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 Mega Sceptile
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Omega Ruby
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Samantha was about to cry. Her Croagunk still hadn't shown up and he didn't kill a flower. If only that voice she heard earlier could tell her. She remembered its location and found the owner. He looked up at her and asked, "Croagunk?" rather politely for a guy this scruffy. Then he either was really tired o really sick because he fell tortazo on his face. (Samantha and I agreed not to go into details. You'll figure it out later.) She turned his head to the side and left him a jar. Then she ran.
Alvin woke up. He couldn't talk (there seemed to be something in his mouth) and (with difficulty) straightened out his head. His hand was in something wet. It hadn't rained that day. He thought he went blind (and later he looked upon it as the most thinking he ever did in one day) until there was a shadow above him. He tried to get help-oops, that was stupid. He spit out the whatever and yelled as loud as he could.
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" Ben?" Summer dicho surprised to see her old partner. "Summer?" I dicho happily to see her. "Wow Pichu looks well. How is Rand?"I finished. " Pichu is doing well he is with his friend Ash." Summer said. "Ash?" I dicho kind of nervously. "Yeah my dad's friend's son, he came all the way from Kanto." Summer said. " Wow. I've meet Ash before but not as recent." I said. " Wow, Ben." Summer said. " Where is Rand?" I asked "Oh he is with Booker and Ash. tu really should have stuck around. Nick even grew up a little bit more, it's been two years since Nick has seen you. tu look way mature now." Summer...
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posted by YolentaShield
 The message content sent por Bella. Look the red capital letter, there is a name.
The message content sent por Bella. Look the red capital letter, there is a name.
The people from UK send a message to France.
The people from France who receive a message from UK is François.
The content is:
Doctor Inspecting And Nothing.
Korean Rocker Inspecting Shiny Honedge, Not Axe.
Maybe United Kingdom Too Irrational.
The content printed in black background with white and red text.
François then go to UK to meet the people from UK.
François then meet Bella.
Bella is the people who send a message to François.
François dicho to Bella "How can tu sent this information to me?", Bella said...
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posted by darkinvader
*ash was walking till he found almighty tallest purple*
ash: yay i finally caught this pokemon called almighty tallest purple
brock: wow that is not a pokemon that is the tallest of irk
pokedex: almighty tallest purple the leader of planet irk pokemon
ash: wow i threw my pokeball at tallest purple and he got in without coming out
*ash found another pokemon*
zim: hola u captured my tallest with ur pokeball
ash: well zim u r going 2 b my pokemon
zim: well u r not going to catch me in that pokeball
ash: yes i will
*zim ran as fast as he can but ash threw a pokeball at him and he is now caught*
ash: i finally caught zim
pokedex: zim a defective irken pokemon
brock: wow that is zim a pokemon irken
* ash encountered más irkens*
ash: wow so many irken pokemon
*ash threw his pokeballs at all of them and they r now caught*
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