rosado, rosa tu admitted tu do not know Sarah Palin.

AUBREYFL4 posted on Sep 13, 2008 at 03:45AM
Do not just hate Bush, do your due diligence on Obama. If you studied Obama and Palin as hard as you do one of your songs or scripts you would be surprised. Sarah Palin has more balls than Obama, or you (due your due diligence on her, especially before you go on national TV and make foolish statements like "she is not ready but I really don't know anything about her", now that is stupid and foolish). She already has proven what she will do with big government, she takes a stand and draws a line. Obama will cuddle with all the other anti-US countries and I think Palin will be a tremendous force to be reckoned with.You admitted you do not know Sarah Palin. John McCain with all his foreign experience chose her. John McCain walked the POW walk (foreign prison/physically injured in war). Do not sell him short on his foreign policy instincts. She has been up to date on foreign affairs due to her state which she governs is right across the bay from Russia. She is further ahead than the majority in congress right now. Obama has a voting record of "present"! Obama says "present" or "change". Alecia entertain..... do not try to make a difference as an entertainer. Do not say stuff like this I lose respect for you when you do. Remember you are just an entertainer. There is credibility in Hollywood and then there is credibility in the real world with the real people. You don't want to loose that Alecia. Don't get too big for your britches.

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hace más de un año nan0 said…
palin and mccain and bush are bitch!
obama is hottet go obama!
hace más de un año Bubbly131 said…
obama is gonna win the election.