pokémon Lets Do A Pokemon Rp

misshedgehog posted on Sep 01, 2013 at 07:28PM
here you can be a trainer or a gym leader or Elite Four
you start off with one pokemon it can be from the professor or others ways
what do they wear:
what do they look like:
anything else you want to add

rule 1: this rp can have mature thing in it like a character death but ask the person first
rule 2: if there going to be mature romance like love making please use this -------------CENSORED------------- or skip it
rule: you can say bad word but not too bad or too much
rule 4 have fun

oc aka real pokemon on character like red are now alone
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hace más de un año vegeta007 said…
(Or do you estimate ? XP)
"He took pictures of me"Alex said

"I can walk Percy"Kairi said

"Do you really think Kairi's going to do that ?"Jatina asked
"Follow up, do you honestly think Percy will be willing to do that ?"Alex asked
hace más de un año Nojida said…
(I guess XP I no good at maths XP)
"Well, it's not the first time," Alexa said looking through the pictures.

"I can carry you Flaffy," Percy replied sheepishly.

"Why must you ruin a shipper's dreams?" Alexi and Venelope asked looking heartbroken.
hace más de un año vegeta007 said…
(Why is it that I have the most nose problems yet I'm in the only person in my house that doesn't snore XP)
(That's why you estimate XP)
"I didn't know that"Alex said

"Fair point"Kairi said

"It's what we do"They replied in unison
hace más de un año Nojida said…
(How does snoring work, anyway? XP)
(Oh okay XP)
"Oh, I still have to show you the Alex album," Alexi remembered.
"I'd like to see that, too," Alexa said. "N'aaw, look at you with your little plushies~"
"I know, isn't she adorable?" Alexi squealed also looking at the picture.

"As always," Percy grinned.

"Would you want to see that too, though?" Alexi asked. (I'm trying to figure out whether to make him the fanservice or the fabulous character XP)
hace más de un año vegeta007 said…
(Your nasal passage is blocked and the air needs to get through and it makes snore since it's difficult to get to your lungs XP)
(Yeah XP)
"I like plushies"Alex said

"Yeah as always"Kairi said

"I would actually"Jaina replied (Both XP)
hace más de un año Nojida said…
(Oh so it's because of a runny nose? XP)
"Just don't get your room filled with them," Alexa snickered.

"And here we are," Percy said setting Kairi down and heading to the ticket booth.

"Then it's settled, we're somehow making them redo their confession!" Alexi cheered.
"Yeah!" Venelope cheered. "Gonna be a little difficult, though." (That will be hard to do XP)
hace más de un año vegeta007 said…
(Blocked nose XP)
"I won't"Alex said

"Thank you for the lift"Kairi said

"Very difficult"Jatina said (You'll pull it off I know you will XP)
hace más de un año Nojida said…
(Oh okay XP Now I know where snoring comes from XP)
"Although it would be cute," Alexi said thinking.
"Uh," Alexa said with a sweatdrop.

"You're welcome," Percy replied, before paying for the tickets and walking back to her. "Now we can get on."

"No worries, we'll pull it off," Alexi smirked being fabulous and shirtless.
"Just gonna need a few Psychic Pokemon," Venelope said. (Okay, I'll make him full-time fabulous and part-time fanservicey XP)
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hace más de un año vegeta007 said…
(Yes you do XP)
"I'm not doing it Alexi"Alex said

"This is gonna be fun~"Kairi said looking up at it

"What are you doing ?"Jatina asked him, "Where is your shirt ?" (Nice XP)
hace más de un año Nojida said…
(Now what else? XP)
"Awww!" Alexi protested.

"Dad told me you can see everything from the Haron Eye," Percy said looking up at the ferries wheel. "Let's see if it's true!" he grinned taking Kairi's hand and running to the line.

