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Kronos-Posiedon posted on May 05, 2011 at 05:29PM
guys this is a story i have been working on.... hope you like it :)
please share your ideas :)

1 I know nothing

I woke up suddenly. I didn’t know why, but I didn’t open my eyes; my eyes I thought; the word my sounded strange. I felt a severe pain at the back of my head and I jumped. I could not register my surroundings, the pain reached a peak and then as I buckled under it, it subsided. I fell back panting at the pain. I sat up and opened my eyes and I gasped. I was standing in the middle of an island, an island so beautifully pure that it would make satyrs faint in awe.
Satyrs? I didn’t know where from I got that idea, but it was strange. What was I? Then it struck me I didn’t know who I was! I didn’t know why I was here. I was a bit scared, ok come on you wake up one day to find yourself in a place which is extremely alien-like, with your memories erased, it wouldn’t exactly be a peaceful day right? I looked around to find clues of how I ended up here.
Ok this place is amazingly beautiful I thought. Acers of lush green grass stretched to eternity in front of my eyes. Flowers of amazing varieties adorned the twisting vines and hanging branches of olives. Waterfalls surrounded the place. Now when I say waterfalls, I don’t mean those teeny tiny branches of falling waters that give a wisp of mist, no, these waterfalls extended to the heights beyond my vision and the water fell ferociously into the sea below sending droplets of water swirling into the air where, catching the light of the dawn, they sparkled like crystals in sky and resulted in the formation of a rainbow so beautiful it was hard to avert my eyes from it. Then there was the sea. A magnanimous water body that swirled and flowed in every direction. Waves danced along its glossy surface as water sparkled over it. I stood up and scrutinized myself, I was wearing a mosaic blue t-shirt and a deep blue jeans. I smelled of fresh water and ozone. The only thing that was out of place was a simple golden bracelet on my left wrist. I felt the urge to touch it. I was about to act over my impulse when my senses opened wide and shouted only one word at me DANGER! I spun around and saw nothing. My surroundings were just as peaceful as before. Trees were bellowing in the blowing wind, the sea sat silently as if in anticipation of something, the sky was clear, a half man half bull was charging at me with its double faced axe held high in the air and its ferocious red eyes fixed on me, lush green grass and tall- whoa!!! Wait a minute!! Half-man half-bull?? I stood there transfixed when a voice in my head said “tap the damn bracelet”. I didn’t need telling twice. I tapped the thin ornament and fell back as a shield appeared in my right hand and a trident appeared in my other. Now when I say Trident, I don’t mean an iron cast triple toothed stick. It was a two meter long dark metal cast, wickedly sharp trident whose tips ended in lightning shape edges. I stepped aside as the Minotaur, don’t ask me how I know it, I just do, swung its axe wildly. The Minotaur smelled like a sewage bonanza! If it were not for the fact that I was afraid of certain death, I would have sprayed a decent scent all over its fur. I confess I didn’t discard that thought. The beast spun around and lunged at me, I blocked the attack with my shield and felt my teeth rattle at the impact. Nevertheless I jumped over the beast and hit it with the butt of my trident. It howled and whirled over and jumped back to avoid the beats wild axe. It opened its mouth and roared. Ok! I was wrong, sewage bonanza was an understatement.
I staggered back and said, “Yew! Dude do you even know something like tooth brush exists?” the beast, for a second grunted stupidly.
Then, whether it understood what I said or it realized I said something rude I don’t know, but next second it opened its mouth and realizing what was about to happen I jumped aside. Next second a beam of burning hot fire seared the place where I was standing.
Anger ringed in my ears and I said, “Hey! Fire-breathing-shit man! You want a toast?” and I stood tall and smiled, “Fine!” and pointed my trident to the sky.
Dark clouds appeared out of nowhere and at the same time the sea rumbled and lightning thundered.
“Ready?” I said and the Minotaur charged at me. I willed the thunder to come to me and the sea to lunge. Once again my instinct was the one that aided me and then it happened. Imagine a tornado, not the ones that are a few hundred meters in width, a gigantic tornado that is at least a mile wide and that reached to the heavens and could crumble mountains, now imagine its centre constantly being supplied with streaks of thousand volt lightning and its periphery lined with gigantic water. This was what I created and the creature was swallowed into this. With a final stupid grunt the beast disappeared amidst the tornado. Problem solved.
At least that’s what I thought until I saw the storm was still raging, building up constantly. Ok wasn’t the tornado supposed to have gone by now? Big problem!! I lifted my trident once again and with all my might I concentrated on pulling the storm apart. After few tensed moments, I was finally able to calm down the tornado and the dark clouds parted to reveal the deep blue sky and the sea returned to its calm self again.
But where the Minotaur must have been there, there the land was torn apart and all around me trees were uprooted and crumbs, huge pieces of rocks littered the place. The beautiful island was no more beautiful. I stood there gaping at what I did. Then I did the only thing that was normal. I blacked out.

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hace más de un año penguin098 said…
Very good start. This dude is obviosly a demigod, but i can't figure out who his parent is. I can't help but think of Percy, after all he faught with a trident end he has no memories, but this doesn't seem very Son of Neptun-y. Can't wait to read more!
hace más de un año penguin098 said…
Whoa... I did NOT see that comming! So, either Kronos bathed in the Lethe, or some poor kid got tortured by a eveil titan's name... really good!
hace más de un año hellhound23 said…
very good but you seem to have made a half son of zeus half son of posidon
hace más de un año Kronos-Posiedon said…
@penguin098: thanks a lot :)
hace más de un año Kronos-Posiedon said…
@hellhound23: Half Zeus- yes; Half Poseidon- No
hace más de un año PercyJackson100 said…
He is no demigod he is the son of both Poseidon AND Zeus.He is immortal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!