Picks Dude, where's my car?

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First of all, don't call me "dude." Secondly, how should I know?
Okay, I borrowed it yesterday and things happened and...you'd better sit down.
Dude, one word. Impounded.
Oh my god, I loved that movie!
is it this one?
Added by adavila
Well, last time I checked, it was at the bottom of a cliff!
Added by Sephisis17
ehm...a racoon came in and estola the keys and then it took the car...
Added by aholic
Big Fluffy estola it I swear!
Added by horatiofan5
It was the llamas dude! The freaking llamas estola your car!
Added by snoznoodle
It's right here, but I left some ... amor stains ... on it.
Added by johnminh
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 chel1395 posted hace más de un año
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