"Uh, oops," Alexi mumbled putting his shirt back on. "Sorry."
"You have to stop that too," Venelope said.
"I can't," Alexi said sadly, before becoming cheerful again. "So where can we find Psychic Pokemon?"
"Well I do have Sticky with me," Venelope said.
hace más de un año vegeta007 said…
(What ? XP)
"Fill your own room with plushies"Alex said

"Let's see"Kairi said running behind him

"I have Mugen"Jatina said
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hace más de un año Nojida said…
(Actually nevermind, I have to go to bed XP Goodnight :3)
"Um, actually..." Alexi said nervously.

And they get in line. "Aw come on that's lame," Percy protested and suddenly they were first in line. "Better."

"Two Psychic types," Alexi decided. "Will it be enough?"
"Guess so," Venelope said and turned to Jatina. "Does Mugen know how to create illusions?"
hace más de un año vegeta007 said…
(Same XP Night :3)
"What ?"Alex asked

"That was quick"Kairi said

"He knows Psychic"Jatina said
hace más de un año Nojida said…
(Hullo :3)
"Na-ah, nothing," Alexi said. Meanwhile, Astrid sneaked in from the back door and quickly went upstairs unnoticed.

"Yeah, Ellie decided to spare us the waiting," Percy said giving the tickets and getting on the thing.

"Hmm, I guess that's good enough," Venelope said.
hace más de un año vegeta007 said…
(Hey :3)
"Then what was the actually about ?"Alex asked

"Thanks Ellie"Kairi said looking up

"What are you gonna do ?"Jatina asked
hace más de un año Nojida said…
(Yay you're on! X3)
"Nothing, come see the Alex album," Alexi said quickly walking upstairs.
"Have fun," Alexa said returning to the TV.

"Anything for you two."

"I was thinking that maybe we could use the illusions to make them think they're in the park, and not at a beach," Venelope replied. "Yeah, sounded better in my mind."
hace más de un año vegeta007 said…
(I've been waiting since 1 XP)
"Okay mom"Alex said following him up

And Kairi got into the Ferries wheel "Have you ever been here at night ?"

"But they've already confessed"Jatina said, "How will you get them to do it again ?"
hace más de un año Nojida said…
(Please wait some more, it's lunch time XP)
"Astrid must have already entered," Alexi whispered once they were upstairs.

"Not really," Percy replied. "This is my first time, actually,"

"I'll come up with a way," Venelope said.
hace más de un año vegeta007 said…
(Wish my lunch was ready XP)
"Yeah, I don't think mom noticed"Alex whispered

"We should come here at night sometime"Kairi said, "Mom says it's really beautiful"

"Well then it's up to you"Jatina said
hace más de un año Nojida said…
(Is it ready yet? XP)
"Yeah, me too," Alexi said.
"Pssst," Astrid whispered from Alexi's room.
"Coming!" Alexi said quickly going in.

"Oka, how about tomorrow?" Percy asked.

"Until then, we just have to wait until the others confess," Alexi said.
"I wonder when Soul will do so," Venelope said thoughtfully.
hace más de un año vegeta007 said…
(Not yet XP)
"Oh!"Alex said following him

"That sounds good"Kairi replied

"Who does Soul like ?"Jatina asked
hace más de un año Nojida said…
(Dang it XP)
"Did she notice?" Astrid asked once they were in.
"Nope," Alexi replied closing the door. "At least, we think so."

"Perfect!" Percy happily said writing it on his hand.

"He likes Lisa," Venelope replied.
"I ship." Alexi immediately said.
"Of course you do," Venelope snickered.
hace más de un año vegeta007 said…
(I heard plates XP)
"Hope so"Alex said

"Can't wait til we get to the top"Kairi said, "Bet the view will be beautiful"

"Wow Lisa ?"Jatina asked and suddenly got a message, "Oh Venelope, you like Dylan ?"
hace más de un año Nojida said…
(Lunch? XP)
"Ah well, I'll just run out if she finds out," Astrid said sitting on the bed.
"Yeah, you do that," Liepre said lying on the bed.
"Oh, Liepre," Astrid said petting her, and Liepre purred.

