Picks So Tu Have Decided To Just Throw Stuff At The Window What Object Do Tu Choose First..

Pick one:
a rock
a stick and some leaves
one of your shoes
a key that tu were standing on
a flor pot man
A guy walking por
Added by Rockster
The hammer I always carry around in my pocket.
Added by meeee
My home-made custard grenade, TAKE COVER!!!!!
Added by knifewrench
a butt! TAKE COVER
Added by laurensman
my negligent neighbour who doesn't pay her rent on time
Added by angelique_m5
Nothing! what if i hit& amp; kill a person who&# 39; s inside?
Nothing! what if i hit&kill a person who's inside?
Added by notthatgirl
a spell! Bahahahaha!
Added by slytherin360
parents cell phone o yours
parents cell phone o yours
Added by hsm123
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 x-xmEx-x posted hace más de un año
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