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arte de los Fans
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This pokémon arte de los fans contains animado, cómic, manga, historieta, anime, and dibujos animados.

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Gengar and Clefable have, through trademarking and beta art, been proven to have been some of the earliest pokémon made. (Coincidentally, they are also some of the first pokémon when tu lista the original 151 por index number, with Gengar appearing shortly after Clefable.) Also, Clefairy was originally going to be the mascot of pokémon (instead of Pikachu), so it was going to be a pretty important Pokémon. Gengar is known as the "Shadow Pokémon", but what exactly is it a shadow of? Take a look at a picture of Clefable, and then one of Gengar. Their body shapes are almost exactly alike,...
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Counter parts between anime and manga characters may look the same, but their personalities are almost always different. With each new region, there are usually only two character counter parts.

Red and Ash: Actually, these two are pretty simular due to Ash and Red being the main protoganists. They both have the urge to never give up, even if it means getting hurt in the progress. Although, Ash started out not knowing anything about pokemon, ending up having Misty teach him alot of stuff, while Red already was intelligent in pokemon once the manga began. Also, unlike Ash, when Red started his...
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 Pearl is the más manly one, tu know it is...
Pearl is the more manly one, you know it is...
So, por now, o at least por the end of the month, all of tu should own a copy of Pokemon Diamond o Pokemon Pearl, if not shame on tu for it really is a great experience and even better a global experience.

Everyone knows the basics of a Pokemon game; get your starter, get your Pokédex, go off, beat 8 Gym Leaders, the evil team and then the Elite Four. We have all done this so many times, but all the little things added into these new DS games make the game so much más playable.

 The place where the magic happens...
The place where the magic happens...

A personal favourite of mine is the GTS (Global Trading Station), where...
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Hey, Pokemon fans. I'm so sorry for not making any Pokemon related artículos here at Fanpop. But here I am now.

Anyway, least year, we have alternate type reprints in the Pokemon TCG. It was first introduced in Ultra Prism. Alternate type reprints is a type of reprint that contains a different type. Example: a Psychic Croagunk from Ultra Prism has an alternate type reprint of Fighting from Forbidden Light.

Now, I'll be taking about a predecessor to alternate type reprints called alternate weakness reprints. What it does is that alternate weakness reprints will feature a different weakness on a...
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Okay, so to start off; the wendigo is a fictional creature from native American mythology. In the legends, wendigo are created por a human eating the flesh of another human. This act of cannibalism allows evil spirits into the soul of the cannibal in question, turning the human into a blood-crazed monster. This does seem a bit dark for Pokémon, but can we remember banette for a bit? due to the Canadian and Alaskan setting of the myth, a wendigo-like pokémon could be an ice type. Because of the spiritual origin of the wendigo, I thought about ghost type as well, but I eventually settled on...
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volcanion and the mechanical marvel
hola guys it's me yamishadow( doubt anyone is lectura this though) and today I will be making a lista hope tu guys enjoy The parte superior, arriba 10 most annoying Pokémon
what can I say about it that Kelfki is wellll.... a set of keys lets see tu got the key from the legend of Zelda, the key your car, the key to your bedroom, and the Keyblade!( that's a abrandontothepast refrence) I guess the developers got drunk and looked at their keys and dicho BRILLIANT! In battle it's okay and since it's a fairy type which is good against dragon types, but think about that dragons...being defeated/scared por keys....
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Ash: Misty, tell me what tu think of yourself?

Misty: Amazing

Ash: The opposite of that is what most suits you.

James: Thank chu for taking the Personality Quiz! tu got "Overly pointless."!

Ash: Yes, all of the traits tu answered are your personality, and ya got the best one.

Suddenly, a wild Jessie appeared!

Jessie: I wanna take this quiz!

James: Okayzie. Answer Ash's preguntas and I'll generate all of them into one personality. USING THE CHICKEN'S MIND.

Ash: Okay first, If your friend fell, would tu pick them up o laugh super hard?

Jessie: Laugh super hard, I can't help myself over that.

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"I'm not stupid." James rolled his eyes, tossing the gun in a trash can. "Apparently tu are." Jessie started to laugh. "NO. I am not, I repeat, I AM NOT." He narrowed his eyes at Jessie. "The internet may prove." Jessie rolled her eyes, she just kept calling James stupid until he would eventually become pissed off. "You like annoying me, right?" James asked her, growling. "Yea, ya mad bro?" Jessie laughed, pulling out a sign with the troll face on it. "Bro." He kept growling, clutching his fists and striking at Jessie's stomach. "HOLY SH-" Jessie gasped, falling down.

"Ya like that, biatch?"...
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after May and Skitty met Tepig they now mover towards May's first gym battle in Rustbero city.
May: Tepig, i'm glad i met you. Tepig: me too. Skitty: me three. May: as soon as we get through Petal berg woods we will be in a lake area that leads to Rustbero city.

Tepig: and what will tu do when tu get there? May: well my Mother wanted to go on a journy with my cute Skitty here. Skitty: awww. your making me blush. Tepig: it's true. tu are cute. Skitty: hehe. so are tu Tepig. tu may not know it but i think i have a crush on tu Tepig. Tepig: really?

Skitty: yes. i think we would make the...
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