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Percy___Jackson posted on May 18, 2011 at 10:13PM
It's just a fan fiction I made up.
Plot: Theseus (me) is a random boy, he woke up in a camp with his crush holding his hand, but will that last forever? His crush dissapered. Now him and his two friends, Mike and Keeyan, the two satyrs, must go on a quest and look for her. Will they come back alive? Will they save her? What will happen?
Theseus McStarius
Ashley Stall
Keeyan Underwood
Mike Underwood

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hace más de un año Percy___Jackson said…
Here's the first chapter: I DID NOT EXPECT THIS TO HAPPEN
It was a stormy summers morning, I was hanging out in my apartment, with my friend Mike. We were playing the PS3 when I heard a creaking noise. I said "Be right back" and ran upstairs.
There I found my other friend Keeyan, wanting to play.
I led him downstairs and we all played. I was an only child, I didn't get many visitors.
Then, the weirdest thing happened. My teacher knocked on the door, Mrs. Mallios. "Hello Theseus!" She said with a voice like people dying (Which for some reason didn't bother me), she then jumped up and kicked me in the face.
Everything turned black.

I woke up in some kind of a hospital tent. "Where am I?" I asked sitting up and rubbing my head.
A girl that I recognized, Ashley, was standing over me. "Your in the infarmary,"
"Where?" I asked, looking in her green eyes, which then changed to blue.
"In camp half- blood" She said, her blond hair sparkling.
"Oh well that-- wait wha-?" I said, a little confused. I had always had a crush on Ashley, I just never told her, I was to nervous.
"Camp Half-Blood" She said rolling her eyes, which had now turned brown.
"Camp Half-Blood," I let that sink in, I heard that somewhere before. "Like the Percy Jackson books?" I asked.
"Rick Riordan, Son of Apollo, just made all of those campers up, there are no children of the big three... yet" She stared at me, as if I were that one.
To tell, the truth, I was scared and sad. "Are Mike, and Key here?" I asked her.
"Yeah, they are" Ashley told me.
I got up, and walked over to this hill. "Wait!" Ashley yelled behind me.
"What!" I yelled back at her.
"You can't leave!"
"I can handle my self, don't watch over me." My voice shaked, I didn't want to yell at my crush.
Her eyes started to water. I rolled my eyes and walked away. "Wait!" She yelled.
"Oh, Omega!" I yelled, like that was an insult. But a sword popped out of the ground, a black bladed one, and slipped into my hand. "What the...?" I said.
I threw it on the ground and it melted back into the ground.
I rolled my eyes like none of it happened and walked away.
I felt something hit my head. "Ow!" I said. I looked and there, there was a card. I picked it up and it said:
Camp Half-Blood.Farm Road, Montauk, Long Island.
I put it in my pocket and walked away.