"I wonder if we'll be able to see Wasthorn," Percy said looking out the window.

"I ship!" Alexi exclaimed starry-eyed.
"I should've seen that coming," Venelope muttered to herself.
hace más de un año vegeta007 said…
(Hope so XP)
"That sounds like a plan"Alex said, "It's weird, mom in the past made up with Uncle Erik"0

"Hopefully we will"Kairi said

"Probably shouldn't have revealed it then"Alex said
hace más de un año Nojida said…
(Go check it out XP)
"Well they did travel cross-time," Alexi said. "The mom and uncle we saw there were the ones from an alternative universe,"
"Oh-kaaaay.." Astrid said confused.

"Ooh, I wanna see dad too!" Percy grinned excitedly.

"Ah, well, what's done is done," Venelope said. "I'm sure I'll get over him soon enough."
hace más de un año vegeta007 said…
(No XP I have lunch XP)
"Yeah but that mom also had a grudge against Uncle Erik" Alex said

"You think you'll see him ?"Kairi asked

"No, you two will make a great shipping"Alex said
hace más de un año Nojida said…
(Perfect XP)
"So?" Alexi asked.

"Do you have a telescope?" Percy asked.

"I'm 14, he's turning 18," Venelope said. "It's just a crush though, don't worry."
"If only you were a few years older..." Alexi sighed sadly.
hace más de un año vegeta007 said…
(Yeah XP Very delicious XP)
"And they made up"Alex said

"I don't sorry"Kairi said

"Not really"Jatina said, "Aunt Bree was 3 years younger than Uncle Kyo and they got together"
hace más de un año Nojida said…
(What is it? XP)
"Well, I think that's mostly because of us," Alexi said.

"Aw, bummer," Percy pouted adorably. "It would be cool if I could see dad from here..."

"Yeah, but they were both teenagers when they met," Venelope said. "And I'm still a kid to Dylan."
hace más de un año vegeta007 said…
(Food XP)
"Then we should do something"Alex said

"It would be"Kairi said

"Uncle was almost an adult"Jatina pointed out
hace más de un año Nojida said…
(Nice XP)
"I don't think we can," Alexi said. "You know mom's too stubborn to apologise."

"Ooh, think we'll see Venelope?" Percy asked being cheerful again.

"She's right," Alexi said being shirtless again.
"So?" Venelope asked.
"So you should confess and marry Dylan so we can be related!" Alexi replied starry-eyed.
"Uh," Venelope sweatdropped.
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hace más de un año vegeta007 said…
(So whatcha up to ? XP)
"Maybe Uncle Erik can then"Alex said

"We might"Kairi replied, "It depends on where she is"

"First, put your shirt back on"Jatina said to Alexi, "And second, you shouldn't play it off as a simple crush. It might be more than you think"
hace más de un año Nojida said…
(Just drawing XP)
"Do you know why the fight started in the first place?" Alexi asked.

"She probably hasn't left the pask yet," Percy said.

"No I don't think so," Venelope said. "Dylan's my fourth crush this year,"
"Forth?" Alexi asked searching for his shirt. "Not as many as Percy, but still, wow."
hace más de un año vegeta007 said…
(Whatcha drawing ? XP)
"No"Alex replied

"Is the soon to be couple in the park ?"Kairi asked

"Well Percy had a lot crushes and Kairi was one of them"Jatina said, "And they're a couple"
hace más de un año Nojida said…
(Alexi XP)
"Neither do I," Alexi shrugged. "So I guess there's not much we can do to help."

"Dunno," Percy replied. "She didn't tell me anything."

"Yeah, but they both like each other," Venelope said.
hace más de un año vegeta007 said…
(And Alex ? XP)
"There has to be a way"Alex said, "Does Aunt Emma know ?"

"I wonder who it was"Kairi said

"Maybe Dylan likes you"Jatina said, "You never know who likes you"
hace más de un año Nojida said…
(I've already drawn them XP)
"No idea," Alexi admitted. "Think Uncle would tell her?"

