Phoebe Tonkin
Phoebe: This is Phoebe Tonkin and tu all know me from the Originals, The secret circle, the Vampire Diaries, and of course H2O but I'm NOT really an Aussie after all and here's how I found out.
announcer: welcome to who do u think u are? tonight's celebrity Phoebe tonkin.
Knock at door
Phoebe(opens door with smile on her face) Hello? I'm so excited to see what I am
OK then let's check the computer to look u up.
Phoebe(sits down and is stunned to see what she really is) What? OMG! this can't be possible.
Phoebe: As it turns out my dad was in the Vietnamese war and ended up taking Tonkin as his last name. so I know u all think I'm an Australian but truth is I'm Vietnamese, If I was Australian my last name surely wouldn't be Tonkin it be something like My last name on H2o Sertori.
the mostrar that she discovered this fact
Phoebe and her supposed Australian father
What made Phoebe get her last name
Phoebe's Real dad