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 Why pikachu doesnt like it's poke ball.
Maybe thats why pikachu doesnt like it's poke ball.
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This pokémon foto might contain diagrama de venn, diagrama de venn de, and diagrama venn.

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There was a held nuzlocke challenge somewhere that would decide who was the ultimate Pokemon master. Many entered and only one would leave alive! There was many people and they each got scared every time their Pokemon dies. It was only día one of the nuzlocke and already tons have died. Some people got stressed and tried to escape but, ghosts of the dead challengers block the way out. One challenger managed to escape but dies later of an unknown supernatural related illness. After día three the challengers started to get depressed of all the people who died. The ghosts now control the minds...
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Okay,first the evil pokemon is Azumarill.Why,you may ask.It's because the only way to get Azumarill is to envole marill.In pearl,I went in the Great Marsh and went off to look for a Quagsire.I did everything regular,and didn't cheat o anything.I went all the way to the end of the Great Marsh and continued my buscar for Quagsire.Then a wild Azumarill appeared.Unknowing that Azumarill isn't supossed to ever be in the wild,I caught it.Then my game started freezing alot.So I asked AKetchum01 if he knew why my game kept on freezing.But when I told him about Azumarill,he said,"Azumarill can't be...
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