Piper: Watch it! (Accidentally freezes the room) Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no. Not again!
Prue: Now look at what you've done!
Phoebe: This is my fault?!
Piper: tu guys aren't frozen?
Phoebe: Guess that it doesn't work on witches.
(Prue goes to the door and looks outside. The people outside the cocina are not frozen.)
Prue: It doesn't work out here either.
Piper: Oh! Tell me this isn't happening!

Phoebe: Come on, tu never had sex on the first date?
Piper: No,have you? Don't answer that.

Piper: I could panic, and freeze the whole restaurant!

Prue: What are tu doing?
Piper: Uh...nothing just watching a show.
Prue: About wicthes? Are tu worried we're going to be burned at the stake?
Piper: Ha! Yeah right!

Piper (after stepping into the church and not getting zapped): I’m good!

Piper: por the way, Andy called.
Prue: When?
Piper: While tu were in the shower.
Prue (nervous): What did tu tell him?
Piper: That tu were in the shower. Bad date?
Prue: No. No, no, not at all. It was great. tu know, dinner… movie… sex.
Piper: Excuse me? On your first date? tu sleaze.
Prue: It wasn't exactly our first date, Piper.
Piper: High school doesn't count. That was last decade. Spill it.
Prue glares at Piper before leaving the kitchen.
Piper: Ooh. That bad, huh?

Piper: I’m gonna kill him.
Phoebe: Who?
Piper: Chef Moore. He of the phony accents hires me and then quits to open his own place? Thank tu very much!
Phoebe: I don’t see any customers complaining.
Piper: Hello. I am not a restauranteur. I’m a chef. I have no idea what I’m doing. Are tu wearing my dress?