock, without Berserk and Brute. "OK, now Bubbles will be with me right?" asked Boomer. "Sorry Boomer, but tu aren't her couple, we're both evil, we'll be just great with each other" dicho Brat with happy look. Bubbles started cry, but then Boomer broke the cage and flight with Bubbles.

Brat got engry. So Bubbles and Boomer were happy with each other again...

The End