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posted by BJsRealm
Nobody knows for sure what would happen to Ulster/NI once the UK leaves the European Union in 2019!This remains a mystery!Will the border between 2 parts of Ireland be restored?The Irish in Ulster have DUAL nationality but what about us the English?BREXIT
 The Current Ulster Banner (The Red Hand With A Crown)
The Current Ulster Banner (The Red Hand With A Crown)
I'm from Ulster/NI myself where the pregunta of a regional flag is a matter of a serious debate&a dispute between the English&the Irish.Neither side agrees on compromise.We DON'T have a flag acceptable to all so these are the proposed flags of Ulster/NI.
 St. Patrick's cruzar, cruz
St. Patrick's Cross
 The Green cruzar, cruz
The Green Cross
 The Green Clover
The Green Clover
 The Compromise Flag
The Compromise Flag
posted by eels4liff
In my opinion, everyone should cycle everywhere. Besides, there are over 9 million bicycles in Beijing and plenty all around the world. I'm sure there will be enough to go around. If tu are planning a longer journey, use public transport. por cycling, people will lead a less sedentary lifestyle and consequently lose weight eliminating the issue of obesity therefore there will be fewer cases of diabetes, corazón disease, and whatever other illnesses are caused por excess, unnecessary fat essentially. This will reduce the pressure on the NHS and so money can be spent elsewhere. It will also hopefully...
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