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percyandpotter posted on May 25, 2011 at 12:36AM
This is a write-a-short-oneshot type of forum. Leo's flying ship has finally been built and is at the Roman camp. Percy is there, and Annabeth runs to greet him. The rest? Up to you. The POV can be anyone's- Annabeth's, Percy's, Piper's, some random camper's, Lupa's, whatever! You can decide whether Percy remembers her or not, and how both of them react. GO!

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hace más de un año percyandpotter said…
"We're here," I announce, somewhat darkly but with a sliver of hope in my voice I can bearely detect.
"Jason," Miranda, a daughter of Demeter, says quietly. "You're sure?"
"Positive," I confirm. I have a really good feeling seeing Camp Demigod again, like I've returned home after years in a place where no one speaks my language.
The Argo II slips through the magical borders around the camp and its shadow falls on a large rocky cave- the home of Lupa.
Many campers turn from battle and draw swords or grasp spears or aim arrows on bows, but some, closer to the back, don't turn.
"There's Percy!" Annabeth cries out. She runs to the front of the ship and jumps, collapsing once she hits the ground but gets up and keeps running.
"Stop the ship," I call to Leo. He obeys, and I leap off after Annabeth.
She reaches a line of demigods, shields locked to keep out this strange girl arriving on a warship. "You have to let me through!" she yells at them, pounding the shields with her fists. "Let-me-through!"
"Let her," I command.
The demigods look at me and realize Jason Grace has returned. Most are so stupefied they stand completely still, but a girl named Katara opens her shield and lets the nearly hysterical Annabeth pass. I follow her, and she dashes over to a guy with black hair- Percy. "Percy! Percy!" she yells as she runs, and he turns to see
her just before she almost tackles him with a gigantic hug. Annabeth simply clutches him to her for a second, and then he pulls her back, his hands on her shoulders, brow furrowed, deep in thought. Annabeth's face looks hopeful and I can tell she's praying he'll remember her.
"You look...familiar," he says. "But that can't be possible...I don't know you."
Her face falls. If Annabeth looked sad before, she looks fifty times worse now. She's crestfallen, and all her hopes fell through. "I-I'm sorry," Percy says, then pulls back his hands and walks away. Annabeth just stands rooted to the spot, rubbing her arms. I'm about to go comfort her when Percy stops walking. He presses his hands to his temples, thinking. Turning, his hands fall back down and the look of emptiness on his face is gone, replaced by the shock of knowledge. "Annabeth?"
She gasps and nods, biting her lip to contain her excitement.
Percy is ecstatic. "Oh gods, Annabeth!" He runs toward her, spins her around and kisses her. Her arms go up around his neck, and they stay there, together, at last.
hace más de un año rockology101 said…
percys pov
its not evrey day you find a flying ship hovering above you and then some cycotic girl run up to you hug you then kiss you but that happened to me. all i ever did was appear at a camp with no memory but this girl was hot like fireuser hot and when i remembered her my heart skipped a beat this was annabeth chase my girlfreind
hace más de un año Huntress100 said…
big smile
hace más de un año lmb111514 said…
This was great! I loved it!
hace más de un año percyandpotter said…
I had been at the camp for about half a year. It still didn't feel right. I still hadn't found Annabeth. I'd learned not to ask Lupa about it too much. She'd howl at me until I stopped asking. I'd done nothing but train and feel restless. The camp pushed me hard, and I threw myself into their training because, well, what else could I do?
But then came the day the flying ship came.
A crowd of people, all about my age, in orange T-shirts jumped out and crossed over to Lupa. They were led by a boy and girl, each blond. Once I saw the people I felt a jolt of memory, if only for a second. I knew these people. The girl...
I crossed over to them, leaving my swordfighting partner behind. He protested, but I ignored him. I was far, too far from the crowd, so I built up to a sprint and dashed over to the teenagers. Slowing to a walk as I approached, I noticed some of the campers- campers? where did I get that idea?- looking at me and gasping. The two blonds were still occupied, talking to Lupa. I strode right up to her, grabbed her shoulder, and turned her to face me. Her face was beautiful, with eyes an intense stormy gray that softened when she saw me.
"You," I said. "You're Annabeth."
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hace más de un año greekgirlA said…
this is spam but.... your name got me wondering what would happen if harry met percy?
stay cool peeps
hace más de un año percyandpotter said…
Someone should write a fanfic for that
hace más de un año percyJrocks505 said…
big smile
That was really good.
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i think annabeth would hit percy