"Well, I don't," Percy smiled holding her hand.

"I doubt he likes me," Venelope muttered.
"No, don't be like that, where did your optimism go?" Alexi asked still looking around. "And my shirt?"
hace más de un año vegeta007 said…
(Can i see ? XP)
"Maybe"Alex said and had a light bulb, "If not there's always young mom and Uncle, they made up so maybe they can help us"

"Not interested ?"Kairi asked smiling

"Oh don't worry about it"Jatina said, "You'll just wait and see"
hace más de un año Nojida said…
(When I finish XP)
"Yeah you're actually right," Alexi thoughtfully said nodding. "How will they help us, though?"

"Nah, not really," Percy replied smiling, then noticed. "Hey, we're at the top!"

"So now we can end this conversation?" Venelope asked.
hace más de un año vegeta007 said…
(Okay XP Looking forward to it XP)
"They could tell us what happened or convince mom to forgive Uncle"Alex said

"Ooh!"Kairi said looking out the window

"Sure"Jatina replied
hace más de un año Nojida said…
(Perfect XP Description of how she looks like in 4 years? XP)
"I say the first one," Alexi said.
"Whatever you do, it's hopeless," Astrid spoke up, still petting Liepre. "Aunt Alexa is too stubborn to change her mind."

"Yeah, pretty," Percy said looking at her, before turning to the window. "Oh look, the Pokemon League!"

"So don't you guys have anyone you like?" Venelope asked.
hace más de un año vegeta007 said…
(Older XP Her hair will be more flat and a bit shorter going to her shoulders, everything else stays the same XP She also wears an outfit like the Lass XP)
"There's always Uncle"Alex said

"I can see it"Kairi said

"Why would we tell you ?"Jatina asked
hace más de un año Nojida said…
(Like? XP)
"Well, dad's already forgiven her," Astrid shrugged.
Alexi blinked. "Really?"
"Yes really," Astrid replied.

"I'll beat it someday!" Percy said starry eyed.

"Because I'm bored," Venelope replied sheepishly.
"Don't tell her," Alexi warned looking under some benches. "It will just lead to more questions."
hace más de un año vegeta007 said…
(Like what ? XP)
"Then mom is being to stubborn ?"Alex asked

"I know you will"Kairi said

"So I should tell her ?"Jatina asked
hace más de un año Nojida said…
(I mean, how different is it? XP)
"She's your mother, I wouldn't know," Astrid said.
"She probably is," Alexi sighed.

"When will it open again?" Percy asked.

"Your choice," Alexi said and looked up, "Ellie!"
"Where's my shirt?" Alexi called.
"With me."
"Aw, come on!" Alexi complained. "I liked that shirt!"
"Well you'll have to deal with it."
"At least I still have my jacket," Alexi mumbled wearing his jacket.
hace más de un año vegeta007 said…
(The outfit ? XP)
"Yeah"Alex said, "Maybe we should ask dad"

"I'm not sure"Kairi replied

"She'll take it away"Jatina said
hace más de un año Nojida said…
(Yes XP)
"Think he'd know anything?" Alexi asked.

"I'll have to check once we get back," Percy said writing it on his hand.

"Will you let me keep it if I leave it unzipped?" Alexi asked looking up.
"Problem's solved." Alexi said.
hace más de un año vegeta007 said…
(Basically the same but without the ascot, blue skirt and jersey pants XP)
"No but he could convince mom to forgive Uncle"Alex said

"Would you like me to buy you a note pad ?"Kairi asked

"I'd rather have it zipped up"Jatina said
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hace más de un año Nojida said…
(Oh okay XP)
"How?" Alexi asked.
"Husband power," Astrid replied.

"Nah, my hand's way better," Percy replied showing her his hand.

"Me too, but I guess I'm supposed to do fanservice now," Alexi shrugged.
"Well now," Venelope said.
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