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This pokémon foto might contain animado, cómic, manga, historieta, anime, and dibujos animados.

Ash, Brock, and Misty finally arrived in Olivine City. No sooner did they set foot in the city that Bruno showed up and asked Ash for a battle. If it's a battle tu want, then it's a battle you'll get. dicho Ash Great. Then choose your Pokemon and let's get started. dicho Bruno The Pokemon I choose for this battle is Bayleef. dicho Ash Then I shall choose Hitmonlee. dicho Bruno Begin! dicho Brock (With Team Rocket) It looks as if the twerp is battling that fighting type trainer from before. dicho James He most certainly is. And when the battle is finished, we'll see our opportunity to steal that...
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Ash, Brock, and Misty were on their way to Olivine City when they saw a Pokemon village nearby and decided to go stay at the village for a while until they were ready to leave for Olivine City. Meanwhile, Team Rocket were above a ledge overlooking the Johto region. Wonder where they're headed? asked Meowth It's obvious they're headed to the Pokemon village. Which means there's sure to be plenty of césped, hierba pokemon for us to get our hands on. dicho Jessie Wobbuffet! dicho Wobbuffet, finally popping out of its Pokeball at the last minuto (At the Pokemon Village) Hello. What brings tu here? asked...
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 Kinjin as a Riolu, born from the Golden flor of the Blue Moon.
Kinjin as a Riolu, born from the Golden Flower of the Blue Moon.
The Blue Forest was quiet that night, along with the villages surrounding. The only sounds tu could hear were the grasshoppers and quiet noises of nocturnal animals. The árbol leaves were a very dark shade of verde azulado, trullo, teal like they always were at night. The wind howled. The leaves rustled. Everything was perfectly normal.
Until a shape stepped into the center clearing. It was a Lucario. Seemingly golden, but silver at the same time. tu could see through it, but still see it. It was Reiki Ling, the legendary Lucario dicho to save the world with the power of aura. He walked up to a golden flower,...
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