Picks Where is the most likely place to find a monster?

Pick one:
Under the stairs. Woooooooohhhhh!
Under my bed, at 3 in the morning, after eating seven packets of processed cheese
The wardrobe. Well, what else do tu call that sweater Granny gave tu for Xmas?
Under a bridge. With the fanpop Trolls.
Coming over the hill. Is it a monster? Is it a monster?
Looking in the window RIGHT NOW! GOTCHA!
Dragging itself out of the TV. No, wait, thats just Scrappy Doo.
Monsters don't exist. Whats that? Just a creepy, moving statue.
Captured por Mystery Inc. Those meddling kids, and their pesky dog.
I am a monster. This pick is monsterphobic. Leave me and my kind in peace!
On the Island
Added by tvman
In my pants!
Added by johnminh
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 dazl posted hace más de un año
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