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la elección de los fans: King for a día
King for a dí a
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Mellytoast95 dicho …
Wake up all their música is amazing i amor pierce the veil but sleeping with sirens has got it going on and the fact that they collaborate and make that magic such as king for a día just keeps me sane thanks pierce the veil basically save my life everyday when im down and out makes life better in fact. publicado hace 9 meses
silver_fox dicho …
I remember when my friend first showed me this band and i loved it way too much, my first favorito! song por them was the boy who could fly. i dont know if any of tu would amor this as much as i do but a few days hace i was up at 3am and i found this guy named austin jones who did acapella king for a día and he also did the black parade por mcr. I amor it SoO much. OmGfndsopfndsoap anyone should listen to it if they arent lazy enough to look it up publicado hace más de un año
PsychoShuvvd dicho …
Does anyone else think King For a día is an overrated song just because fangirls amor Kellin? It's gotten to the point where I hate that song. I'm starting to lose interest in Sleeping With Sirens too. I'm sorry if I offended anyone, but there are MUCH better songs than King For a Day. Try Bulletproof amor o Bulls In The Bronx. o my personal favorite, Yeah Boy and Doll Face. publicado hace más de un año
0YouCanFly0 comentó…
I like King For A Day, but not just because of Kellin. I'm not a huge fan of Sleeping With Sirens. I like the song, but I prefer other songs such as Disasterology, Caraphernelia, One Hundred Sleepless Nights, Million Dollar Houses (The Painter), etc. hace más de un año